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White Collar Blues

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This story is No. 9 in the series "2011 Calendar Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: SWIC gets angry when one of their girls is killed by something not supernatural. White Collar Xover

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Television > White CollarRuneWitchSakuraFR1365,50022320,96725 Jan 1118 Mar 11No

Church-Going Ghost

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Church-Going Ghost
Chapter Number: 03/07
Story Summary: SWIC gets angry when one of their girls is killed by something not supernatural.
Chapter Summary: Fowler finds himself in a church
DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, White Collar, or anything related to them.
Date (Upload Date): 02/17/11
Date (2011 Calendar Date): 02/14
Word: Church
Mozzie knocked on the door of Mrs. Suit. She had called earlier, and he had been both surprised and happy that someone had kept Neal from prison.

So when Mrs. Suit – “Call me El, Mozzie, really.” – asked him to look into the ‘someone’ in question (which he would have done upon finding out anyway) for her, he was happy to oblige.

And if the Suit found out, he could blame it on her. They seemed to be incapable of staying mad at each other for long, if at all, so it wasn’t like she’d get anything more than an exasperated look and a “Honey.” out of the Suit anyway.

“Mozzie!” Come in, come in,” El said, when she opened the door.


He sat in the back pew of the church, half hidden by shadows. Alone, or so he thought.

“Hello Garrett,” a woman’s voice said. Fowler jumped. Sitting beside him on the pew was a red-headed woman, only she was transparent.

“Are you a ghost?” he asked.


“An angel, then?”

“No. I think I’d strangle someone with my halo if I was. My name is Willow. What I am doesn’t matter. Tell me, Garrett, why are you here?”

“To repent.”


“I killed the man who killed my wife. I feel no regret for that. But someone else saw me.”

“And did you kill them too?”

“No. I didn’t know they were there till they sent me a tape of me killing the guy.”

“They blackmailed you with it.”

“Yes. They wanted a music box. Neal Caffrey had it. His girlfriend was killed.”

“In the crossfire?”

“No. After it was over. I had the music box, the two of them were supposed to be free. But the plane exploded with her on it.”

“Did you know it was going to explode?”

“No. If I had, I would have warned them.”

“So why are you there then?”

“She’d be alive. I don’t regret killing the bastard who killed my wife, but if I had been a stronger man, if I had ignored the blackmailers, if I had copped to killing him, none of this would have happened. And she’d still be alive.” Willow spouted off a phone number. “I’m sorry?” She repeated it.

“If you ever want to talk.”


“He wasn’t even aiming at her when she was shot. I tracked him down and killed him, nearly killing my friends in the process. You’re a good man, Garrett Fowler. Don’t let someone else tell you otherwise. And call me if they try to blackmail you again, kay?” She faded out of view.



“So what did you find out?” El asked, after getting him to sit on the couch.

“SWIC is the most secretive agency I’ve ever seen. I haven’t cracked their encryptions – yet! I’ll get it eventually. Her file before joining SWIC is classified from high school onward by the Army, but I’ve been able to hack military databases for years. Most of the files are still blacked out, but apparently she was one of the ones to help clean up a top secret military project gone wrong, making the death rate go from ninety percent before she and the others arrived, to forty percent after they did.

“Her file before high school is mostly clean. A call or two to Child Services for neglectful parents. A hospital visit after a man, uh, Anthony Harris, hit her. A note from the fire marshal saying they suspected her for burning down a condemned house, but had no proof. She was a straight-A student, and the best part? I’m pretty sure she’s the Red Tree.”

“The Red Tree?”

“A hacker, a great hacker. When she hacked a system, she’d leave a note detailing how she got in, so the owner could close up the holes. She was never caught.”

“And you think it’s her?”

“Well, apart from the fact that she would have been twelve the first time Red Tree hacked a system, yeah. But her file says she’s a genius, so…”


“So what’d the little guy find on Rosenberg?” Peter asked. El had called a few minutes ago.

What makes you think I know what Mozzie found?

“El, honey, we’ve been married for years. I know when you know something I don’t, and Mozzie is your only ‘contact’.”

I’ve got Neal, too.

“Fine, your only contact not within my line of sight.” Neal was leaning against the wall, fast asleep.

How’s he doing?

“He’s sleeping. Don’t change the subject.”

Tradeoff of information, Suit!” he heard Mozzie’s voice in the background. “I demand knowledge of Neal’s wellbeing!"

Honey?” Peter sighed.

“He broke, then went to sleep. El…”

The second Rosenberg is done with him, you bring him home. Now, check your fax. We’ll send what we have to you. You do the same?

“All we have is she works for SWIC.”

Then don’t bother!” Mozzie said.

Bye honey, love you,” El said.

“I love you too,” Peter said, before hanging up the phone.
To Be Continued
Next Date (2011CD) for this Story: 02/27
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