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A Slayer in Shreveport

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Slayer in Shreveport". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: “I have your sister. If you want her back, alive, you'll have to come and get her. Meet you in Shreveport, Slayer?” Buffy/Eric

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesChloeBlackFR181223,66332622,36427 Jan 1112 Apr 11Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries, nor am I making any profit off of this story. Trust me, you'd know if I was. hahahahaha. They are owned by their respective owners.


I stood on the roof of the building, silently watching the young girl fight with a vampire in the street alley below.

She was very skillful with the way she fought.

I watched carefully as she leapt up, grabbed onto a fire escape ladder, swung herself around and kicked the vampire in the back, knocking him down. All with a few witty comments added in.

She was definitely...creative.

More so than any other Slayer I had ever seen, not that I’d seen many. Maybe five or ten, total. It didn’t really say much about myself considering I am over a thousand years old. But then again, most vampires…well, most smart vampires that is…didn’t go seeking out the Slayer.

I, Eric Northman, am no exception.

Except for in this instance.

The Slayer was in my territory, Shreveport, Louisiana, where I am Sheriff of Area number Five.

My Queen, Sophie-Anne, informed me of her arrival, ordering me to do everything in my power to stop her from doing whatever it was that she was planning and to bring her to her at once.

I am not an idiot. I was very well aware that Sophie-Anne had a personal agenda about this. She can bull-shit everyone, but she cannot bull-shit me.

Still, I was just as interested by her sudden appearance in my city and also in Queen’s sudden interest in her. There was no Hellmouth here and as far as I knew the one in Sunnydale was still open. So why was the Slayer here and not protecting her Hellmouth?

I had no idea but I did indeed plan on finding out.
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