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Forward into the Past

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy Potter Family Album". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Doctor and Rose come across a Demon on an alien planet in the future. The Doctor decides to get the help of a certain Slayer.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered
robertlisleFR15612,302034,68126 Jan 1130 Apr 11No

I'm on Another Planet with You

I’m on another Planet with You

They came upon Buffy surrounded by her tearful children. The Doctor could hear her admonish and sooth them at the same time. “It’s alright now, dears, Mummy is here. Though, why you are on this spaceship is a mystery to me. You should be at home with Renata. Imagine my surprise when I heard your cries when I entered this ship.”

“But Mum, we didn’t mean to be on the stranger’s spaceship. We were on our way out when Robbie and I noticed that Abby was missing. She had gone ‘splorin’ so we had to try and find her and then when we found her we couldn’t find our way back and then we got lost and then…” Her sentence was left unfinished as she broke down in tears again. Buffy rubbed her back to settle her down. When she had finally soothed her children, stopping their tears and cries, she did something that shocked both the Doctor and Rose: she pulled out a small dagger from her hair and handed it to her eldest child. From the look on the girl’s face, it was a surprise to her too.

“You know how to use this and I can’t be here to watch over you when we land. I need you to protect your brother and sister.”

“But mum…” the girl protested.

Buffy cut her off with a finger to her daughter’s lips, “Hush, I know you can do this. Chances are you won’t have to use it. The monsters shouldn’t come anywhere near you as you should be safe and sound on this ship, which, by the way, you will be staying put on until we get back home, and then of course the three of you will be grounded forever. But just in case I know I will feel better knowing you had some means of protecting yourself.”

The eldest daughter protested, “But Mum, we’re already protected.” At that declaration, she reached up to the top of her head and pulled out a small thin stick. Her mother quickly snatched the stick from her.

She considered it for a moment and then handed it back to her daughter asking, “How are you planning on doing that? You haven’t learned any magic yet. You have yet to start school.”

“But Mum, I’ve studied all of Aunt Hermione’s old books and I know loads of spells now, even the one Daddy and Uncle Ron used to kill that troll when they were my age.” Sarah protested.

Buffy raised an eyebrow and smiled at her daughter. “My, aren’t you the clever little witch. I bet that’s how you stowed away in the first place.” Sarah blushed at the words, but Rose cringed in horror. Who would call their own daughter a witch?

“But Mum, we weren’t stowing away. Honest. We were just exploring and we go lost and the ship took off and we got scared and that’s how we ended up here.” Sarah protested again to her Mum.

Buffy looked up from her embrace of her children and noticed Rose’s expression on her face. “Something wrong, Rose?”

“Yes, you called your daughter a witch!” Rose pointed out.

“Yes I did, but it’s not the insult you think it is. My husband’s family belongs to this whole separate and secret society of magic. In that society, witch and wizard are normal appellations for women and men. In fact, I could get in trouble just telling you about their secret society.”

Sarah gave her mother an incredulous look after she used the word appellation. “Mummy, you used that word correctly!”

Buffy raised an eyebrow, “And how would you know that, my clever little witch?” The young girl blushed again at her mother’s praises. Buffy sighed, “Your Auntie Hermione’s books again, right?”

“Yeah and Auntie Willow’s, Auntie Dawn’s and Grandpa Giles’ and…”

Her mother stopped her, a smile twitching on her lips, “I get the picture, but just so you don’t get confused in the future, blonde doesn’t mean dumb.”

The Doctor cleared his throat, “Ah ladies, if we are through establishing your mother’s intellectual capacity, I really could use her brute strength. It seems one of the capacitors is stuck.” Mother and daughter both blushed at admonishment while the two younger children looked up at their mother in confusion.

“Mummy, “Robbie asked, “What did he just say?”

Buffy smiled and mussed his hair, “He just wanted to remind me that I need to kill his monster with my sword and not just talk it to death.”

Surprisingly enough, the Doctor was able to the settle the children down with a coloring book for Abigail and a couple of books for Robbie and Sarah. Rose looked at the Doctor in wonder when he pulled out the coloring book for Abigail.

