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Summary: Draco's having issues. Dawn goes to see if he wants to talk about it.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyechoFR1512,6143142,93513 Dec 0313 Dec 03Yes
title: Changeling
author: echo
rated: 15
summary: Draco's having issues. Dawn goes to see if he wants to talk about it. Heh heh heh.
disclaimer: Not mine. Some are of Whedon, others are of Rowling.
note: A changeling is a baby that was secretly switched for another during infancy.
shout: This is for Jen at WLS. She needed some holiday cheer of a D&D nature since she has been having such a time of it with her server and evil support guys.


The ragged little group assembled was tired and wanting to get back to Hogwarts, to the temporary safe house and temporary triage that had been set up for the wounded in this war. Tonight's little battle had been a funny little exercise in prevention. There were several students who had NOT become Death Eaters tonight. Mostly due to the slayer crashing their party and administering the smackdown, but mainly due to the defection of one student in particular. He was the leader to their following. One person should never have such influence over so many others, but that was the way it worked sometimes. It had definitely worked out to the advantage of the 'home' team this time.

There were still miles to go before this was all over, but it was almost over for tonight. This was their last stop because mister change-of-heart needed to grab a few things while his parents were cooling their heels in Azkaban.

There was a loud crash from the second floor. Dawn looked up and made a face. Harry Potter and Remus Lupin made for the stairs, but one of the Sunnydale girls stopped them.

"I'll go." Dawn Summers said smoothly.

"What do you reckon he's doing up there?" Ron Weasley asked.

Willow looked up. "Sounds like destruction of personal property to me."

Buffy sighed and also looked up at the ceiling as another resounding crash was heard.

"I don't think you ought to go up there, Dawn." Harry commented.

She glared at him. "Oh?"

"Dawnie can take care of herself."

"Thanks, Buff." Dawn said over her shoulder to her sister as she headed up the stairs.

"Yeah. What Buffy said." Xander said taking a seat on the little velvet sofa that looked like no one had ever sat on it. "Mini-Spike may be of the nasty attitude and bad humor all the time, but he wouldn't hurt the Dawnster... even if he could. Like I said he wouldn't, but if he did try, she'd wallop him good. You know what I think that ruckus up there is? I think that's a little of the 'give me something to break'."

Buffy nodded and flopped down next to Xander. "Yeah."

"What are the two of you talking about?" Hermione asked.

Buffy leaned forward and placed her elbows on her knees. "Sometimes when your life gets turned upside-down you just wanna break something."

"Ah." Remus said, his face showing that he completely understood the need to tear something inanimate apart.

"I get that." Harry said with a nod. "But are you sure Malfoy won't try and break your sister?"

"It'd be really amusing if he tried."

Ron made a face at her.

"I wasn't kidding when I said my sister could handle herself. He tries anything she doesn't want him to, Dawn'll lay him flat."

Willow snickered. "She may 'lay him flat' anyhow."

"What are you talking about?"

"Buffy, how many fights did you get into with Spike before the two of you finally... just..."

Xander's face scrunched up. "Oh no. Scary visual place, Wills."

"Who Buffy and Spike or Dawn and Draco?"

Ron flinched as he finally caught on. "She likes the ferret?"

"Sometimes sex has nothing to do with actually liking someone." Ginny said softly. "It should. It should always be about liking the other person.... it just isn't though."

Ron's eyes went wide. "What would YOU know about that?"


So he was taking a peek at his bedroom for the last time ever.

Well, it had certainly started out that way. Fairly quickly it had moved to him destroying everything in sight. He even managed to rip his black silk bed sheets to ribbons... by hand. Somehow being all muggle about it was so much more satisfying than blasting away with one's wand. He'd torn down the curtains and smashed the mirror - he'd especially smashed the mirror. His desk had been bludgeoned to death with the chair that normally sat at it. All the clothes from his giant wardrobe had been pulled out and tossed all about before said wardrobe was tipped over. There had been a set of shelves that his mother had placed in his room the year he went away to Hogwarts. She'd placed framed photos and other knickknacks on it. Great delight was derived from throwing every single thing on those shelves at a solid wall before ripping said shelves down. He ended the 'massacre' by breaking one of his extra brooms into two pieces over his knee.

Draco laid back in the destruction.

Something was stabbing him in the leg. He reached around a pulled out a shard of wood. He tossed it across the room and smiled as it bounced off the wall.

