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Getting to Know You

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Summary: Dawn and Connor switch bodies.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Dawn-CenteredzeppoJanezFR1535,594051,64922 Jan 1122 Jan 11Yes

Chapter One

Title: Getting to Know You
Author: zeppoJane
Disclaimer: I own neither Btvs or Ats.
Summary: Dawn and Connor switch bodies between season 6 and 7 of Buffy and season 3 and 4 of Angel.

Connor was sitting on his bed in his new room at the hotel, sulking. He couldn't believe it except that he had seen it with his own eyes. His father, Holtz, had had that red headed woman Justine stab him just to make him think that Angel had murdered him. Except Connor had overheard Gunn and Fred talking by the ocean and raced back and caught them.

He could still see his father pressing her hand to his throat making her stab him, all to make him hate Angel. Connor growled in his throat, all the lies, the manipulations; it was just too much. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to be here with Angel now, but he had nowhere else to go and he knew Angel was worried about him.

Connor threw the book he had been staring at for the last hour across the room with a curse. He shook his head getting up wanting to push the anger away like he used to do, tucked away inside all quiet like. He sighed, talking to himself, "I wish for just once in my life I could know just one truly good person." With that he tossed his shirt off and crawled into bed shutting off the light and finally submitting to a restless sleep.

The son of two vampires didn't even notice the vengeance demon that had been lurking in his room all night. Halfrek smiled gleefully, this was the perfect opportunity for her to get some vengeance of her own on a certain little Summers girl. “Wish granted,” she answered the darkness.

Dawn awoke slowly stretching by arching her back as she always did, once she was done she placed her hands on her stomach to stare at the ceiling. It seemed so much further up today, and her skin seemed harder, with more muscles. Dawn jumped out of bed topless and looked around, she was in a strange room, and had no clue how she’d gotten there.

She slowly looked down and let out a low whimper, she had a flat chest again, but now there were muscles she had never made a move to tone. Dawn took a deep breath closing her eyes before peeking out and pulling the waistband of the sweat pants she was wearing out so she could peer inside. She jumped and screamed at what she found there, not only was she in a strange room she was in a strange body.

Angel heard his son getting up down the hall and was headed to see how he was doing today after seeing Holtz die last night. Poor Connor had already been through so much but for Holtz to try to manipulate him that way was unspeakably cruel. Angel’s head snapped up as he heard his son scream and he broke through the door trying to get to him.

Dawn jumped and let out a squeak as Angel came barging through the door. Quickly she turned away from him and covered her chest. “Angel,” she whimpered out wondering if he would recognize her like this.

Angel stood in the doorway looking around, checking for any demons that might have hurt his son. He could tell Connor was distraught from the way he was hunched over himself but didn’t smell any blood. “What’s wrong?”

“I have a thing,” Connor squeaked out. Angel didn’t think his son was capable of squeaking, it was all very strange. “ A guy thing,” he whimpered out quietly, a thread of panic in his voice.

“What guy thing?“ Angel paled, had Holtz really not explained even the basics of the birds and the bees? He had to of, Connor looked like he was seventeen or so. Surely he knew.

“A... you know... part...“ Connor ventured shyly.

Angel stepped closer to his son only to have the boy turn even further from him, covering his chest almost the way a girl might hide her breast. “Well, yeah, that’s part of being a guy.”

“I’m not a guy,” Connor almost sobbed. “I’m a sixteen year old girl! I shouldn’t have a.. thing,” he motioned quickly towards his genitals.

Just then Gunn popped his head in the door, he had been listening from the hall for the last two minutes. "Umm, Connor, hate to break it to ya, but your a guy... with guy parts and everything, not a girl."

“Who’s Connor?” Angel’s son cried flopping onto the bed face down and pulling the blanket up around his naked chest.

He took a step forward finally getting it, this might look like his son but it wasn’t. Not even minutely. “More importantly who the hell are you? And what have you done with my son?”

“Son? Angel... you’re a vampire you can’t have a son that’s one of the top three reasons you and Buffy broke up,” Dawn shook her head at the vampire she’d known most of her life.

“Who are you?” he growled.

Dawn shrank back from his imposing figure looming over the bed she was sprawled over, she’d never really been afraid of Angel before, Angelus definitely but never Angel. “I’m Dawn,” she cried let her tears of panic begin to fall. “You know me Angel, since I was a little girl and now this has happened...” she trailed off being to rock back and forth on the bed.

“Dawn?” he asked stunned, surely it couldn’t be....

Back in Sunnydale Connor woke up in a very different room, in a very different body. “Dawn, get up already,” Buffy screamed from downstairs alerting the young man that he wasn’t at all where he’d fallen asleep at. This room was brightly colored with frilly curtains, white painted furniture, littered with girly knick-knacks.

He was a lot slower and clumsier than he normally would have been as he bolted out of the bed. Someone must have drugged him but who. He looked around slowly taking in everything, instantly searching for an exit and a weapon. Connor noticed a single door sitting partially open, clothes were hanging inside, must be the closet. There was a window but he wasn’t sure how far up he was or what would be waiting for him below. He peeked inside a door to the left of the closet and found another bedroom. This bedroom was larger and filled with boxes and a rolled up carpet against one wall. Connor could see the blood stain that was spotting the carpet, someone had been hurt here.

“Dawn, come on already,” the female voice shouted again from below. His eyes scraped the top of the desk and found a picture of an older woman and two girls. The older of the women had curly blond hair and looked harmless enough. There was a younger blond who looked like she was around Cordy's age, but something in her eyes said she was a lot more dangerous and very proud of it. Finally his eyes came to rest on the youngest girl in the picture. She had long straight brown hair and big blue eyes, she's cute. Who were these women? He carefully moved to check the desk and found a poorly whittled stake there.

Connor took the stake and headed downstairs watching for who or whatever Dawn was.

Connor was sneaking down the stairs watching for the owner of the voice that had been shouting before. Suddenly the short blond woman popped out at the end of the stairs surprising him, he hadn’t even heard her coming. Connor tripped over his pant leg and went sprawling down the stairs landing on his face.

“Dawnie, are you okay?” the blond asked worriedly coming closer to him.

Connor pushed up as quickly as he could, still feeling very clumsy and slow. He glanced around hurriedly looking for this Dawn person. He watched the blond wearily waiting to see how she would attack; he’d lost his stake when he fell.

The blond shook her head and walked off to the living room picking up as she went. “I have to go to work, I need you to finish packing up Wills’ room, do your laundry, the dishes, and please take out the trash,” she groaned.

Connor stood at the bottom of the stairs still looking around the strange house, he spotted several weapons in a chest beyond where the short blond stood. “Who’s Will?” he heard a gentle feminine voice asks and it took him nearly a whole minute until he realized the voice was coming from him.

Buffy stood looking at her younger sister, wondering what was going on. Dawn was standing there, after taking a slight flop on the stairs before, looking around as though she’d never seen the place before. “Dawnie?” she questioned moving towards her little slowly. Had Dawn hit her head? Did she have a concussion? Or was it something else?

“Who’s Dawnie?” she asked almost angrily, stopping the slayer in her tracks.
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