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The Prince of Arrakis

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slayers Of Dune Book III". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Liam Atreides, the son of Buffy Summers, awakens to his destiny as the Kwisatz Haderach in his war against the First.

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All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Some actions have an end but no beginning; some begin but do not end. It all depends upon where the observer is standing.

- Leto II

The slayers were in Hell.

The flagship “Memories of Dawn” hovered above a lake of fire. Millions of demons battered the hull of the ship wanting to get to the tender meat of the Humans inside. The “Memories of Dawn” had been upgraded to the new hell fighter class. Its hull was shiny and oily and black. It now had the ability to jump dimensions. the "Memories of Dawn” had punched through to Quor'Toth the darkest of the dark worlds.

They were here on a mission. The Destroyer had ordered them to invade hell. He had given them a prophecy. They had to come here to right an ancient wrong. They had to come here to free an innocent man and return him to the time from which he came. Fleet commander Guerrero surveyed the hellish world before her. Guerrero was short and stocky. She had faint scars from the Slayer attack on Tlailos Three and even fresher scars from her years as supreme authority of the Slayer fleet. She monitored the progress of the assault team as they fought their way to the prisoner who suffered alone in a cage made of fire. Guerrero twitched as two of the life signs monitors went from green to red. Two slayers had just died and somewhere out in the galaxy, two girls just got chosen.

“I miss the good old days when I was just an executive officer under Surayya.” She thought. “Who would ever think that our assault on Tailos Three would be considered the good old days?”

“We’re here.” A static filled voice came over the speakers hardwired into the command console. “We’re starting the ritual now.” Minutes later, Guerrero could see a green white flair far across the hellscape. The prisoner was free and returned to his own time. Hell was not pleased. Something huge and angry shot across the burning world. Guerrero could hear her troops being murdered. She closed her eyes. A single tear escaped her. When she opened her eyes all five of the life sign monitors were red. The entire assault team had been destroyed.

“This is who we are.” Guerrero thought. “This is what we do.” Guerrero gave the signal. The “Memories of Dawn” leapt back into human space.

Sunnydale 1998

His body appeared in a flash of light and fell to the floor naked. It hit with a thump. For a long time the man lay still but the lessions of hell were still upon him. The man opened his eyes and shot to full attention ready to fight everything that came his way. It took him a moment to realize where he was. He relaxed slightly. He was home.

Angel had returned from hell.

Arrakis, years later…

Thousands of slayers stood in a semi circle around the God Worm. The huge sandworm was the color of sand, hundreds of meters across and nearly a kilometer long. The God-Worm was leaving and this was his goodbye speech.

“This is the age of the Shanshu Prophecy which predicts that the vampire with a soul will play a major role in the apocalypse. But know this, Buffy Summers has been reborn as apocalypse made flesh. In her, and through her, the final war will be fought and determined by what she has wrought.” They all knew he was talking about Liam.

“The Universe awaits me.” He said. They could hear his deep bass voice inside their heads. “After millions of years, I am finally able to explore the worlds made from my bones.” His words echoed in them. “Know that I will always be with you. I will always be connected to you. I will send you dreams and you will have my strength. From here ‘til eternity, you will be the line in the sand between order and chaos and the great guardians of the Human Race. We will meet again in a billion years when I will stand before the last slayer.”

With that the Destroyer disappeared in a pulse of soft white light. Slowly, the slayers began to drift away as if waking from a dream until only one was left. For long hours after the Destroyer was gone, Buffy spoke in low tones to someone who could not be seen and all she would say was “Yes. Yes, I will make it so.”

That was five years ago.
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