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Silverback Pride

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Summary: Crossover with Tarzan. Answer to a FanFic Challenge. Xander Harris took a different animal spirit that day. Chapter 23 Up. Enjoy. Read/Review Winner of 8 awards at the Sunnydale Memorial Awards for the 25th Round.

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JonathanFR182567,376714160,72222 Jan 116 Jan 12No

Chapter One


Title: Silverback Pride
Rating: T (Although it could get Dark)
Chapter: 1
Author: Jonathan
Category: Xander/Buffy Eventually
Spoilers: Season 1 AU. Stats from "The Pack"
Summery: Answer to a FanFic Challenge. Xander Harris took a different animal spirit that day.
Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Fox, UPN, Whedon, and ME.
Special Thanks: William Gilmor, Cyclone, Nu_klear
Author Notes:
This happens to be an answer to a challenge. Here's the set-up.

We can easily tell the Zoo Keeper stuffed up the primal possession spell, because even if he did get to use it on himself, he wouldn't have been in control.

What if he got it right and the primal is more of a passive control, but the host still gains slayer-like powers.

1. Only Xander is affected.

2. No one notices the change.

3. The animal he's possessed by must be a predator, or something dangerous. An example of a dangerous non-predator is a gorilla.

4. Xanders personality slowly changes over season one. The others just think it's because the demon hunting. His new personality depends on what animal he is possessed by.

5. Don't add any new main characters, which includes making people like Amy and Jonathon part of the gang.

6. The exact powers must remain similar to a Slayer, and has to be at least slightly more powerful then Buffy. I'll leave it up to you if he gains martial arts skill as well.

7. Any non-slash Xander pairing is allowed, though I personally don't like Xander/Willow. It would be cool if it was a NC-17.

You Don't Have To Do The Below, But It Would Be Cool if You Did

1. Think of a different way of Deadboy losing his soul, hopefully in an embracing way.

2. Bind Willows magic powers completely and forever.

3. Have Xander and Drusilla flirt outrageously.


Xander Harris took the fateful step off the Sunnydale School Bus. It was that time of year again for any student from Sunnydale High. The sun was shining bright above him. The birds chirped happily tune. A normal occurrence any day in the warm April sun.

Last year, he, Willow, and Jesse went through the same ritual. They went on their typical route at the Sunnydale Zoo. They would go make sure to see the pandas and lions. They often joked how their old English Lit teacher looked like the otter that the zoo had here.

But this time would be sadly different. Jesse no longer was part of the three of them. Willow and him made a pact to go see the llamas. Jesse loved seeing the llamas and they felt they should see them in his honor. Just something they felt they should do.

While they did lose Jesse, they did think that maybe Buffy could help fill the void. She was still somewhat new in Sunnydale…even if it was actually four months since she moved here to fulfill her Hellmouthy duties.

Still, anytime to spend with Buffy was something that Xander and Willow both liked to do. So, the zoo could help could help here.

Xander soon noticed the other students gathering together at the entrance of the zoo.

"You coming, Xander?"

"Yeah, if I have to suffer through this, you're not getting out of it, Xander."
He smiled. "I'm only coming because I don't want to hear another motivational speech from Flutie."

Both girls smirked in response.


"I'll never look at a zebra the same way again."

Xander Harris smiled, "Are the animals getting too friendly for you, Wills?"

The redhead turned to her best friend, "No, it's just shouldn't there be some rules for this sort of thing? Don't you think the zoo would have scheduled meetings?"

"These are wild animals, Willow." He retorted. Then with a shrug, he added, "And why would the people at the zoo care? Animals have done this since the beginning of time. Heck, you were the one who taught me this."

"But…they're children here, Xander… They don't need to see this."

"How would you rather have them learn about this?" Xander said with a smirk. "My parents still scarred me when my dad told me the ways. And oh my god, I still shudder at the sight of hotdogs and donuts lying next to each other. My dad had no right to destroy food like that for me."

Willow smiled, "Didn't it take you a couple years for you to recover from that?"

"My point exactly." He replied honestly. "It took years. Here, a kid sees two zebras do the nasty and there is no food scarring."

The two friends continued to walk down the dirt path of the zoo. They soon noticed their friend gazing upon what looked like a plaque for the elephant pen.

Xander was the first to notice their friend. "Hey! Buffy!"

Willow said to her, "You missed it!"

She turned to her two new friends, "Missed what?"

Xander replied with a smile, "We just saw the zebras mating!" He glanced at Willow. "Thank you, very exiting…"

She agreed, "It was like the Heimlich, with stripes!"

Buffy sighed with disappointment. "And I missed it." She took a breath. "Yet somehow I'll find the courage to live on."

She soon started to move toward another exhibit. Willow quickly joined her, "Where were you?"

Buffy said simply, "Uh, I was looking at the fishes."

"Was it cool?"

Buffy pointed out matter-of-factly, "It was fishes."

Xander looked at her in disbelief. "I'm feelin' that you're not in the field trip spirit here."

Buffy said to him, "Well, it would…it's nothing, I… we do the same zoo trip at my old school every year. Same old, same old."

"Buffy, this isn't just about looking at a bunch of animals. This is about not being in class!"

She soon beamed, "You know, you're right! Suddenly the animals look shiny and new."

He nodded, "Gotta have perspective."

They soon noticed five kids heading to an animal house. Buffy was the first to look and rolled her eyes.