“What? Did you think that these are the only children to have been on the TARDIS? Though I have to admit it has been a rather long time.” The Doctor explained to Rose, though the far away expression on his face gave Rose pause and made her decide not to follow up on her thought. The TARDIS indicated that they were finally on the planet and The Doctor, Rose and Buffy, her children now settled, exited the TARDIS onto the planet surface.

On the surface of the planet, Rose turned to Buffy and asked, “So where do you reckon these demons are now?”

Buffy shrugged and examined the sky in awe, it was a pinkish color rather than blue, “No idea, I’ve never been here before. I've never even left Earth before. Although if this species still runs true to form and haven’t changed their habits too much over the ensuing centuries, then I would guess City Hall or whatever passes for a capital city on this planet.”

Rose looked at her incredulously, “Why would you think that?”

“They like to be in charge. Plus they tend to do the whole master-slave thing with a vengeance and a whole lot of violence mixed in.”

“I don’t think they’ve gotten that far. We only left a few minutes ago- relatively speaking of course.” The Doctor supplied.

Buffy looked at the Doctor in confusion and said, “Huh?”

“Oh right- TARDIS- time and relative dimension in space. It’s a time machine as well as a spaceship. So you see there hasn’t been enough time for them to take over.” The Doctor explained.

Rose turned to Buffy with a knowing look and said, “Right, then. City Hall it is.” And proceeded to lead Buffy towards what seemed to be the center of town. They didn’t get too far when they came across a man being beaten by one of the demons. They watched in horror as the demon took out a whip and starting lashing the man. The demon heard their gasp and looked up, noticing his audience, said, “What are you slaves standing around here for? Get back to work before I whip you too.”

Buffy shook her head and stepped towards the demon, “Not one of your slaves. Never will be one of your slaves.” The monster turned his whip towards her and lashed out at her. She caught the whip and pulled it from him. The monster grew angry and charged her. They exchanged blows while the Doctor and Rose watched.
Rose turned to the Doctor, pleading, “Help her. Isn’t that what you do?”

The Doctor shook his head. “No, just wait and watch.”

Rose huffed and made a move to help Buffy. She thought the Doctor was being cruel. But the Doctor held her back. “Why did you stop me? It’s obvious she needs help.”

The Doctor shook his head again, “I’m sure she’ll have it under control. She was made for this.”

Rose looked back to see what was happening. She couldn’t see Buffy at all, but she saw the demon refocusing his attention back on the man. Rose started to worry now. She didn’t know Buffy very long but she seemed to grow on her with her cocky attitude and her mischievous children. She would hate to have to tell her children that their mother was dead. A loud whistle then pierced the air making everyone turn their heads. Then suddenly, Buffy appeared right next to the monster wielding her sword for the first time. The demon turned to strike at her but was too slow. She promptly removed his head from his shoulders.

“Heads up,” She quipped. “Oops, you just lost yours.”

Rose was taken aback at first. Here was a woman who committed an extreme act of violence in cutting off the monster’s head and now she was joking about it. Rose then remembered the Doctor’s odd sense of humor and rolled her eyes. Leave it to the Doctor to find a similar soul who found humor in odd situations. She carefully watched Buffy as she went over to the man who was attacked and helped him to his feet. He was bleeding profusely from his arm where the demon’s whip had slashed it open. Rose moved to help Buffy as she tore off some her shirt and wrapped it around the wound as a makeshift bandage to stop the worst of the bleeding.

The grateful man looked down on Buffy, whom he was leaning on, and asked, “Are you the one who has come to save us. The one that has been written about by the old ones?” He took a closer look at Buffy to compare her to some image in his mind.

Buffy shrugged, “Maybe, but only from the monster. Everything else you’re on your own.”
The man looked at her in confusion, “Did you not slay the beast when none other could?”

Buffy sighed, “I just had the right weapon. It’s what happens when you take things that don’t belong.”The man still looked confused. “I just killed the demon. I’m just doing this for a friend. It’s not like I’m some mystical warrior chosen to slay the – oh wait, I am.” She sent a glare back to the Doctor. “So tell me about your prophesy.”