"You know, you shouldn't go throwing out perfectly good wooden stakes like that."

Draco shot up to a more upright position unaware that there were feathers from his destroyed pillow stuck in his hair.

"You ok?"

His eyes narrowed. "So they sent you."

"Nobody sent me, grumpy gus. I didn't draw the short straw here. I volunteered."

Draco glared at her and she ventured into what had been his inner sanctum once upon a time. She nudged debris out of the way as she did. His glare became more harsh as she settled herself in the run that was his bed next to him.

"Wanna talk about it?"


"Might help."

"I said no."

"When you hold things inside, they just fester-"


"And eventually you have this great big blowup, and oh! It looks like I'm a bit late."

"You're very funny, did you know?" He said with complete and utter sarcasm.

"I know." Dawn said, mocking him a bit.

"Just get out."

"Bite me."


"You think you're the only person ever to have some trauma? Try not being real, ok. Try getting told you technically don't exist, then we'll talk."

"So it's true then."

Dawn just stared at him.

"My... father.... he told me that you... you..."

"Weren't human."


"Didn't he tell what I was?"

"He didn't know... or didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth."

"All right, but if tell anybody, I'll beat your ass."

Draco smirked.

"And not in a kinky erotic S&M kinda way."

"You worry me, Summers."

"Hey, bub, I'm not the one who just tore the shit out of my bedroom. I think if anyone gets violent-crazy points here tonight, it's you."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Must you always expand upon things? You were going to divulge some great secret about yourself to me. Get on with it."

"We seriously need to work on your people skills."

"You're becoming tiresome."

"I'm energy."

"Beg pardon?"

"I'm a little, well actually I don't know if was little or not, but I'm a ball of energy that opened portals to other dimensions."


"Yeah. Green I'm told."

"You know outside of black green is my favorite color." Draco said absently.

Dawn looked at him. He turned. They both snickered a bit.

"You're gonna be ok, you know."

"Oh Summers, please don't get all sappy on me about this. I'll puke."

Dawn started laughing as she flopped back onto his bed. Draco threw himself onto his back next to her.

"How long do you think we have to be up here with it all quiet now before someone comes up here to make sure I haven't murdered you?"

"Oh at least another couple of minutes."

"Good." He rolled onto his side and propped himself up on an elbow. "I'm... glad it was you."

"You're glad what was me?"

"Glad you're the one sent to check on me."

"I told you-"

"Right. You weren't sent. You volunteered. Still glad here."


"I might have had to hex Potter or Weasley."


"Still might have to hex you though."

The next thing he knew she was on him. Literally ON him. Draco shouted in alarm. What was she doing? And, damn, she was freakishly strong for a girl of her build. Suddenly she stopped moving and sat down on his stomach. Draco was breathing heavily as he looked up. Dawn was twirling his wand in her hand. He wondered if he should tell her that her long brown hair now had feathers in it.

"Gonna be kinda hard to hex me if I have this, huh?"

"Give that back." He snarled, reaching for the wand.

Dawn shoved the center of his chest hard, forcing him back to the bed.


Dawn tossed his wand over her shoulder. "Ooops."

"Now you're going to pay."

"I'm shakin' in my-ahhh!"

He startled her by sitting up suddenly and grabbing her arms to hold them tightly behind her back. Their chests actually bumped. Draco's face was about an inch from hers. Sort of a bit inappropriate. Especially when anyone could come upstairs and see them like this.

It was then that they both kind of realized this.

Dawn had to point it out vocally. "This looks kinda naughty."

"You are so aggravating."

"That's why you've got me in your lap here, huh?"

"Shut up."

"Why don't you make-"

Ask a loaded question....

Draco decided to make her shut up. The kissing thing, he quickly discovered, was much better with this girl than with Pansy Parkinson. Summers wasn't trying to eat his face.... and there was a very pleasant lack of drool that Pansy seemed to indulge in every time Draco had attempted to snog her. There was also the added anticipation of his having wanted to do this, admitted to himself or no, since he'd clapped eyes on Summers the moment her and hers had shown themselves at Hogwarts.

Dawn managed to jerk her arms out of his and wrap them around his neck. Actually, she snaked one around his shoulders and cupped his cheek with the other hand. Draco's arms wrapped tightly around her waist as Dawn angled her head to deepen the kiss.