Before Buffy could say something, Willow asked, "What are Kyle and his buds doing with Lance?"

Xander smirked, "Oh, playing with him as a cat plays with a mouse."

Buffy said in annoyance, "What is with those guys?"

Willow remarked, "They're obnoxious. Professionally."

"Well, every school has 'em." He looked at his friends. "So, you start a new school, you get your desks, some blackboards and some mean kids."

Buffy started to head toward the animal house. Her hand was on the yellow tape that told people to not come inside. "Yeah, well, I'd better extract Lance before…"

Xander interrupted her. "I'll handle it. This job doesn't require actual slaying." He then took the tape from her and went inside.

Buffy looked her friend, "You don't think we should follow?"

Willow said honestly, "Kyle and those guys are jerks, but they're all talk. Mostly."

Buffy thought about it for a second. "Why don't we…"
"Yeah, why don't we…" Willow said slowly in agreement.

The two girls ducked under the tape but were stopped within moments. They soon saw the presence of a bald man with a red beard. He looked at them. "Oh, hold it, hold it, are you blind, or are you just illiterate? Because gorillas are not to be trifled with in this condition."

Buffy looked at him, "I thought this was the hyena house."

He shook his head, "Normally yes, but the gorillas are here for the time being. And these aren't your normal gorillas."

"We were just…"

Dr. Weirick stopped her. "You're not going in there. Anyone that does is in a world of trouble."

The redhead shook her head. "No, no one's going in there."

Buffy asked him, "Why is it off-limits?"

He replied. "It's quarantine. These gorillas just came from Africa, so keep out."

Willow thought for a second. "Why aren't these normal gorillas?"

He reasoned. "The Masai tribesman told me that these gorillas are more brutal. Break into their territory, and you're not going to get the chance to wonder what happened next."


A young man looked at the gorilla in front of him. The beast stood stall and was gathering what looked like bananas. The student smirked and then turned back to the reason why they came in here to begin with.

"I think he's getting ready for dinner, Lance."

"Yeah….dinner…" Tor agreed with a snicker.

"I'd be careful, Lance." Heidi said with a taunt. "You don't want to disrespect family."

"That's a good point." Rhonda said as Kyle grabbed Lance by the arm.

"We mustn't be late." Tor added as he took the other limb. The two boys lead Lance to the cage that held the gorilla. Joking along the way.

"W—what are you guys doing?" Lance begged as they pulled him forward.

"Just helping out a dad find his long lost son." Rhonda suggested.
Soon Tor felt his arm being pulled back. He looked at the source and narrowed his eyes.

"What are you doing here, Harris?" Kyle asked the student.

"I could ask you the same question, Tor." He remarked.

"We wanted to show Lance the Hyena House." Rhonda pointed out.

He smirked, "Think you got your lines crossed." Xander said as he helped
Lance pull away from the four of them. "Why don't you pick on someone your own species?"

"Hey, hey, hey…what are you kids doing here?"

The six of them looked at the door and saw the zookeeper standing in front of them. "This is a quarantined area. I suggest you leave before I call the authorities."

That said, Kyle, Tor, Heidi, and Rhonda turned on their heals and ran out of the room leaving Lance and Xander in their wake.

"C'mon, Xander." Lance told him. "We got to get out of here." He then turned around and run out moments later.

Xander took a few steps back and was about to run out when he heard a grunt. Xander turned around and looked at the gorilla's eyes.

Xander's eyes flashed green.


"Well…I said to this girl, Bob, you better be careful."

The blond in question looked at the person who said the last sentence. "Which girl are you talking about?"

He noted Xander turning the corner to the parking lot. "You know the one. Kyle was giving her a hard time this morning. It was right before someone stopped him from having fun with Lance."

Bob saw Xander and grinned. "Yeah, that dweeb-boy was just asking for it." He chuckled slightly. "But I dunno, Jack." He said honestly. "Isn't it rude for people to interrupt family reunions?"

Jack O'Toole shrugged. "Depends on the family." He looked at Xander. "If it was my Grand Pappy, he wouldn't mind. But when….It concerns Lance's family…I don't know."

The two of them watched as Xander walked past them.

"Maybe we should get another opinion." Bob said as they watched the young man head for the bus.

"Y'know, I think you're right, Big Bob." Jack said with a grin. "Hey, Harris!"

Xander stopped for a second. But shook it off and continued on his way.

"So…this is how its going to be, Harris?" Jack asked him. "Someone asks you a question, and you bolt?"

Jack and Bob didn't receive a response.

"Maybe…if we bring up one of his friends?" Bob asked incredulously.

"You mean the two girls he's hanging around with?" Jack questioned. "It seems like his social pool is limited…so maybe it will work."

Xander just continued to walk to the sidewalk.

"Maybe if we go to talk to Rosenberg." Bob summarized. "Get her to do our homework. She loves that stuff anyway."

"Is that true, Harris? Does she like that stuff?" He then looked at Bob. "Maybe we can offer her money? That might help."

Xander stopped.

Jack smiled. "Yeah…money would help."

Bob smiled, "And maybe money can help in some other areas?"

Jack asked, "How much is a hotel room anyway?"

Xander snapped around and glared at the two men.

"So…that got your attention?" Jack asked.

Xander dropped his bag and charged forward. He grabbed Bob by the arm and flung him across the lane until he landed onto the hood of a parked Red Toyota.

Jack's eyes widened. "What the hell did you just do?"

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