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Running On Empty

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Summary: Dean is a broken man who is plagued not only by memories of the horrific things he's done, but also by lingering dark needs that he can't control. For him, there is no hope, until he meets the vampire Spike under circumstances that could finish them both.

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Ch. 5 B

Force, or another proposal that ripped off old scabs in his heart, that's what Spike had expected at most, that's what he would have rejected. Instead, Dean made a demand that sent heat surging straight to Spike's cock. The words and how they were spoken told him this was raw lust and desire speaking, there was no agenda behind them. Lust and desire, that he could do.

He ripped the sheets off their bodies and reached behind him without turning. Searching with his hand, he found the button that turned the low light over the nightstand on. He could see Dean in the dark, but he wanted to be sure Dean could see him too, that he knew exactly who he was with and couldn't deny it to himself.
"Hot is wanting something so badly, it consumes you," Spike whispered, pushing Dean onto his back and leaning over him bracing his weight on one elbow. "You have to let yourself want, let go, take the risk of getting scorched." Looking down into Dean's face, he traced the hunter's lips with his thumb, rubbing slightly harder across the center of his lower lip. "You can want it hard and fast and painful and angry, or soft and slow, or in a way that is so fucked up and dirty nothing will ever get you clean again. It's the risk that makes it hot. Risk of being caught, risk of finding out you need something you never thought, risk of something being the last time... the only time... knowing the ramifications might kill you but telling the world to sod off... you want it that bad."

He raised his eyes to allow Dean to see the raw 'want' in his own eyes.

Dean's eyes never left Spike's as he reached up and grabbed Spike's hand, kissing his palm. "I dreamed you were with Marshall," he said. "I didn't like that. I want you with me. I want your hands on me. I want you kissing me. I want you fucking me and making it feel good, like you did at the vampire house." He released Spike's hand and ran his fingers over Spike's chest, stopping at a nipple and rubbing it, watching it harden just like a woman's would. "This is risk for me. I don't know...I don't know a lot about how this will all go. No promises of a repeat performance. Risk for you. All I do know is that right now, right here, I want this and I want you."

He put his hand behind Spike's neck and pulled him down as he lifted up, pressing their lips together, and feeling a flare of pure fire between them. His other arm went around Spike and pulled him closer as he pushed his tongue into Spike's mouth, demanding a response, needing a response.

Hunger fueled by jealousy, Spike understood. Groaning as Dean's tongue invaded his mouth, Spike tangled his own with Dean's, crushing his mouth harder over Dean's as he moved his head from side to side, kissing him back like this was the first time, like it was the last and had to count. The movements of that warm tongue against his, the bite of Dean's fingers into his flesh, tugging him closer, ratcheted up Spike's need. Breaking the kiss, he closed his hands around Dean's wrists and held them down one either side of his shoulders. "You're heart's beating like it wants to come out of your chest. You have no idea what that does to me," Spike told him, practically hissing when Dean's hot labored breaths fanned his cheek. He licked his lips and slid them over Dean's, teasing his tongue and pulling up even though his lips burned, ached to be joined with Dean's again.

Shifting his body, Spike ground his hip slowly, pressing into Dean's arousal, fanning the flames of his need with deliberate motions. "Sodding hell but you're pretty," he shook his head. "Not like a woman, like a boy a hundred years too young for me, but irresistible. You and Marshall in my bed? Give's a vampire much to think about," he said, bringing his mouth down hard over Dean's. The hunter's fierce response to the jibe was everything Spike could have hoped for. Blistering hot. Angry. Frustrated. Determined. Their tongues battled, their bodies moved against each other and Dean's struggles to get his wrists free inflamed Spike. "That's it.... that's right hunter... show me what you feel," he demanded between bruising kisses.

Dean's heart pounded hard in his chest and when Spike suggested Marshall join them fury filled him. Spike was his tonight and he didn't want the vampire thinking of that pretty dark-haired boy. He practically growled at being unable to free his wrists. He wanted the tables turned. He wanted to be on top, kissing the hell out of Spike, biting him, making him cry out, carving up his back with blood running...he shoved that thought away viciously. This wasn't Hell. Spike was his lover, not his victim. He eased his struggle because he didn't want that to change. He didn't...he couldn't...take the upper hand right now, even if Spike were to let him. He wanted this pure, simply him and Spike, making love until they both fell asleep exhausted in each other's arms.

