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Abnormal Wish

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Sanctuary in the Hellmouth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Cordellia’s wish made Buffy never come to Sunnydale. The Watchers Council and the Cabal are now targeting the Five and the Sanctuary organization. Will the Five get out alive when facing an uncaring Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Multiple Character Deaths

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Don't own the characters of BTVS or Sanctuary. THey are the property of Joss and ScyFy.

Cordellia made her wish and made Buffy Summers never having come to Sunnydale. Thanks to her selfish wish though the Watchers Council and the Cabal are now targeting the Five and the Sanctuary organization. Will any of the Five get out alive when facing an uncaring Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Multiple Character Deaths

Abnormal Wish

Cordellia looked toward the transfer student. “I wish that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale.” The girl declared.

Anyanaka grinned at the foolish heartbroken girl as she fulfilled the desire of the girl before her. “Wish Granted!”

Buffy Summers huffed and blew a strand of hair out of her face. She really was glad that this was the last of them. She thought back to how this whole mission had started. She had been destroying a werewolf pack that the Council said were attacking humans. The blonde girl had dealt with them with extreme prejudice. She had changed much since her days at High School, where she was nothing but a cheerleader. Gone were the fashionable clothes and pom-poms, in their place was easy to move combat clothes, with throwing knives or stakes. She laughed at the silly girl she had been way back then. The betrayal of her parents sticking her in the mental hospital had convinced her to leave them and seek out the Council. She hadn’t looked back since then. That hunt against the werewolves had changed things though. They had been discovered by an organization that they had known nothing of before, despite the fact that they were nearly as old as the Watchers Council was. The goals of the Watcher’s Council and the Cabal were not all that different really. The Council dealt in the supernatural, while the Cabal dealt in the natural. Both groups were doing their best to ensure the safety of the world.

Her job had been simple once she had been put on loan to the Cabal, her duty was to seek and destroy an organization that called itself the Sanctuary. They gave the various monsters of the world a place to stay, regroup and asses their losses. Some were animals, while others had a human like level of intelligence. The most dangerous of this group was a group that referred to themselves as the Five. Experimenting on themselves, they had managed to give each of themselves a variety of abilities and had been working behind the scenes for the past hundred years to make the world work in the way that they wanted. Allowing people like them to work from the shadows and control the world was dangerous, and they had to be stopped. Besides, if they were willing to experiment on themselves once, they might be tempted to try it again. There was a chance they might try and make a deal with a demon for power next time they decided they were ready for more power. It was better for all if they were dealt with now before they did anything else. They had been such big influences that they were recognized as figures from literature, they had to be stopped before they did anything else that could cause harm.

The first one that she had killed had been the one referred to as the Invisible Man. Or rather it wasn’t the Invisible Man, but his family. Griffon had been the only member of the group that had not been granted any kind of Immortality. His power had been passed down through his family though, making each of them capable of turning invisible at will. The Watchers Council and the Slayer had hunted down the descendents of the man easily enough. The only living ones had been a mother and a daughter pair. The Slayer had shown up one late night. She had kicked the door in, and a thrown dagger had dealt with the mother before she could try anything.

The girl was different though, there were skills that the girl had that could be useful to the war against the supernatural. The slayer heard a scurrying sound, and saw a young girl rushing towards the back door trying to shed her night clothes as she fled. Taking a paperweight she threw it without hesitation. The young girl had her shirt stuck on her head when the object struck her. The girl crumpled and that was all the girl would remember. The blonde knelt down beside the small child and checked her over. The fact that the girl had to be no more than nine or ten didn’t even seem to affect the former cheerleader. There was a large lump on her head, but the girl would be alright in a few hours. The slayer looked up as the head of the Watcher’s Council entered. Behind him was a retinue of three members of the Watchers wet team. One of the men was carrying a bundle over his shoulder.

Quentin Travers nodded to the slayer that rose to attention as he entered the building. He motioned to one of his people who sliced the palm of the girl. The bag was unzipped and another body was dumped out. This girl was known as Molly, a potential Slayer who had other uses it seemed. The man muttered a few things and the body of the potential that they had brought with them glowed as the blood temporarily flooded the host. “Excellent work Miss Summers.” He congratulated her. He then ignored the blonde and turned toward the other Watchers. “Get the girl out of here.” He said nodding to the Griffon child. With this girl, and special breeding they would be able to create a completely new breed of slayers and watchers. He was tempted to tell their new allies that the girl died, but he didn’t want to lose the chance of collecting other breeding tools like this just yet.

