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Miracle Girl

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Miracle Girl". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Where there is the Destroyer there is the Scourge. Darla had more then one baby, twins. What can happen now? And is Angel able to handle a daughter who takes after him in more then just appearance? How will things play out with Connor and..

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Angel InvestigationsLilyErisCullenFR1828,6000592829 Jan 111 Feb 11No

Chapter One: Lullaby

A/N: So here is the first chapter. I am almost finished with the second chapter so I'll get that up soon. I have fanart posted up as well, so go check that out if you haven't already. On another note I do not own Angel or Buffy - they belong to Joss. I will never own them as much as I wish I did, but I do own Katherine. So no Katherine swiping! Now on to the story!

Miracle Girl

Chapter 1: Lullaby

June 17th 2002:

Darla is standing on top of a building looking over the city below, her hands cradling her pregnant belly. The world was such a complicated place. So much evil lived in it, so much more then she remembered when she herself was human. She sighs, letting a tear fall as she realizes what she is letting her child come into, what is going to happen to her. She won't be able to love him the way she should, love her the way she should. Closing her eyes she opened them and looks behind her from the peripheral of her vision. She knew he stood behind her and she wasn't surprised to see her boy.

"You always did love a view." Darla smiles despite herself and chuckles.

Shaking her head Darla speaks, her eyes sad. "Look at it. Listen to it. Can you smell it? This world. This horrible world. Why would anyone want to bring a baby into it?" Angel looks at his sire in slight shock. He had never really known her to speak of such things in such kindness for lake of better word. She had never been concerned with the way the world was drowning in the monsters and evil, they used to be the evil.

"To make it better, maybe?" he suggested.

"Or to destroy it finally." Angel sighs, put out by the words she spoke. He didn't know if he was really expecting anything less from Darla.

"Why is it everyone insists on planning my children's future before he's even born?" he asks. Darla turns and walks past where Angel is standing, rolling her eyes as she goes.

"Alright then, how's this? It doesn't have a future. Not with me." The words shock Angel and hurt Darla more then she wants to admit. The chance that she could never be in her babies future, to help guide them but she knows. Even if her sweet Angel doesn't understand she knows once these babies leave she won't be able to love them. She'll only be able to kill them. Angel follows her, stunned by her admission.

"Darla..." he trails off, interrupted by Darla.

"Angel, I can't have this baby," Darla says, turning around and looked up into his brown eyes. She hopes one of her children have those eyes, but at the same time she doesn't. She remembers what those eyes were like when he was Angelus and though she is only living with her childrens soul she doesn't want to think of them becoming like that.


"I can't let it out. I-I can't."

Angel shakes his head, slightly amused. He responds, grinning. "Okay, not sure you have a lot of choice in the matter..." Darla shakes her head and cuts her childe's speech off.

"Look, I know. They wants to come out. I can feel it. their ready. It's just - I can't let it. I can't let because... because..." she trails off, looking anywhere but into his eyes.

"You love them," Angel says, slightly shocked by the revelation. He had never though his sire could love anything, but it seemed she was proving him wrong once again. Darla smiled, rubbing her belly and nodded.

"Completely. I love them completely. I-I-I don't think I've ever loved anything as much as this life that's inside of me," she admitted.

"Well - you've never loved anything, Darla." Darla snorted, not even bothering to sound lady like.

"That's true. Four hundred years and I never did - till now. - I don't know what to do." Her eyes teared over but she shook it off.

"Well, you-you'll do the only thing that you can do. - You'll have it. You'll have it and then..." Angel trailed off, looking into the bright baby blue eyes of Darla.

"What? We'll raise it?" she asked a sardonic smile plastered on her face. He sighed, he knew that smile and her nodded nonetheless.

"Why not?" he asked.

"It's impossible." He would find out soon enough, she reasoned. Angel looked at the woman who made him and blinked wondering what she was getting at.

"This whole thing is impossible, Darla, but it's happening." he reminded her.

"What do I have to offer a child, a human child, besides ugly death?" she asked, shaking her head.


"You know it's true," she spat back looking into his dark eyes. For once in a over fifty years – as she had lost count of the exact number since Angelus had gotten his soul back – she regretted ever sending him away. He had come to her and she kicked him away, like a bag of trash. Maybe it was her children soul talking – and she was sure it was – but she liked this version of her boy. She would miss him. For once she would miss Angel.