Spike wanted to see what he felt? He lifted his groin, rubbing his hardened member against Spike's firm arousal. He kissed Spike back with all the fire inside him. He still tugged with his arms, wanting to wrap them around Spike. "Want you," Dean panted. "Want you so bad it hurts."

Wrapping his legs around Spike, he pressed against him, fucked against him. "You bring up Marshall again and I'll stake your ass."

Waves of sensation burned their way up to Spike's brain each time Dean moved against him, clouding the vampire's mind . "Marshall who?" he managed, despite being tortured by thoughts of burying himself inside Dean's hot tight arse, of making him writhe under him with need, of erasing the humiliation he may have caused Dean when he'd fucked him in the middle of that ring of vampires. "I want you the same, yeah? Want you so bad it bleedin' hurts. But I'm the one who'll be doing the staking. Stake you as mine, for tonight." His slight smirk disappeared as he lowered his head and kissed Dean hard, rocking against him and tongue fucking him senseless.

Releasing Dean's wrists suddenly, Spike lifted up and the instant Dean loosened his legs around his body, he gripped Dean's shorts and pulled them down to his thighs. Closing his hand around his thick hard cock, he squeezed and stroked until Dean was rock hard and thick. He pulled his own tee shirt off and shoved his shorts down, grateful that Dean used his legs to kick and shove both their shorts off so they were skin to skin.
Groaning, he lowered over Dean again, one hand under the hunter's arse lifting him up as he kissed him, his mouth, his chin, his throat, loving how the hunter tasted, how he felt under him. He sucked at the pulse point at the base of Dean's throat, noting how it jumped and became erratic, wondering if Dean was scared or excited by thoughts of a vampire's mouth where it had no business. "Risk," he whispered, raking his teeth against Dean's sensitive flesh, then making his way down his body, always moving, fucking against him, trapping both their cocks between the constant pressure of their bodies moving together.

Dean groaned with need and when Spike let go of his dick he thought he was going to die. Spike was back on top of him quickly enough and he recaptured Spike's mouth with a fervor. His lips burned with the loss of contact when Spike began to kiss his way down. Dean couldn't think much beyond the need to fuck against Spike but when he felt Spike's mouth at his carotid, his heart skipped a beat as two emotions warred within him: the fear that Spike might have merely taken him for the fool and was going to sink his teeth in and drink him dry, and the desire that Spike would bite him, not to kill or turn him, but to simply join them in a way no two humans could be joined.

He was almost disappointed when Spike's mouth moved lower. Dean was mad with desire and it didn't help that the past three times he had nearly come, he had been thwarted by events of one type of another. He didn't count jacking himself off. He fucked harder against Spike, the need to come overwhelming.

"Gotta come. Need to come, Spike," Dean said arching desperately against Spike.

It was too soon. Spike wanted to bring Dean to the edge and back all night long, to make love to him ten ways from bloody Sunday, to give him something new to dream about. No, the truth was that he wasn't that unselfish. He also wanted their time together to last because there was a better than even chance that this dream inspired moment would never come again. Give Dean what he clearly needed, or take what he might never be offered again? Risk.

"Alright, come. Come all over me, show me what you have," Spike urged, shifting and lifting Dean up each time he thrust against the hunter, moving harder, faster, wishing he was inside Dean as he fucked him into the mattress. The headboard banged loudly against the wall and was punctuated by the sounds of groans and Dean's labored breaths. They were both climbing, seeking, reaching for it, needing it. On the verge, Spike lowered his mouth, meaning to give Dean a tongue fucking to match their thrusts but seeing the column of Dean's throat exposed to him so nicely, and instinctively knowing there was an invitation there, he latched instead onto Dean's throat, sucking so hard there would be a bruise there. Neither man could be in doubt that Spike was imagining anything other than sinking his fangs into Dean's flesh as he fucked him to completion.