He shook his head, “You are not the one. The books describe the warrior as one whose hair is like the sun.”

Now Buffy looked confused, “I thought my hair was like the sun, yellow right?”

The Doctor nudged her, “Look up.”

“Oh, right. Their sun.”Then after a beat. “Hey, this better not be about my daughter. She’s only eleven. Much too young for this prophecy thing.”

The Doctor reassured her, “No, I rather doubt that. I believe the books describe a warrior with hair the color of the sun and those books were written before humans migrated off of Earth. Your daughter is hardly a warrior.”

Mollified, Buffy turned back to the man she had saved. “Can you tell us how to get to the capital city or wherever the demons seem to be congregating?”

“Yes, just use the Tubes. It will get you to the Capital in a few minutes. That is where the leader of these monsters had holed himself up. I’ll take you there now.” He led them through the streets of the alien city to the Tube station, all the while stealing glances back at Buffy.

Meanwhile, Rose turned to the Doctor and asked, “Why don’t we take the TARDIS closer in?”

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair and drawled, “Well, I’d rather not put our stowaways in any more danger than they already in.”

“What makes you think that they’ll be in danger? They are in the TARDIS, right?” Rose questioned.

The Doctor and Buffy both smiled, though the Doctor was the one replied. “They’re her brood. Not only are they rather excitable, but they also very curious. You do remember how they stowed away in the first place?”

Rose nodded and agreed silently with the Doctor. Minutes later they all reached the transport tube to the planetary capital. They agreed that Buffy should go first, to take care of any problems that might be waiting on the other end. After Buffy went through the tube, the man that they had rescued turned to the Doctor and asked, “Why did you lie to the warrior woman about the prophecies? They are in fact rather recent, a few hundred years old and they refer to a young girl with hair the color of the sun. It is an established fact that the sun is red on this planet.”

“I suspect that she would make me take her back home again before she took care of your monster problem, thereby thwarting your prophecy. She might do that anyway, thwart your prophecy that is, or she may be the cause of it. It is very foolish to rely on prophecies when faced with reality.” The Doctor explained to the man.

Rose frowned during their exchange; she wondered how an eleven year old girl could defeat a monster like the one Buffy just killed. It didn’t make much sense to her. She shook her head, held her tongue and followed the Doctor through the travel tube.

Meanwhile, back on the TARDIS, two of the three stowaways were getting restless. As soon as their mother left their presence, the two younger Potter children stopped their busy work and eyed each other, a silent agreement passing between them. They stood and turned as one towards Sarah and Robbie spoke for the pair (as was usual, Abby would scheme, Robbie would agree then speak) “Sarah, we want to see the alien planet.”

Sarah shook her head, “No, absolutely not. Mum told us to stay here and that means we stay here. There are monsters out there. Plus it’s an alien planet, who knows if we’ll even be able to breath-oh, wait, Mum’s out there so I guess we would be able to breathe. Still, Mum told us to stay here, so we are staying here. We’re already in so much trouble just being here.”

Robbie just nodded. “I know we’re in loads of trouble, but how much more trouble can we be in? Come on Sarah, we’re on an alien planet! When are we gonna do that again? Besides, we just want to go outside just to say we were on an alien planet. We’re not gonna explore the whole planet.” He looked warily at his little sister after he said that. Sarah stared at her too.

Abby sighed, “I promise not to go ‘splorin. Cross my heart.”

Sarah relented, “Oh, alright. But just for a few minutes. We have to back before Mum comes back or we’ll be grounded for two lifetimes instead of just one.”

Her two siblings cheered while Sarah bit her lip nervously. She usually wasn’t overly adventurous but her siblings were right: they were on another planet. When were they going to that again? Though the twins might not believe her, she knew David would. He was like that; he could always tell when she was telling him the truth. She made sure she had her wand and the knife that Mum had given her and led her siblings out onto the alien planet, making sure the door wasn’t locked behind them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Forward into the Past" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Apr 11.

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