The man nodded as he stuffed the unconscious Griffon girl into a body bag. Travers turned to look at the slayer standing before him. “Kill that girl, then burn this house down.” He ordered before walking out of the house.

The Slayer nodded as she looked at the unconscious potential, and with a twist broke the potential’s neck. She found a lighter, and started several small fires. The girl found a couple of bottles of alcohol she tossed the one of the bottles onto the wall and drank from the other. “Here’s to you.” Buffy said saluting the dead potential before taking another swig from the bottle.

As the fires became worse she strolled out. As she came out, she saw the members of the Cabal pull up. The girl kept drinking from the bottle as she approached the group.“It’s done,” she said, “which ones next?” The group leader nodded as they reached into their coat and pulled out the next file.

The Vampire Slayer nodded as she took the file from the person and skimmed it. She let out an amused chuckle as she read it. This one was for a wannabe vampire, that shot out lightning bolts it seemed. Once they had found this one it had been rather interesting fight.

First there had been his homemade vampires who had the strength and a few other skills, but lacked any kind of free will and were easily defeated. She had staked them, and then lit them on fire as their bodies refused to dust like a real vampire body would have. Then had come fighting with her real target, the being know as Nikola Tesla. He had an interesting combat style. He used his electrical powers to keep his opponents back and after he thought them weakened he moved in to finish them off with his oversized fingernails.

“I shall show you why we vampires were the once the top of the evolutionary scale.” The natural vampire said, as electricity jumped around his body causing his hair to rise even more than it already was.

She had dealt with him by dodging his blasts, and then shooting him with her crossbow. The weapon had caught fire, but he also had a couple of bolts in him as well. She had started throwing her various wooden weapons at him till he had been forced to his knees from the various attacks. He had hissed at her in defiance, but the slayer had merely smirked at the pretend vampire and yanked its arm off. With her new edged weapon she had sliced it head off easier than Freddy Krueger could have. The wannabe had looked at her in shock and disbelief that he had been so casually beaten and that he was now going t be killed. After his death, the various members of the two groups had come in to collect any data that they could, while the Slayer had merely gone about the business of burning the body of the vampire. In an amusing turn of events though, they had also drained the body of blood before destroying it.

The third member was one of the most dangerous members of the group. Jonathan Druitt, better known to the world as Jack the Ripper, his special ability it seemed was the ability to teleport from one place to the other with just a flash of light. They had chased Jack the Ripper through several different countries in the Middle East before he finally got tired of running and they met up in an airport hanger. He was tall, and in a way looked similar to how William the Bloody was supposed to look like, only he was broader and bald headed. The murdering creature had attempted to fight her with swords. It had been his first and last mistake. The pair had dueled each with a pair of scimitars going back and forth as they went at each other. Whenever he thought that he was in danger he would teleport out of range from her blades and start again. The being was good with his teleportation powers, so good in fact that he could slip up behind her and attack her from behind. She had never fought a being with such skills before, but as the fight had progressed she had begun to learn and anticipate his various moves. He had tried to get in behind her again, but had ended up with her sword rammed into his gut.

The man had stumbled a bit as he realized that he had been beaten, he had stumbled around for a moment before falling to his knees. “Helen,” were the last words that the man said before he collapsed. Not taking a chance, the blonde had gone about the job of slicing and dicing the body up. Thus ended the life of John Druitt, AKA Jack the Ripper.

Travers and the Cabal head had nodded their heads in appreciation as they looked the body over. “Very good Miss Summers we only have two more left, and then we shall move onto other things.” Travers congratulated the slayer before him.

The girl nodded as she took the file from the Cabal leader and examined the next target that she had with a smile, she closed it and handed it to the Watcher in charge before she headed off to get her back taken care of. The first few times he had teleported behind her he had managed to use his swords to slice through her back. After that was done she would have to begin preparing for the next target on her list that she had been given.

Watson, or as he had been better known as Sherlock Holmes, was her next target of the Five. His power had been super intelligence, making him someone she would have to be careful of since if she gave him any chance to realize what she was there was a chance that she would be stopped in her tracks. He had been the easiest of the group to kill though because of all of the preparation that they had put into the destruction of the man. She had made herself seem like an Abnormal, as they called them. The Council had seen to it that she was dropped off in the area of his base of operations, and had merely waited for him to show up. The man had shown up, and had led her into the heart of his operations telling her how she wasn’t alone and that it was alright to be different.

“As you can see my dear, there is more reason to run or be scared.” Watson assured her as he showed her around. “Here you don’t have to worry about what your abilities could do. As the last known descendent of the Amazonian tribes, we can show you how to truly harness your abilities, to make you the best person for the coming life that you want to live. There’s a chance you could even compete in various athletic events and use your gifts there.” Watson explained to the small girl that walked beside him seeming to latch onto his every word.