It was a relief to hear Spike tell him it was okay and Spike telling him to come all over him; it wasn't something he heard from women usually. Hell, usually he had on a condom and the chance to come, no restrictions and his companion asking for it, enflamed him in a way he couldn't describe. With his lover increasing the pace and lifting him off the mattress, which was an almost bizarre feeling by itself but one Dean definitely liked, Dean matched Spike thrust for thrust. He felt his balls getting tighter, getting ready to spew what they had needed to for the past few days. When Spike latched onto his neck and began sucking, Dean inhaled sharply. His whole body reacted. His hand went to back of Spike's head to hold him there, the other to the small of Spike's back. His balls drew up and thick ropes of cum erupted between them as he arched up, frozen a moment, his body shaking and spasming as he came again and again. He pressed Spike's head more firmly against his neck as if begging the vampire to bite him.

The sensation of hot liquid spreading between them and Dean's insistent pressing of his throat up against his fangs pushed Spike over the edge. "Sodding hell hunter, you've got a way about you...." Spike said through gritted teeth, squeezing his eyes shut as he came hard, still desperately fucking against Dean and nipping his throat as if in punishment for the temptation. Another rope of come left him, finally easing the pressure inside. He groaned softly, and sought Dean's mouth out with his own, delving his tongue inside and tangling it with Dean's until the waves of pleasure stopped crashing through him. Lifting up, he ran his thumb across Dean's wet mouth and smiled. "Here I thought I was one track minded. Tricked me out of a staking... now how'd you do that?" He was only half kidding.

"Don't even begin to think we're done for the night," Dean said with a smirk but his eyes showed the desire that was still in him. "I am not a one shot wonder."

Reaching between them, Dean ran a hand over the combined cum slicking their stomachs and chests. He had tasted himself in women's mouths, but he had never tasted another man's cum, not while he wasn't in hell at any rate. He wondered how different it would taste, or if he'd be able to tell any difference at all. Looking seriously at Spike he asked, "So do you think your cum is safe for me to taste? A few drops of your blood could turn me...think anything else would? Although I guess I've never heard of anyone getting turned by getting fucked by a vampire." Dean tilted his head. "You said they whored out their prisoners, so I guess it's safe, right?"

Spike bit his lip at the mental image of Dean tasting him, not like this, but from the source. "You offering to suck me off?" His laser blue eyes glinted. "I wouldn't say safe. Vampire cum spreads in your system, marks you as the vampire's for all time. My name, tattooed right here," he said, running his index finger over the angel's hand print on Dean's shoulder. "Big. Much bigger announcement than a bloody hand print, yeah? And every time I thought of you, you'd be compelled to come to me. If I dreamed of fucking you, you'd come. You'd want me ... all the time, every moment you're awake, and worse at night." Watching Dean's eyes widen, and then suspicion enter them, Spike laughed and rolled onto his back. "Right, have at it."

"You are so full of shit and no I'm not offering to suck you off!" Dean said, slapping his arm across Spike's cum-covered stomach. He did however, cautiously lick some of their combined cum off his fingers. Not bad, he decided. He wasn't quite ready to spend the next fifteen minutes licking cum off Spike's stomach and chest and vice versa though. He climbed out of bed and retrieved a slightly dampened towel from the bathroom and wiped down his own chest then came in and did the same for Spike. He saw Spike's look. "I told you, all nighter. Clean slate."

He tossed the towel on the floor. Without any warning he straddled Spike and leaned forward, planting feather-light kisses on his lips, then kissed along Spike's jaw, nipping sometimes, then licking over it. He returned to Spike's lips, run his tongue along the seam of the vampire's mouth but when Spike's lips parted, he sucked Spike's lower lips into his mouth, then let it go, returning to giving Spike light kisses, moving over to the shell of Spike's ear and tickling it with his tongue then sucked his way down the side of Spike's throat. He wondered if you could give a hickey to a vampire. Once he reached the bottom of Spike's throat, he returned to Spike's lips and this time pressed his lips a bit firmer and slid his tongue into Spike's mouth. He denied tangling his tongue with his lover's but instead explored his mouth with his tongue, tasting every part until he finally pulled off. "Wanna see your teeth, your vampire teeth," Dean said.

Spike's hands roamed up and down Dean's sides and his thighs. He lifted his head several times trying to deepen the kiss, but ended up slightly frustrated. Then he found out Dean's game. "Extortion? Lovely." He went after Dean's mouth again. skimming it with his own, and failing to gain entrance. "How badly do you want to see them?" he asked, rubbing both thumbs along the indentation of muscle from Dean's hips to his lower abs. "Mmm? What are you offering?"

