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Forward into the Past

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy Potter Family Album". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Doctor and Rose come across a Demon on an alien planet in the future. The Doctor decides to get the help of a certain Slayer.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered
robertlisleFR15612,302034,68126 Jan 1130 Apr 11No

Chapter One Visitors from Afar

This story takes place approximately 7 years before "April is the Cruelest Month. Post Seventh Season for Buffy, AU for Harry Potter after The Order of the Phoenix, the 10th Doctor (with a brief visit by the 9th Doctor).

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, Harry Potter to J.K. Rowlings and Dr. Who to Russell and the BBC.

Forward into the Past

"Pack your bags my dear, we are going to Greece."

"Oh, you mean we're going to swim the English Channel?"

"No, No, Ancient Greece… Don't you see my dear, I've built the perfect time machine."

-From "Nick Danger-Third Eye" – by Firesign Theater

Visitors from Afar

Sarah was bored. Summer was drawing to a close and the prospect of school loomed on the horizon. Her friends were off on Holiday or visiting family, leaving her alone at her house in Kensington. Well, not quite alone. Although her father was away at school preparing for the upcoming school year, her brother and sister, along with her mum, were still at home. Normally, the house in Kensington would be enough to relieve any boredom, with its many secret passageways and hidden rooms, but her brother Robbie was caught playing with the swords in the Armory, thus incurring their Mum's wrath and thus placing exploration out of bounds. Sarah could have retreated to the Game room, but she didn't like fighting with her sibs over what movie to watch. She didn't care for the video games that her brother loved so much and Abby was much too young to play any games that Sarah would be interested in. So she sat on the window ledge in her room, watching the rain fall outside with the wind sweeping through the branches of the ancient oak. She supposed she could retreat to the music room and practice her piano lessons, but sitting in the window ledge was better, quieter. There really wasn't too much else she could do since she was still on a rather short leash due to the evil wizard who wanted to kidnap her during her summer holiday. She blamed Daddy for that one. After all, it was his enemies that tried to kidnap her not Mum's (and definitely not hers, since she really wasn't old enough to have enemies like that.) But Mum still kept her close (a bit of worrywart Mum is). So she sat there by the window, staring out at the rain, enjoying the rare quiet afternoon. This was soon broken by a rather loud thunderclap, which brought a squeak of protest from her kitten, Nostradamus. He jumped onto her lap and let out a rather pitiful mew. She looked down on him, while scratching the nape of his neck. "What are you afraid of?" She asked him with a snort. He looked up at her and let out another pitiful mew. She stroked his fur from the scruff of his neck down to his tail and sighed. "Don't worry, Mummy is a superhero. She'll protect all of us." The kitten, now safely ensconced in Sarah's lap, just purred.

Another flash of lightning and an extremely loud crack of thunder brought two more figures to her room. It was Robbie and Abby, her brother and sister, both looking more than a little pale. "What do you lot want?" Sarah asked coolly.

Robbie and Abby both looked at each as if to decide who would speak and nodded. Robbie spoke "We wanted to know if you would play with us."

Sarah raised an eyebrow "really?'

Her two siblings nodded in agreement, not willing to let their voices give them away.

"And it's not 'cause the storm scared you?" Sarah asked them.

They both shook their heads no, still standing in the doorway, waiting for their sister to come out. That is until the next thunderclap sent them both scurrying to the window to be near their older sister. Sarah smirked and pulled the kitten closer to her stomach as Abby reached out to pet the kitten. "Careful, Nostie is still a bit skittish." Sarah remarked as the kitten dug his claws in her lap.

"Sorry, I just wanted to pet him." Abby replied.

The kitten though, had other ideas. Squirming out of his mistress's lap, he darted over to her bed and burrowed himself under the blankets. The three children laughed at his antics. Suddenly, a different noise came from outside the window. A noise not at all connected with the storm, a whiney sort of noise that sounded almost like a siren. Three heads turned back to the window. Robbie squeezed in past his sister and pressed his nose against the glass. "It's a police box!" Robbie exclaimed. Then turning to his sister, asked her "Is it magical?"

"Is what magical?" Sarah asked, adjusting herself around Robbie and looking intently out the window herself.

"The police box, is it magical? It appeared out of thin air." Robbie asked his sister again.

"Can't be." Abby relied smugly.

Robbie and Sarah both turned on their youngest sibling. "Why can't it be?" Sarah asked Abby.

"'Cause the larms didn't go off." Abby shot back.

"That's alarms, Abby." Sarah corrected. Then she remembered how last week when their Uncle Ron came by after a quidditch match. He had Apparated just outside the house, close enough to set off the magic proximity alarms that Daddy had strengthened to protect the family against evil wizards and witches, waking the entire household. Needless to say, Daddy was quite upset with Uncle Ron that night. Sarah ears were still ringing from some of the choice words she heard that night. "No. Not magic. Something else altogether." Sarah replied thoughtfully.

Three faces peered keenly through the window, watching as the police box alit onto their front lawn. Their eyes widened further when two figures, a man and a woman, exited from the box and approached the front door of their house. "Who do you reckon that is?" Robbie asked Sarah.

"Dunno, never seen them before." Sarah replied.

The three children looked at each other and coming to a quick, silent agreement, rose from the sill, ran out of the room and raced down the stairs to answer the door before their mother did.
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