"No. What I do know is that you love these baby, our babies. You've bonded with it. You've spent nine months carrying them, nourishing them..." he argued.

Darla shook her head and responded. "No. No, I haven't been nourishing it. I haven't given these babies a thing. I'm dead. It's been nourishing me. These feelings that I'm having, they're not mine. They're coming from them."

"You don't know that!" Angel said. Inside though he knew there was some truth in what she said. Darla laughed bitterly.

"Of course I do! We both do. Angel, I don't have a soul. they do. And right now that soul is inside of me, but soon, it won't be and then..." she shook her head as she trailed off.


"I won't be able to love it. I won't even be able to remember that I loved it -" Darla starts to cry as she tries to deny the truth. "- I want to remember." Angel pulls her against him.

"Shh..." Angel closes his eyes as he holds a crying Darla. Darla sniffles and pulled back some and looking up into her childe's eyes she lets all her emotions show through her eyes. For once Angel is shocked to see no deception, only real emotion from the woman.

"I'm sorry, for everything," she whispered, and Angel smiled. He nodded and kissed her forehead. It was a show of emotion that he didn't remember ever passing through them in the past.

"Katherine." Angel looked down at the blonde confused.

"What?" he asked.

"Katherine, for the girl. I want to name her Katherine, can call her Kitty," Darla told him, her voice slightly weak. Angel smiled, it was a Irish name, a good strong one as well. It was a form of his sisters name and he liked the nickname since he didn't think he'd be able to call his daughter his sisters name. Especially since he had killed his sister so cruelly.

"Is there a special reason?" he asked. Darla blinked and nodded, almost hesitantly.

"Yes, I think Katherine was my real name. Its been so long, but when I saw the name or hear it I get feelings. It might have been a form of Katherine; Katherina, Katrina, Katerina...I'm not sure. I want the name to live on," she told him. He was shocked but nodded none the less. His mind made up, his daughter would be called Katherine Anne.


Lorne stared at Cordelia in surprise and shock. Shaking his head he yelled. "Here? She wants to have it here? Well, that's just a terrible idea. Can't you see I'm working my tush off trying to get ready for a grand re-opening? -" He turns and To a girl carrying a big jar. " - Uh, ah, Gorsh entrails behind the bar next to the Maraschinos. I can't have baby here! I just had the booth simonized." he complains. Cordelia sighs and nods.

"Lorne, what do you want us to do? Tell Angel and Darla that they're not welcome here?" she asks.

"No. No, of course not. Caritas is and will always be a Sanctuary. That is if some people ever finish the work they promised to have done three days ago. How's the job coming, Arnie?" he yells back behind him.

"I think we'll have up on her feet by the time you open tomorrow night."

"New security system?" Gunn asks, from Cordelia's side. Lorne turns back around and nods.

"Yeah, routes the new sanctuary spells together to prevent both human and demon violence, Creating a totally carnage free Caritas," he explains.

"But, ah, balancing that interspecies flux, a little trickier than I expected." Lorne takes the leaflet Arnie is working from away from him.

"Uh-huh. That's not the only thing that's tricky around here. You hum while you work." Lorne snaps.

"Yeah, so?" Arnie asks.

"So? I just read you, buster! Which connection are you leaving unconnected to milk this job?"

"You're questioning my work ethic?"

Lorne rolls his eyes and shakes his head before replying. "No, I'm firing you! Get out. Out. Git. Go on." Lorne pushes Arnie towards the door.

"Hey, I'm union. You got to pay me for the full day."

"Out. I'll finish this myself. How hard could this be?" Lorne opens the leaflet, and Cordy and Gunn look at each other and sigh.


Angel and Darla are standing beside each other on the rooftop, each facing a different way. They had finally calmed down, or Darla had at any rate. She still had a bit of red around her eyes from her tears but other then that she was fine. She licked her lips before speaking.

"You won't let me hurt them, will you? You'll protect them, right? From me, I mean." Angel turns to answer his sire but before he can his cell phone rings and he answers it. Darla turning to look at him.

"Yeah." he states, looking at the mother of his children. It was a odd thought he never thought this could happen to him. Children, much less with Darla.