"Want to see them, want to run my tongue along them," Dean said huskily. He wanted that risk Spike had talked about, wanting to push the envelope. Running a finger down Spike's chest and circling his nipple with it, he looked back up. "You want an offer? The last bargain I struck turned out pretty crappy." That, he knew, was the understatement of all time. He met Spike's gaze square on. "All right, how's this for an offer. When you're fucking me, when we come, you get to bite me. You get to taste my blood as you're cumming your brains out inside of me."

Spike would come right now if the hunter kept talking like that. He gripped Dean's sides and pulled him down closer. Tipping his head back, he thought of Dean's sweet blood gushing into his mouth. A soft groan left him as his teeth elongated. It felt strange to him too, this was different. Putting his finger in his mouth, he realized his teeth were mostly straight with wickedly sharp fangs. "Satisfied?" he asked, his finger still in his mouth and his gaze challenging the hunter.

"Not yet," Dean said and pulled Spike's finger from his mouth. He kissed Spike slowly, carefully, and ran his tongue along those wicked fangs, cautiously investigating the front of them, the back of them, investigating how Spike's human teeth behind them blended into the fangs, and ran his tongue along the gumline where the teeth came from. It was strange and different and he couldn't believe just how sharp those fangs were. He wondered how much it would hurt when Spike bit him. He broke off the kiss. "Ok. Now I'm satisfied." he said finally.

"Let me see yours," Spike said, moving his hand up Dean's chest to his mouth, smiling as he plunged his middle finger inside. "Suck it, it's good practice."
He'd expected Dean to knock his hand away. Instead, the hunter sucked hard, his lips wrapping tightly around his finger and sending a jolt of heat straight to Spike's cock. "Now you've done it," he said, making it sound like a threat as he raised his hips, making sure Dean didn't miss the effect his actions had on him.

Feeling Spike's growing arousal against his ass, Dean finally released Spike's finger. "And I thought I was horny all the time. I think you're like a cat in heat." Dean began running his hands over Spike's chest, along his sides, up his arms. "Giving you a blow job," Dean shook his head, "kinda makes me nervous. Not had good experiences on my end of it."

He stopped straddling Spike and moved to his side and began kissing Spike's chest, licking and nipping, twisting a nipple now and again. "If I get down there and can't do it, I'll jack you off. Just know," he straightened a little and looked into Spike's eyes, hoping Spike understood, "that I'm not trying to tease you intentionally like that." He ran his fingers alongside Spike's face, drawing one finger along Spike's cheekbone. "Never thought I'd call a guy beautiful. But you are."

The sensation of Dean's mouth moving over his chest had Spike groaning, a shudder running through him when Dean played rough with his nipple. He listened, looking up into Dean's eyes as he explained, then stilled at the unexpected compliment. Turning his head to the side, he pressed his cheek against Dean's finger and smiled. "Pretty and beautiful, we make a grand pair." He sat up suddenly. "You can blow me some other time, when you're ready. Right now, hunger is riding me like the bitch that she is," he said, his eyes roving over Dean's face and chest the way a predator would watch his prey. "I'm gong to taste you. Then I'm going to fuck you, in that order."

The look in Spike's eyes was almost unnerving. Risk. He knew if he told Spike 'no' that Spike would stop. Knowing that, he returned Spike's predatory gaze with one of his own, telling Spike plainly that he wasn't prey, that he was Spike's equal.

Sliding off the bed, Spike gripped Dean's thighs and pulled him over to the edge, with his legs hanging off the bed on either side of Spike's body. He was kneeling, same as he'd been when he'd been undressing Dean, only now, every inch of Dean's sun kissed skin was bare and there for him to touch, to kiss and to taste. Extending his tongue, he licked first across Dean's lips, then down their center, to his throat, where he lingered over Dean's pulse point. Bite him as he came... the invitation was fresh in Spike's mind. He flashed his fangs for the hunter to see, before he forced himself to move lower, kissing and scraping his fangs along Dean's flesh.