The blonde smirked at him as she came up behind him. “It sounds nice doc, but I have a life of my own.” Buffy had kicked him into the wall and then slammed her fist into the armor, and pulled out a handful of various wires and gears.

“You have betrayed us.” Watson gasped as he saw various members of the Council and Cabal enter the Sanctuary.

“No shit Sherlock.” Buffy returned with an amused feral grin.” Got to say you got nice taste in alcohol.” She complimented him, as she took a flask from the table and poured herself a nice long drink.

“Mr. Holmes I presume?” Travers questioned as he knelt down beside the downed genius. “I am sorry that it came down to this. I was always an admirer of your exploits you know.”

“You have no idea what you’ve done.” Watson gasped out at the pair, as he continued to age before their eyes.

“Actually I do. We are safeguarding the world. Miss Summers, see to it that the doctor is dealt with.” Travers ordered, as he rose to his feet.

The slayer nodded, as she silently handed the scotch glass to the head of the Watcher’s Council and tore more wires from the armor. The ancient man gagged a bit before he died.

“Very well done Miss Summers.” Travers said nodding toward the girl before him as he handed the glass back to her. “We only have one more to go, and then all of these beings will have been taken care of and then we can get back to the war that we’re supposed to be worried about.”

The Slayer nodded as she looked at the file for the fifth and final member of the group that she would be facing off against.

Helen sniffed a bit as she watched the video of her friend. Watson had created a video diary that explained everything that was going on. How a group of unknowns was slowly, but surely tearing through the members of the Five and the Sanctuary network. There had been no warning about it happening, and Watson had almost missed the signs until he had noted that everyone else from their group was dead. It was unknown which of them would be targeted first. But they were both just as likely to be hit. He had planned on meeting a new Abnormal, a member of the Amazonians, and then he would be flying out to meet her. If he didn’t make it though, she should prepare for upcoming assault that the Sanctuary was likely to face. That had been three days ago, a team had checked them out after they didn’t check in and only found remains. She looked over the reports of everything that had happened to her friends. John cut to pieces with swords, the Griffon family burned to death, Nikola had been turned into a pincushion, all of his limbs and head yanked or cut off, and all of his blood drained from his body, Watson had his exoskeleton shattered and then left to die while the unknowns had ransacked his installation of all of its files, and the various abnormals had either been taken away or killed on the spot.

John had been the only one to manage to hurt this unknown attacker and she had already begun running the blood samples that had been taken off the swords. She was hoping the blood sample would tell her what she was facing. The only problem though, was that the blood samples seemed to be of human blood. There were no mutations that allowed for someone to manage to casually beat Nikola or John. She rewound the video hoping that she would be able to figure something out. There had to be a weakness in this being if for no reason than for the sake for the various Abnormals and Ashley. She would do everything in her power to protect them. An explosion at the front doors made her switch the feeds and saw that the assault on her base had started.

Buffy stalked into the LA Sanctuary installation, the fight had been much more difficult than they had been expecting. Evidently the last member had become aware of what was going on, and had prepared to meet them. She had made it past all of the various defenses that the large mansion had managed to throw at her, and was now in the sublevels where all the real action was. She ducked under what looked like a Wookie or a Planet of the Apes reject, and drove her knife into its chest. As the creature fell a small howl erupted and a mini werewolf was charging at her. She saw a large number of medical scalpels lain scattered about the floor and drew them and launched them at the werewolf. The creature gave a grunt as it fell to the ground in a puddle of its own blood.

“Henry!” Dr. Magnus cried out in shock and disbelief, as she saw one of the children under her care so effortlessly killed.

The slayer ignored the child that had reverted back to its human form and focused on the primary target. A dark haired woman waving a gun was trying to herd a small blonde away. Buffy dodged the claws of a lizard man in a robe and snapped its neck, she then broke the legs of a guy with two faces that had lunged at her.

The way was finally clear for her to deal with the last member of the Five. She would now deal with Helen Magnus, the leader of the Sanctuary organization. Her special power was immortality or longevity, there was no real sure way of knowing what it was that made the woman tick. She understood her orders though and moved forward.

Helen brought her gun to bear on the girl that was so casually destroying her patients and began firing. The girl easily moved out of the way of the incoming bullets though, and ran alongside the wall as she moved out of the way of the shots and soon she was right next to Helen. Moving with an inhuman speed the girl slammed the gun out of her hand and then broke the arm. Helen swung with the other arm and gasped as it was caught in an iron grip and she groaned as the other arm was broken. Not letting her have a chance to think the girl swept her legs out from under her and slammed her fist into her jaw dazing the woman.