"We found a place," Wes says from the other end and Angel perks up.

"Is it safe?" he asks. Wes looks over at the host working on the equipment from where he is and shakes his head but not in disapproval just contentment.

"I'm sure by the time you get here it'll be safe as houses," Wesley replies.

"Okay. Try that." He hears Lorne in the background. Fred sighs and give Gunn a slight slap across the face.

"Nope, still not working."

"Okay. Ah. - Try it now." Fred slaps Gunn again.

"No!" Angel sighs from his end and turns sharply as Darla hunches over and leans against a post.

"Hey - Darla? We should - get going. I feel a storm coming. You okay? Another contraction?" Angel asks.

"No. It's something else." she says.


Wesley is pacing. Gunn is sitting in front of the bar, playing his gameboy. Cordy is sitting on a stool behind him, reading a magazine. Fred is sitting beside Lorne reading the leaflet, while Lorne is still messing with whatever magic-machine Arnie was installing.

"Okay. Okay. I'm convinced I got it this time!" Lorne comments, a satisfied look on his face. Cordy sighs and smacks the back of Gunn's head.

"Ow!" Lorne scowls and takes the leaflet away from Fred

"Let me see that," he demands. Angel supports Darla as he's leading her down the stairs into Caritas.

"Just a few more steps. That's it. Okay. All right." Wesley walks over to them.

Angel looks up and speaks. "Guys. A chair. Chair." Wesley pulls a chair out for Darla.

"Jeez, what happened?" Gunn asks. Angel helps Darla into the chair as gently as he can.

"Easy," he says to her.

"Thanks." Gunn looks from Angel to Wesley. Angel motions with his head to the corner of the room and he and Wes walk away.

"You're welcome," Cordelia says to Darla, sending a disapproving look at Angel.

"You gave us quite a scare. - But - I guess you're used to that, what with being a scary thing and all," Fred said, almost nervously. thunder rumbling outside. Darla looks up and sighs.

"Yeah. I'm sorry about that. I don't know what got into me." Darla starts to laugh quietly to herself as she looks down at her belly.

"She's in a lot of pain," Angel says, quietly.

"How frequent are the contractions?" Wesley asks. Angel shrugs, thinking before replying.

"It's been... I don't know, maybe an hour?"

"An hour? She was well into the active stage of labor. I don't understand," Wesley states, shocked.

"I don't either. She just - stopped having them."

"But the pain she's experiencing?"

Angel looks over at said woman and sighs.

"She says she's experiencing something else," he answers.

"That's worrying," Wesley whispers. Nodding Angel thinks about what he discussed with Darla on the roof. Darla suddenly hunches over with a moan of pain.

"Angel!" Cordy yells and Angel's head snaps up and he hurries to her side.

"Darla?" he asks.

"Angel!" she moans in pain.

"Let's get her into my bedroom. Come on," Lorne says. He and Angel help her up and lead her away.

"Easy. Easy now. Come on, sweetheart. We'll get you right in there," Lorne says, trying to ease Darla of her pain and fear. Fred looks down at the chair Darla was sitting on as notices a little puddle of dark blood on the seat. She breaths in shocked and puts a hand over her mouth.


"It's time to get to work," Sahjhan says. Holtz looks beside him and then turns back in front of him as he stares ahead.

"You found him then?" he asks. Sahjhan nods

"Tell him."

"Don't forget what we discussed," Arnie says as he looks at the two nervously. Sahjhan glares but nods.

"You'll get your money," he replies.

"I've heard that one before. You know, I've got mouths to feed. Plus a family. Some of them have mouths, too."

"Just tell him what you heard!" Sahjhan yelled. Arnie's eyes light up and he mimics Cordy.

"Lorne, what do you want us to do? Tell Angel and Darla they're not welcome here?" He stops for a moment and mimics Lorne) "No, of course not. Caritas is and always will be a sanctuary." Holtz looks at the demon and sneers but nods. So they were at Caritas, that would be where they would die.


Angel waits at the door as Wes and Fred check on Darla who is lying in Lorne's bed, then walk over to him.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Angel asks.

"She's tough as nails," Wesley answers him.

"And immortal, so that's, you know, in her favor - health wise," Fred admits.