Dean felt Spike's pause at his neck. Had he been stupid to offer Spike the opportunity to bite him? Maybe, but if he was going to do it with a vampire, he wanted it all. Why he had faith that Spike wouldn't kill him, he couldn't say, except that Spike had proven himself trustworthy again and again. This was showing Spike the ultimate trust and he knew it.

After seeing that mouthful of teeth then feeling them along his chest and stomach sent a thrill through Dean that he didn't expect. Adrenalin surged into his bloodstream and he felt like he was on a hunt but at the same time it was that thrill after the hunt, after he defeated whatever it was he was after, and the one thing on his mind was getting laid. It was the best of both worlds wrapped up in that moment. His heart pounded so hard he was sure Spike had to hear it, hear the blood rushing through his veins even as his breath began to come in pants as Spike's teeth and tongue and lips roved over him. He groaned softly at the feel and the thrill, digging his fingers into the sheets.

The sudden surge of Dean's arousal almost sent Spike into a tailspin. He'd instinctively known Dean would like this game, but he'd had no clue how much, or how much it would affect him. It wasn't very often that he had to concentrate so hard to reel in the predator in him, to keep it under control. But somehow, Dean pushed both his protective and destructive buttons, sometimes all at once, forcing Spike to fight internal battles he hadn't had to in years. Squeezing his eyes shut, he retracted his fangs for a moment, licking his way back up to Dean's nipple and sucking on it hard as he tried to conquer the images in his head, of rivulets of blood running down Dean's throat as he fucked him, of Dean's heart fighting him as he took his life blood and came hard inside the hunter.
A fraction of a minute felt like years. By the time he lifted his head, Spike found he'd left a scarlet bruise. Kissing, skimming his mouth much more gently over Dean's abused nipple, he started to move over his chest and stomach again. By the time he reached Dean's side, his fangs were back but this time he wasn't taken by surprise at Dean's reaction, and kept a tight control over his own. He teased and played with Dean, but when he sensed the hunter was getting used to this, he pressed his teeth hard against his flesh, hard enough that at a different angle, Dean would be bleeding just about now. Groaning at the thought, he caressed every inch of the hunter's body.

Dean fisted his hands in the sheets as Spike worked on him, gave him a hickey that he knew damned well was going to hurt the next day, and licked and kissed him in ways he wasn't sure he had ever had done to him before. He had experienced a lot of pleasure giving through the years but this, this was somehow different. There was an intensity, a desire, something in Spike's ways of caressing him.

When Spike all but dug his teeth in, Dean arched and cried out in surprise. He could tell Spike hadn't actually bit him, but the way it sent blood straight to his cock, it definitely had its effect on him. As Spike touched him, a part of him was confused. Sex was painful, either for the giver or the taker. He struggled to remember back those forty plus years ago, when it being painful was never part of the equation. His time with the 'bar wench' had been pleasurable for them both, but Dean kept anticipating something happening, something changing.

Was that was made this so intense? The cross between the tender touches and the lingering threat of pain, like a melding of his two past lives? Pleasure, pain and risk. Yes, this is what he craved, what Spike was offering him. He looked down at Spike, at the way Spike's tongue danced across his flesh, at seeing those sharp fangs scrape across him.

He practically growled with desire. Spike was tasting him, making him writhe, but he wanted that chance to do the same. He reached with two fingers under Spike's chin and pulled lightly so their eyes met. Spike's teeth were showing and it sent fire straight through him. He jerked his head back a little. "C'm'ere. I wanna kiss you," Dean said.

I want to be inside you. If it had been anything less than a demand, Spike would have ignored it. But the intensity in Dean's eyes and tone were like a flame that Spike was drawn to like a moth. Crawling up Dean's body, he muttered, "Don't cut yourself or it will be over." He meant any games he had left in him, because the taste of Dean's blood would drive him to take Dean right there, of that he was sure. Maybe that was why he hadn't given in to the temptation of making a razor thin cut over the hunter's hip. Slanting his mouth over Dean's, he used his tongue to protect Dean's until he retracted his fangs and allowed himself to fall into the kiss. So bleeding hot... hotter than he'd ever imagined, and they hadn't even gotten to the fucking yet.

Dean almost got so lost in the heated kiss he forgot why he had wanted Spike up there in the first place. Then he remembered. With a sudden twist of his hips and shove from his shoulder, he was on top of Spike.

