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Team Alpha - Assault

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Summary: An adventure with Faith's team from my "Revelations of Faith". (See notes) "Surprise" 4-way xover. No sex, little romance. BtVS level violence. Reading the other story not necessary, but the last chapter introduced Team Alpha. 27 Chapters for this one.

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Harry Potter > Faith-CenteredLashlarueFR152741,5352408,39126 Jan 1121 Feb 11Yes

Chapter 2

Title: Team Alpha - Assault Chapter 2
Pairing: Angel/Amanda/Spike, but nothing sexual here
Rating: PG13
Summary: You think you know someone…
Warnings:A couple bad words
Word Count: 1000
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling, Joss Whedon, and JRR Tolkien, and are from BtVS, ATS, HP, and LOTR

A/N: Yes, I know this is a short chapter, but come on, wouldn't YOU end it here?
If you read my story “Revelations of Faith” and enjoyed it, you should enjoy this one. If you read it and squicked on the sex, then you might enjoy this one because there isn’t any, although the relationships remain intact. Faith is indeed central because she’s the leader of Alpha, but many characters get substantial involvement. I hope that you have fun with this, and please let me know if you do. If you think it stinks, however, silence is golden.
“Revelations of Faith” is here:

I did not post Team Alpha – Assault as part of a series because reading it is not really necessary to understanding this one, and frankly, Revelations landed with a bit of a thud.

Team Alpha – Assault

Chapter Two

“Close your eyes, Spike baby,” ordered Amanda, “we have a surprise for you.”

“Should I lie down, then?” asked Spike.

“Nope,” answered Angel, “just shut those baby blues and hang on.”

Spike felt a wash of heat on his skin; his eyes popped open and beheld a positive inferno headed for his face.

“Jesus Christ!” he screamed as he tumbled backward from his chair at the table. “Are you trying to CREMATE me?”

“Happy Birthday?” said Amanda tentatively. With the perspective of distance, Spike saw that the blaze was merely a rather spectacular cake with over 150 candles on it, rather than a mob of angry villagers.

“Sorry darlin’, just took me by surprise is all,” he said contritely. “Been a while since anyone remembered my birthday.”

“That’s okay love,” smiled Amanda, “I guess 150 plus candles is a bit much after all.”

“You’re old, Spike,” chortled Angel.

“Not as old as you, Granddad,” countered Spike.

“Play nice boys,” cautioned Amanda, “or Mama spank.”

“Promise?” asked Spike.

“Make a wish and blow out the candles,” Amanda commanded.

“Hello? Vampire? Got no breath. Nevermind,” Spike seized a bottle of bubbly, shook it, and sprayed the candles out. “Nope. Didn’t get my wish. Captain Eyebrow is still here.”

“Nice,” replied Angel. “I suppose you don’t want your present then?”

“Well, as long as you troubled…” Spike said as he ruffled Angel’s hair.

“Happy Birthday Spike, and this is the day you were born. Not the day you were sired. It’s you, William, that’s special. Spike is just the suit you wear,” Angel said seriously as he handed a package to Spike.

“Sentimental git,” snuffled Spike as he scrubbed his eyes with his fist, “what’s this then, sunscreen?” He tore open the wrapping, and opened the box…

“An Ipod! Bloody brilliant!” cried Spike.

“It’s magical too,” said Amanda, “we got Hermione, Fleur, and Willow to enchant it! It will never run out of power, and it will always play whatever you want it to!”

“Wizard!” cried Spike as he plugged the buds into his ears and pressed play…

“OZZY! FUCKIN’ AWESOME!” he screamed, and he threw his arms around his partners. “You two make me happy to be undead. Eternity with you two is not long enough.”

“Spike, love,” began Amanda.

“I know Pet, but we’ll find a way around that yet. Trust me, I have people working on it,” he replied.

“In any case, you peroxide pansy,” said Angel, “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks,” said Spike quietly. “Thanks…”

Over a hundred and fifty years of existence had not prepared Spike for simply being loved; he stared at Amanda and Angel for long minutes in silence. Here was his beginning, and his completion. His past and his future. Damnation and Salvation.

“Thanks,” he repeated reverently.


“Luna,” Harry pleaded, “can’t you tell us anything that might help us prepare? You know how important Alpha is.” Luna sighed deeply.

“Alright Harry, the kneazle is among the pixies now anyway,” she said. “I take it you have read the Trilogy?”

“Of course, several times,” answered Harry.

“In the Trilogy, and in “There and Back Again”, what is the common thread when things look darkest? What happens to turn the tide?”

Harry chewed this over, Buffy merely wished that she had read more.

“Can’t you just be plain, Luna?” pleaded Buffy.

“Alas no,” Luna said tiredly, “there are rules. Stupid rules, but I am bound by them. On the other side I can reveal things that I cannot here. There is magic at work greater than mine. Think, Harry,” she entreated. “When hope seemed gone? What?”

“The – the EAGLES! The Eagles are coming!” cried Harry.

“Indeed,” affirmed Luna. “Talk with your mother, Buffy,” Luna said as she vanished.

“Show me the books, Harry,” said Buffy, “I feel an urge for knowledge.”


“Harry,” ventured Giles, “Luna; do you suppose Luna is …”

“I can’t say,” Harry broke in, “I won’t say. But…”

“Indeed,” agreed Giles. “Beloved, I believe we should visit your flock.”

“D’accord, Rupert,“ she replied, “this may be our time. Buffy, my child,” she said, “give Faith her chance.” Buffy nodded gravely.


“You must come back to me,” Cornflower commanded Dagger.

“I shall,” he promised, but his heart was filled with a shadow.


“Faith,” Buffy spoke, “take this.” She handed Faith the Scythe.

“But this is yours,” protested Faith, “you’re the Slayer.”

“So are you, Faith. I’ll do the details, but we both know who should swing this thing. Kick ass, you slutty bitch.”

“Count on it B,” smiled Faith as she accepted the weapon, “count on it.”


“It is time,” said Luna, “join hands.” Alpha, Fleur, and Hermione took hold of each other. “Remember, Harry,” said Luna, and she Apparated the assemblage.

“This is your house!” cried Hermione.

“What is left of it, yes,” confirmed Luna. “Spike, Angel, would you please shift that debris there? Underneath is a door.” Spike and Angel tossed aside the obstructing timbers and rubble, exposing a door set into the earth. “Go ahead,” Luna said, “open it.” They did.

“Portal,” announced Angel.

“Faith, you are in command here,” Luna told the group, “here is your path, and I believe that this first step is safe, but you are in charge. What are your orders?” Faith looked at the group. Here were her team, her limbs, and her might. Here were her partners, her lovers, and her soul. Here was Luna… But in the end, here was she, and her lips peeled back in a smile.

“Standard assault entry,” she said confidently. “Luna, count 10 and then follow. Now,” she said, and she stepped through the portal.

“Damn,” said Faith. They had emerged into a wood, a glorious place with mighty trees, and a soft floor dappled in shadow.

“Good job it’s shady here,” said Spike.

“Yeah,” agreed Angel, “we maybe should have checked first, I guess.”

“Stand fast, intruders!” barked a commanding voice. A tall figure stepped into view, flanked by several others. All of them held drawn bows with the air of those intimately familiar with them. Faith raised the Scythe…

“Hold, Galadrim!” commanded a mighty voice.

“Lady!” gasped the bowmen, and they fell to their knees.

“Galadriel…” breathed Hermione.
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