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Of Faith and Buffy

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Summary: AU: Faith is the kid of Teddy Lupin and Victoire, Buffy is with that family as well.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyDmitriFR71015,170022,67524 Jan 1122 Dec 11Yes

How Faith took Buffy out


Disclaimer: See previous chapter.

As a rule, in the morning Teddy Lupin would drop Faith off in Hogsmeade’s kindergarten and go off to work. Great-grandmother Andromeda would spend her mornings managing a club of sewing and stitching. Victoria Lupin too had her job. So what was to be done with Buffy?

“What else there is?” Teddy shrugged. “She’ll be going with Faith.”

The pre-school children of Faith’s age were managed by a post-Hogwarts graduate Andrea Mitchell, a rather excitable young lady. As soon as Teddy saw her, he told her:

“Our family has just grown!”

Ms. Mitchell picked up on the go:

“Well, congratulations! Faith could do with a new baby brother!”

“It’s not like this exactly,” Teddy started to explain.

“Oh? A baby sister? How lovely!”

“Faith doesn’t have a baby sister-“ Teddy tried to explain again.

Buffy chose this moment to peak-out from behind him. Ms. Mitchell got completely confused.

“Oh. Did Mrs. Ronald Weasley have you hire a new house elf? Looks sort of unusual-“

“It’s not a house elf!” Mr. Lupin exclaimed, exasperated (Ms. Mitchell tended to have that sort of effect on him).

“It’s Buffy!” Faith explained instead. “It’s my new monkey! Everybody, say hi!”

All of the kids in Faith’s group got very excited, and said hi to Buffy immediately.

“So, anyways, can Buffy stay here?” Teddy tentatively asked Ms. Mitchell.

“Well, I’m not sure what our pet policy here is-“

“I meant with the kids.”

“Now that I’m pretty sure goes against the rules and regulations,” Ms. Mitchell replied. “What if it likes to topple the lamps? Or fight? Or throw flower pots?”

“Well, you can always put her on a leash-“

“Absolutely not! That’s cruelty to animals!”

Eventually, the two of them settled on a compromise: Teddy could leave Buffy at the kindergar-ten, but he will floo them every hour or so to check up. If Buffy would start throwing flowerpots around or get in fights, he will get her out. And if not, she could stay.

And so Teddy left.

The children immediately surrounded Buffy and started to give her gifts. Lilly Potter gave her an apple, Neville Jr. – a toy truck. Amyn Zabini gave her a one-eared plush bunny, and Susie McMillan – a book about vegetables.

Buffy took them all. With one hand, and another, and the third, and the fourth. Since she eventually ran out of hand and feet, she laid down on her back and began to put them in her mouth instead.

Ms. Mitchell, meanwhile, looked at the time and commanded:

“Children, time for lunch!”

And the children went to have lunch. Buffy, however, was so overloaded with her new gifts, that she got left behind. She didn’t like that, so she began to wail. Ms. Mitchell had to take her to her own table and feed her, for Buffy’s hands and feet were still full of her new toys.

Finally, lunch was over. Ms. Mitchell gathered all the children (and Buffy) and told them:

“Kids, today is a big day for us! Today I will teach you how to clean your teeth and scrub your clothes, how to use soap and towels just like the grown-ups. Everyone, take a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.”

(It should be noted that Hermione Grainger-Weasley had been the one to work-out the kindergarten programming, which was why it was rather detailed, educational and hygiene-oriented.)

The children took their brushes and tubes. Ms. Mitchell continued:

“Everyone, take the tube in your left hand and the brush in your right. Miss Potter, don’t use the brush to sweep the crumbs of the table!”

Buffy received neither a tooth brush nor any toothpaste. She took a good look at the children who were clearly having fun with theirs, and began to complain.

“Oh, don’t cry!” Ms. Mitchell told her, hurriedly. “Here’s my tube and toothbrush. Have fun studying!”

(It should also be noted that Ms. Mitchell was studying how to be an Animagus, so she had some understanding of what the animals spoke. That, however, is a story for another time.)