“The Cabal have a nice cage all set up for you.” The girl said to the woman. “By the time they’re done with you I’m sure that you’re going to regret that ability of yours though.” Buffy turned to look at the small blonde girl that was trying to pick up a fallen knife. Jerking it out of her hand she took the girl and headed toward where the heads of the Council and Cabal were waiting. She nodded to the two men as she presented the struggling girl.

Travers looked up from a file that he had been examining. “Retrieve the boy, if he really does have Watson’s potential abilities then I want him under our command at once.” Travers ordered one of the Watchers. “The potential as a Watcher with those abilities is too much for us to ignore.” He then turned to look at the small girl that the slayer had brought to him. “Excellent work Miss Summers, I see that you have managed to do your job.”

“Yes sir.” The blonde returned.

“You’ve done good.” The man assured the slayer. He looked over her shoulder and began barking orders. “See to it that the woman is caged.”

“Her arms have been disabled sir.” Buffy informed him.

“Good precaution,” Travers agreed, as he saw the woman in question being strapped to a table so that she could be carted off for further studies.

Helen Magnus clothes had been reduced to a tank top and shorts, and the woman had been reduced to cursing her captors as she was tied down. "Ashley!" She hollered desperately, as she was carted off.

“Good job Miss Summers,” Travers congratulated his Slayer. “It is now time for you to return to the war though. It seems that there is need for a Slayer to be in Sunnydale California. It is a Hellmouth of some power evidently. The Watcher there will explain things to you.”

The girl nodded as she handed the girl off to some other watchers and then headed out to find a way to Sunnydale.

Travers shook his head. If he was lucky the girl would die on the Hellmouth. If they were to fight the Cabal it would help if they had a Slayer that they didn’t know when they began fighting each other. “Take this girl and have her thoroughly investigated, she has some unique possibilities with the parents that she has.” Travers told the Watcher holding the blonde girl. “As a breeding tool this girl may be of some use to us.” The Watcher nodded as he dragged the struggling girl off.

Buffy wondered what was in Sunnydale, but shrugged her concern off as she needed to prepare herself for the upcoming fight. She wondered what the Watcher there was like and why she had never heard of the Sunnydale Watcher before.

Buffy went through the various formulas again. She couldn’t believe that she was having to go over this stuff again. She thought when the coach made his fish men that was going to be the height of her work as a Sanctuary operative. That hadn’t happened as she had hoped though. She was currently trying to find a way to cure the problems that had come with this drug. If a high school student could make it then there was a chance that it could be repeated. Having people becoming Jekyll and Hyde was not something that she wanted to have happen again anytime soon. She herself had nearly lost her fight against Pete if it hadn’t been for Angel there was a good chance that she would be dead.

The year had not been any easier. She mused to herself as she leaned back in her chair. Life was supposed to get easier after the mess of last year. Someone using some weird combination of magic and chemistry was not the quiet that she had hoped for though. Add in the fact that she was still running tests to determine what had happened to Angel. The vampire was a feral creature, still with nearly no human level intelligence at all. He could say a few words, but he was decidedly more caveman than anything else right now. She hoped Helen wouldn’t mind too much that she had taken one of the cages for the abnormal and converted it into a cell for the vampire. It was the only way that she could think of that would allow her to keep the vampire safe. She knew Helen would understand, she just hoped that she wouldn’t mind to much as she tried to explain things to the older woman.

She looked Angel’s files over and looked at the video feed sadly. Despite the fact that he had broken through his last cage to save her, she couldn’t risk something like that happening again and had arranged for blessed silver to be used in the brackets and holy water was to kick in throughout the hallway if he ever did break through that. Buffy had also captured a vampire, and sliced it open in everyway as she examined it see how it deferred from a human body and Telsa.

The blonde was distracted from her work as she recalled everything that they had learned about the Wishverse from Anya or Anyanaka. She wondered if she would have ever had any interaction with the Sanctuary in that world, and if she did just what kind of relationship she had with them. Was she an ally or just some girl that they had known of? She shrugged her shoulders, she doubted that it had been anything worse than that and she did have work to do. She turned back to her examinations putting the idea of alternate realities and what they meant out of her mind. Maybe tomorrow she would call Helen and ask her advice on what to do with their being two Slayers now.

The End

You have reached the end of "Abnormal Wish". This story is complete.

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