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This story is No. 15 in the series "2011 Calendar Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The SFFDNA Database sends out hits for Xander, Faith, and surprisingly, Harry.

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RuneWitchSakuraFR15117,24617950,46325 Jan 1111 Mar 11No

Why a Bat?

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Why a Bat?
Chapter Number: 11/16
Story Summary: The SFFDNA Database sends out hits for Xander, Faith, and surprisingly, Harry.
Chapter Summary: Bruce is invited back to SWIC under false pretences. He doesn’t mind.
DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, or anything related to them.
Date (Upload Date): 03/11/11
Date (2011 Calendar Date): 03/11
Word: Conversation
For a font that doesn’t let me use question marks (the title banner), I sure use a lot for this story. Heh…the eleventh chapter on March eleventh.
Even if he had to deal with simpering idiots trying to wrangle money from him, Bruce would take the offer of another, more in depth, tour of SWIC facilities, just for another chance to see Xander of Faith.

Perhaps if he was lucky, he could show enough interest in them that the simpering idiots would have them lead him on any future tours. Bruce was completely unaware that the tour offer was fake.


“Hello, Mr. Wayne. I’m Buffy Summers.”

“Nice to meet you Ms. Summers.” They shook hands.

“If you’ll follow me this way.” Buffy led him to the elevator. They went up two floors, then down a hall. Buffy stopped outside a door. “Aside from those two, only me and Giles know,” she said, before opening the door. “Enjoy your talk.”

Bruce entered the room confused, until he saw Xander and Faith at a table.

“You pops, you gonna shut the door and sit down or what? We’re playing Go Fish.” Faith gave an exasperated look to Xander.

“I never learned to play anything else,” Xander defended. “Got any threes?” Faith scowled and handed over a card. Xander laid the pair down. “Thank you.” Bruce shut the door.


“As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Mr. Wayne is here for another, more personal, tour,” Buffy told Giles. “Rona’s a little confused about why we’re giving him the tour though.”

“I doubt she’ll get curious enough to ask. She’ll likely assume we’re trying to get money from him.”

“So, why do you think he picked a bat?” Buffy asked, before muttering, “Creepy little winged rats.”

“Perhaps that’s why. They’re creepy.”


“So, you two know…”

“That you’re the big bad Batman? Yeah. Why you picked a bat, we’re still trying to figure out,” Xander said.

“Why did you pick a bat?” Faith asked.

“Bat’s scare me,” Bruce said.

“Clowns scare me, but I’d never dress up as one.”

“I wanted criminals to share in my fear.”

“It worked,” Faith said. Then she sighed, and put down her cards. “Alright, let’s get this done with before anything else. We’ve heard some things about you, and I’m sure you got a peek out our records.”

“I assume you’re talking about the various murders linked to our names,” Bruce said. “I didn’t. I took the fall so Harvey wouldn’t. Gordon and his family are the only ones that know. And possibly Joker.”

“Now see, that makes me feel worse. I did kill Finch. It was an accident, and I panicked and hid the body. They found it anyway. Took a ride on the dark side for a while. Got manipulated by the big bad, but didn’t care cause he was the closest thing I had to a father.”

“I don’t blame you.” Ra’s had been a father figure to him. He may not have allowed himself to go to the ‘dark side’ for him, but he still understood the concept.

“You’re our dad. You’re not supposed to blame us. You’re supposed to support us, protect us. Pity mom couldn’t remember who my father was. Course, she probably would’ve tried to get money out of you.” An awkward silence fell upon them. Dawn opened the door and stuck her head into the room.

“Hey, you guys want lunch?”

“That depends entirely on who cooked it,” Xander answered. “Because I love you and Buffy, really I do, but I’m never eating anything you guys cook ever again.”

“Andrew cooked.”

“His food I’ll eat, even if he names his dishes in Klingon.”

“Tonight it’s in Huttese.” Bruce and Faith looked at each other, confused.

“Geeks,” Faith said.
To Be Continued
Next Date (2011CD) for this Story: 04/13

The End?

You have reached the end of "Found" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Mar 11.

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