And so, Ms. Mitchell continued her teaching:

“Right, so we squeeze the paste onto the brush and begin to clean our teeth. Miss McMillan, that’s correct. Mr. Zabini, that’s correct. Miss Lupin, that’s correct. Miss Buffy... Miss Buffy? What are you doing up there? Oy! Don’t squirt us with your toothpaste! Children, don’t imitate her!..”

Finally, Buffy was caught, everyone was calmed down, and Ms. Mitchell continued to teach even as she scourgified them clean.

“Now then,” she said, “let’s continue our studies, part two – the cleaning of clothes. Now, I know that you’ve just saw me magic it all clean, but now we’re going to learn how to do it in the muggle style – with brushes. Everyone, take your brush-“

Amyn Zabini was a pureblood wizard from a Slytherin family, and he wanted to tell Ms. Mitchell that nothing doing, he wasn’t going to learn to clean his clothes like a muggle, but then he noticed Faith’s new friend regain her high ground position and decided to wait and see what will happen next instead.

However, Ms. Mitchell noticed that too, and decided to launch counter-measures first.

“Oh, no, no, no!” she said firmly. “That won’t do!” She transfigured a ball and chain out of her tube and brush, and tied Buffy to it. Immediately, Buffy’s dexterity decreased somewhat, but she still proceeded to move around, waiting for an opening of some sort.

Teddy Lupin chose this moment to floo the kindergarten.

“So, how are my girls? And especially Buffy – she hadn’t gotten into any trouble recently, had she?”

“Oh, no, we’ve got her tied down somewhat,” Ms. Mitchell hurriedly said.

“Really? For from here it looks like there’s something going on in the background.”

Ms. Mitchell hurriedly told Teddy Lupin good-bye and rushed to sort things out. Apparently, Greg Goyle Jr. decided to tease Buffy regarding her predicament. Buffy, however, was remarkably strong for her size and took offence, using her new ball and a chain as something useful instead.

“Faith!” Mc. Mitchell protested as she saved Greg Jr. from a bruising. “Why didn’t you do something?”

“I didn’t have to – Buffy already did!” Faith said proudly. “Told you she was one of us!”

Ms. Mitchell just sighed as Faith and Lily got into one of their numerous arguments, and decided to take charge instead.

“Rights, children,” she said firmly, “the older group went off to have their singing lessons. It’s our time to use the swimming pool. Is everyone ready?”

“Yeah!” everyone cried, and raced to get on their swimming trunks and suits. Only Buffy got left behind, her ball and chain was slowing her down, and began to wail again.

Faith, however, got Lily Potter to help Buffy: the two girls carried the iron ball and Buffy walked before them.

Finally, the trio reached the swimming pool. Here, plants grew everywhere (thanks to professor Longbottom), there were inflatable pools and mattresses, and the room around the pool had huge windows.

Straightaway, the children began to jump and splash, creating puddles all over. Buffy wanted to join in. She walked over to the edge and jumped. Only she forgot that she still had an iron ball chained to her. She ended up suspended halfway to water’s edge and began to wail.

Faith immediately took pity on her little friend: she came over and pushed the ball over the edge. The ball sank with a great splash, and so did Buffy.

“Oh! Ms. Mitchell! Buffy can’t float! Her ball and chain is too heavy!” Faith cried after Buffy failed to resurface.

“Aya!” Ms. Mitchell wailed. “I hate diving!”

And so she didn’t. Instead, she immediately turned Buffy’s new footwear back to a tube and toothbrush, and Buffy immediately emerged, her four limbs and a tail flailing and propelling her like a mini-submarine of some sort.

Ms. Mitchell had had enough. She wrapped Buffy in a blanket and got the rest of the kids out of the pool.

“Enough with the swimming! Everyone, get dried-up and prepare to sing!”

The children quickly dressed-up, while Buffy just sat there, huddling in her blanket.

Then they went to the music room. The children sat on a long bench, Ms. Mitchell – on a separate chair, and Buffy – still huddled in her blanket – was put onto the edge of the piano so that she would dry up in peace.

Ms. Mitchell began to play.