"My turn," he whispered in the vampire's ear. He bit hard on the vampire's neck, knowing it had to be a sensitive if not erotic place for him. Deciding to test his theory, he sucked on Spike's neck, grinning as Spike arched, throwing his head back and cursing. Dean's hands were all over Spike, running up and down his arched spine, touching along his hips and sides, running up his chest and through his hair. He ground his rock hard arousal against Spike's and knew Spike wouldn't be able to take too much of this. He wasn't sure he could either, but he needed to do this, and wanted to do this.

He sucked his way over to Spike's adam's apple, pleased to see you could give a hickey to a vampire. He didn't expect it to stay long, they healed so damned fast, but it was a brilliant red mark for the moment. He bit his way down Spike's breastbone, both hands working the vampire's nipples. When he reached Spike's belly button, he began tongue fucking it and loving every sound he pulled out Spike. Sounds of pleasure coming from a man, a man he wanted to draw those sounds from, it was a new experience for him. He groaned in response as he finally slid his arms under the small of Spike's back and lifted as he sucked and bit at Spike's flesh and tongued his navel repeatedly.

Sensations came at Spike from all sides, from the moment their positions were reversed and his legs were dangling off the bed, to when Dean's mouth was at his throat doing things he wouldn't expect from a human, at least not as roughly as Dean was sucking and biting him, to being forced to arch up off the mattress as Dean teased the sensitive areas of his belly. A red haze of lust clouded Spike's vision, moans and oaths escaping him as he shuddered and writhed with pleasure.

Dean looked up through his long eyelashes at Spike. "All yours," he said and released Spike, licking his lips with satisfaction.

Blinking, Spike demanded, "You sure you're not the vampire?" Noting the hunter's smug smile but not allowing him time to answer, Spike reversed their positions again. "Want you so bad. It's your bloody fault you're not getting a blow job," he said. Kissing him, Spike moved directly down the center of Dean's body, hands splayed open and following the trail of his mouth. He lathed Dean's cock with his wet tongue, circling over his shaft a few times before rocking back and pulling his thighs open wide. The sight of Dean's hole had the vampire groaning, both with need and the knowledge he couldn't just take Dean.

Dean shuddered with pleasure when Spike ran his tongue around his leaking cock. "Ungh...Spike," he groaned. "Not my're a horndog," he panted. "And a fucking tease," Dean complained as Spike's tongue left him and he gave a futile thrust to get pressure back on his cock. "Sonuvabitch," he swore.

Pushing up, Spike cursed all the way to the bathroom. Picking up a few of the tiny bottles, he cursed some more, tossed a few aside and returned with the lotion. He was so hard and heavy that it was no wonder he was muttering complaints about Dean's all too human genes and the bloody ramifications of his having played 'baby vampire.' Eyes burning with heat, he opened the bottle and got down on his knees to prepare Dean.

"You're gonna get to bite. Wanted my chance too," Dean said. "There's lube in my pack...Fuck, out in the car," he swore.

Dean was not accustomed to being prepared for a dick being shoved up his ass and Spike's bitching ministrations would have made him smile if he weren't so needy. He was also sore and knew he probably had injured himself in the vampire's nest when he shoved back on Spike's cock. He was used to pain during a fucking so it didn't really concern him. He was definitely more interested in re-experiencing the feelings of pleasure Spike had wrung out of him during their forced copulation.

"Relax." Spike grit his teeth, trying to be patient as he worked some of the lotion inside Dean's tight hole. Instead of loosening up, he felt Dean squeeze around his finger and looked up at him. The brave, determined look on the hunter's face helped curb Spike's impatience. "Let me in and I will take you to heaven, I swear it." Dipping his head down, he used his free hand to push Dean's leg, showing the hunter that he wanted him to pull his knees up to his chest to give him better access. Spearing his tongue, he started to work it inside Dean along side his half-inserted finger. Ignoring the bitter taste of the lotion, he worked more of it and his spit inside Dean, moving his tongue in and out as he pressed his finger inside all of the way.

Dean winced at Spike's invasion, then almost began laughing at the irony of Spike taking him to heaven when the only place he had ever really been fucked by a guy was in Hell. He pulled his legs up as Spike told him to and felt horribly exposed and vulnerable.
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