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White Collar Blues

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This story is No. 9 in the series "2011 Calendar Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: SWIC gets angry when one of their girls is killed by something not supernatural. White Collar Xover

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Television > White CollarRuneWitchSakuraFR1365,50022320,95325 Jan 1118 Mar 11No

Stormy Weather

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Stormy Weather
Chapter Number: 02/07
Story Summary: SWIC gets angry when one of their girls is killed by something not supernatural.
Chapter Summary: The sky was stormy.
DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, White Collar, or anything related to them.
Date (Upload Date): 02/01/11
Date (2011 Calendar Date): 01/27
Word: Forecast
A Chapter with no dialogue whatsoever. Also, no offence to men, but I kind of insult you in general here.
While I do totally ship Neal/Peter/El as my OT3, I originally intended this story to be Peter/El, and past Neal/Kate. Instead, Neal/Peter/El completely took over from out of nowhere. I now also have a vague idea of where I’m going with this story.
Everything in Season 1 and almost everything in Season 2, up to episode 11 of White Collar happened. What we’re shown afterwards may contradict some of this, but I’ll try to add it to the story as I go.
Also, there will be mentions of things that happened in Breakup and Evil Twinkie.
As she exited the plane, Willow looked up at the sky. Dark clouds floated above her, rumbling occasionally and rain drizzled down. It was stormy out – like what she’d been feeling since she found Kennedy in bed with someone else. It was good she’d gotten away when she did.

Blowing up that weird Twinkie thing in Xander’s apartment had helped her get control back over her magic, but she still avoided Kennedy so she didn’t hurt her. The trip to New York, despite the terrible circumstances, was a godsend.

The more distance between her and Kennedy at the moment, the better.


Neal looked through the glass of Peter’s office out at the sky. It was stormy out – like what he’d been feeling since Kate’s plane exploded. He wanted to find Fowler and kill him. He wanted to incite someone to kill him so he could be with Kate.

He wanted to thank the woman who kept him out of prison where he’d likely get someone to kill him before he killed Fowler. He wanted to hate her for keeping him from Kate. His emotions moved back and forth so quickly, he barely had time to feel them before they changed again.

And then Peter was behind him, sitting on the floor with him, arms wrapped around his chest, and the first sob since the explosion escaped him. The rest came like a flood, as if the dam had broken with the one.


Peter watched Neal, sitting on the floor, forehead pressed against the glass windows. It was stormy out. It seemed to have been stormy and dreary and wet ever since the explosion, as if the heaven’s mourned the loss of Kate.

Peter’s first instinct when the plane exploded was to get Neal to cover – make sure there was nobody around to finish the job. His second was to call for help. His third, to call Mozzie and El. Jones was the first call he made; El the second. El offered to call Mozzie when Peter couldn’t get the number from a hysterical Neal.

And then the hysterics stopped, and Neal just shut down, taking a little piece of Peter with him. And then OPR came, and they were about to take Neal, and then SWIC called. And when Peter met Agent Willow Rosenburg, the first thing he would do was thank her – thank her for keeping Neal with him.

Peter saw it coming; saw that cold, frozen Neal was about to break, and sat behind him wrapping his arms around him. And Neal broke, taking yet another piece of Peter with him. Peter didn’t mind, not really. Let Neal take all the pieces of Peter he wanted. Peter would pick up all the broken pieces of Neal. And El, great and gorgeous El, would put them back together again.


El shivered as thunder rumbled overhead, and looked out the window. She prayed Neal would make it through Kate’s death. Kate had been the odd one out in their, well, El wasn’t sure what to call it. Whatever it was – Neal was in Kate’s heart, Kate and Peter were in Neal’s, she and Neal were in Peter’s, and Peter and Neal were in hers.

Kate, El had only met twice, once before Neal’s capture, and once after. Kate had caught on quickly to Neal and Peter’s growing chemistry, and when Neal went to France, Kate went to El. That evening changed El’s outlook, and was the first and only time El had ever doubted in Peter’s love for her. Peter had tried to deny any sort of romantic feelings for Neal, when El confronted him about it, but finally admitted it to her before confessing his love for her to great to leave her for Neal.

Kate was willingly giving up Neal to Peter, and had told her that evening. Kate loved Neal, but wasn’t willing to share Neal’s affection with anyone. That meant leaving, but Kate wouldn’t let El be blindsided by the same thing. Naturally, being men, and extraordinarily dense, both managed to destroy Kate’s plan.

Their second meeting, shortly after Neal’s capture was over a bucket of ice cream as they laughed at their silly men, who weren’t sure about who they really wanted. And then Kate told her to take care of Neal, and then she was gone. And now, now she was gone forever.

And El wished she understood what had happened after that second meeting. Why she needed to take care of Neal, not that she wouldn’t, because she would. The conman had grown on her, and, El supposed, if she were to share Peter’s affections with anyone, she’d choose Neal above anyone else.

That made both of them hers, and she’d take care of the two of them. And when Peter called her earlier, to tell her that Neal had been saved from prison, El only told him two things – take care of him, and then bring him home. Then she called Mozzie.
To Be Continued
Next Date (2011CD) for this Story: 02/14
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