“Mary had a little lamb-“

A loud BAM broke Ms. Mitchell’s tune. She looked around, surprised. She didn’t play it, and none of the Weasleys or their relatives in her group were old enough to do something like that. So, she began again.

“Mary had a little lamb, its’ fleece was white as snow-“

There was another loud BAM.

“What gives?” Faith piped up. “Did a mouse hide from the headmistress McGonagall and is making that noise?”

Desperately, Ms. Mitchell snuck a look there. No, there was no mouse, the piano was empty. Eventually, after Ms. Mitchell got completely sure of that, she began again.

“Mary had a little lamb-“


“Children, is that your doing?” Ms. Mitchell said sternly.

The children just stared innocently back. Only Amyn Zabini from his vantage point saw that Buffy managed to work loose at least one of her feet from the blanket and would thrust it down into the piano, creating that noise. However, since Ms. Mitchell’s music lessons tended to get his goat rather quickly, Amyn said nothing, but just continued to enjoy his time with the music for the first time in his still-short life.

And so, it went like this:

“Mary had a little lamb-“


“Its fleece was white as snow-“


“And everywhere Mary went-“


“Her little lamb would go-“


The last bit came from Buffy finally losing her balance and falling off the piano. And everyone finally understood who had really been behind this.

After this things quieted down somewhat. Maybe Buffy finally got tired, or maybe because everyone just kept an eye on her, but Ms. Mitchell’s class had their dinner in peace. Buffy had her dinner too, and she used three spoons at once to eat it. Then she laid down for a nap with the rest of them, albeit much higher than the rest of them. Still, she had her own pillow and blanket, so it was all right.

Plus, she didn’t throw any flower pots around or got into a fight unprovoked, so Ms. Mitchell felt confident enough to relax – but it was too soon.

After the nap, the children had to do their daily artwork, so Ms. Mitchell spoke up:

“Everyone, get your scissors ready and start cutting out hats and collars from cardboard.”

The children began to take scissors and cardboard off the table. Only Buffy didn’t, as she was so unpredictable.

“Now take the cardboard, and cut out a circle – thus!” Ms. Mitchell showed her students.

The children nodded and began to cut out their circles, as well as squares, triangles and ovals.

“Oy! Where are my scissors?!” Ms. Mitchell cried out suddenly. “Buffy – are you behind this? Show me your hands!”

Buffy gladly showed Ms. Mitchell her hands even as she hid her feet. Naturally, she was grasping the scissors with them instead. And while the children were cutting up their cardboard, Buffy got busy with her arts and crafts bit as well.

In any case, the children got so busy and into cutting-out hats and collars, time just flew by, and before long, their parents came to pick them up.

Ginny Potter, and Neville Longbottom Sr., and Blaise Zabini came to take their children. And Teddy Lupin came too.

“Well?” he inquired, cautiously. “How were they?”

“Oh, one can definitely see some similar traits that Faith and Buffy seem to share-“

“Uh, what did they do? More precisely, what did Buffy do?”

“Oh, a bit of everything. Started a toothpaste fight, got into a fight with Greg Jr., almost drowned, has views on music-“

“So, you won’t be taking her in?”

“Of course we will!” Ms. Mitchell firmly said. “Why, when we were doing our arts and crafts, she was so quiet!”

She got up and everyone could see now that her dress and robe was all in cut-out circles. And her legs – very nice legs, too, but Teddy kept quiet, for his wife’s legs were even better – could be seen easily.

“Ai!” Ms. Mitchell exclaimed and sat back down, but not before some appreciative glances from the paternal part of the parents.

Teddy, meanwhile, picked Buffy up and took away her scissors – she had been using them via her feet. “Oh, you little monkey!” he told her. “Have you messed up! Guess now you will have stay home-“

“No need to,” Ms. Mitchell said firmly, “we’ll take her!”

“Hurrah!” yelled all of the children who by now grew to appreciate Buffy very much.

“But don’t forget to take her to St. Mungo,” Ms. Mitchell added. “If she doesn’t get her shots and all, it’ll be tricky.”

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