Months of bickering were dissolving into something else. All the other Americans had mostly taken to ignoring his snide little remarks after a month of being about. Not Dawn Summers. She had risen to the occasion every single time. He didn't even have to be insulting her. She'd just jump to the defense of whomever. She was such the 'people's champion'. That was half her charm, half the attraction. She was simply not the sort he should even be eying.

His father would... not be able to do a damn thing about it anymore.

Draco pressed his hand against her spine, making her arch a bit. Dawn, lovely girl that she was, moaned against his mouth. One of her hands moved to grip the base of his skull. Her fingers curled into the hair there, and she pulled a bit. Sweet Circe, she was a wild one. Aggressive.


Dawn was off him in a flash and wiping the corners of her mouth while licking her lips. Willow was standing in the doorway.

"We wanted you to check on him, not check his vitals by way of his mouth, Dawnie." She surveyed the room. "Holy poop. What happened up in here?"

"The foreplay got a little rough." Dawn managed with a straight face.

Willow rolled her eyes. "Time to get going. You'll have to finish your... whatever... later."

Draco got to his feet and grabbed the small bag of things he'd placed inside before going all violent-crazy on his former bedroom. Dawn was on her feet and smoothing her clothes. He reached down and retrieved his wand from where it had landed earlier.

"Did you mean it?" He asked.

"Mean what?"


"What about it?"

Draco gestured to himself, then to her, then to the ruined bed, then to his mouth, and then finally to hers.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "That was groping and kissing. Foreplay is something else entirely. Whole other level. You have to work up to it."

"Now that's an encouraging thought. At last there's some sort of work I don't think I'll mind doing."

"Hello?" Willow snapped. "Let's go."

Dawn grinned. In her opinion the ones on the road to redemption were the best because they still remembered how to be bad. She reached out and grabbed his hand.

Draco glared at her. Yeah, she'd gotten to him. She didn't have to be so bloody smug about it. Though if she was one of the benefits to being on the flip-side of the Dark Lord, Draco didn't think he was going to mind being part of the good guys. Long brown hair, big blue eyes, and legs that seemed to go on forever looked a damn sight better than glowing red eyes, a voice that hissed like a serpent, and crusty skin the color of a fish's underbelly.

He could do this with something like Dawn to look forward to. So long as they didn't expect him to be nice. He could do the right thing, yes, but he bloody well wasn't going to act like he actually liked it.

He was still Draco bloody Malfoy.

Even though his father had accused him of being a changeling as he was being dragged off by Aurors. Draco knew the truth. He was no changeling. He was also no follower. He'd never been. He was the leader. Always. Best people recognize.

"Say, did you guys know you both have feathers in your hair?"

Draco and Dawn both gasped and simultaneously turned to one of the hall mirrors and started fussing. They both seemed to realize what they were doing at the same time. They further realized that their movements had been a bit alike. Dawn looked at him out of the corner of her eye just as he was looking at her out of the corner of his. Dawn giggled. Draco smirked at her.

They both spoke at the same time.

"Like fussing with it is going to help." "You're pretty prissy for a guy."

Dawn laughed so hard she snorted.

"Oh that's ladylike."

"Will you two come on!" Willow shouted from somewhere down the stairs.

Dawn started to go, but Draco grabbed her hand and yanked her back. He didn't have to stoop to kiss her. That was nice. She was tall for a girl. Not as tall as he was, but tall enough so that he wouldn't have back problems later.

"You two had better not be making out again!"

"What?!" Several voices chorused.

Dawn pulled away and grabbed Draco's hand to pull him down the stairs.

"If that's how Malfoy likes his comforting, I'm glad Dawn stopped me." Potter was saying.

"That makes both of us, Scarhead. Can we get out of here please? I only have one memory of this house that's still pleasant, and that's not enough to make me want to stay."

Everyone was nodding and moving out. The Ministry would likely be raiding the house tomorrow.

"One pleasant memory?" Dawn asked as they walked towards their designated portkey location.

"Mmm. Happened about ten minutes ago in my bedroom."

She grinned at him. He smirked in return. He liked her smiling at him like she was. It made this whole thing he had done seem less... gut-wrenching.

Gut-wrenching? Maybe he was a changeling after all.


end ficlet

The End

You have reached the end of "Changeling". This story is complete.

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