"What about the baby?" Wes glances back at Darla, then walks out of the room. Angel follows him. Darla lifts her head and watches them leave.

"What? What is it?" he asks.

"Angel, I think you need to prepare yourself for the worst," Wesley says.

Angel shakes his head, looking back towards the room where Darla lays.


"The babies heartbeats is faint. Very faint," Wesley says, giving a stern yet serious and sad look to his friend.

"What do we do?"

"I'm not sure there is anything we can do. Darla's body - it's not a life-giving vessel. I don't know that it's equipped to do what it needs to do in order to bring a baby to term."

"So-so, what-what are you saying? We just let them die?" Angel asks.

"Ah, what about a c-section?" Cordelia asks. Fred shakes her head sad.

"Normally that's exactly what we'd do in this instance, but... the mystical forces that's been protecting the pregnancy..." Fred trails off as thunder rumbles outside.

" gonna end up killing them," Angel finishes for her.

"That's my fear," Wes admits. Angel sighs, and rubs his eyes

"This doesn't make any sense. I mean, this whole thing has been a miracle, right? You don't just get half a miracle, do you? - I mean, the powers - they brought her this far, they protected the baby all this time..." Angel argues trying to find a gray area. A way to save his children and even Darla if he could.

"We don't know that. We don't know that it's the powers that's been protecting it. Angel, I'm sorry, but what if what Darla's carrying is the thing in the prophecies? That scourge of mankind that's supposed to plunge the world into ultimate darkness? - What if - what if what's happening to Darla now, what if that's the powers? Finally stepping up to the plate and doing something for once!" Gunn argues. Angel staring straight ahead.

"How? By killing my kids?" Angel walks towards Lorne's bedroom.

"Do you always have to be so damned honest?" Cordelia asks Gunn. Cordy reaches out to slap Gunn on the arm, but her hand is repelled by a by blue force field.

"What? Hey! Hey, it-it worked! I fixed it!" Lorne cheers, but the others continue to look glum.

"Ah, yay, me?" he asks, before shrugging.

Angel stands in the doorway of Lorne's bedroom and looks at Darla for a moment before walking over and sitting down on a chair beside the bed. Darla stirs, opens her eyes and looks at him.

"Hi. How 're you doing?"

"They've finally stopped kicking."

"Did they," he says, slightly worried. He leans forward and lays one hand on Darla's belly.

"I guess they figured they finally got your attention. - You called them a they - " With a slight smile at Darla he continues. " - I think that's the first time you've ever done that." Darla smiles but it fades and she lowers her head and looks at her round belly.

"They're dying, at least he is. I don't know about Kitty but I think she is more like us then he is. She doesn't seem to be dying at least not at the moment -" Angel's smile melts away, but he refuses to look away from her. "- Isn't he?" she asks about the boy and Angel wonders how and what she means about their daughter. He knew they were probably part vampire. So he could only assume her motherly bond let her know that their daughter had more of a vampire side then her brother. It made him a bit worried but he knew in the end everything would work out, at least he hoped it did.

"No." Darla looked at him and smirked, shaking her head.

"You lied much better when you didn't have a soul. - I can feel the life slipping away from me," she admitted.

"Then don't let it. You have to fight for this. - Please."

"I don't know how. My boy." She strokes her belly. "My darling boy. - I told you I had nothing to offer this kid. Some mother, can't even offer it life," she says, tears in her blue eyes.


In a back alley lit by Chinese lanterns; Angel breaks through into it from Lorne's bedroom. Wooden shards fly as he enlarges the opening. Cordy steps through it, followed by Wes, Fred, Gunn and Lorne. Then Angel half carries Darla through it

"No. No. Go on. I can't. It doesn't matter anyway," she mutters.

"I'm not leaving you, alright? Easy. Alright," he says and pulls out his keys and tosses them towards the others.

"Go get my car. It's out front." He lowers Darla to the ground and crouches down beside her.

"I got you," he tells her, smiling and pushing some of her blonde hair back. Cordy makes move to join him.

"Go!" he yells. All of them turn and hurry off; Lorne is holding to pieces of cardboard over his head to keep some of the rain off himself, but after a few steps Fred stops and runs back to crouch beside Angel and Darla.

"Fred, go with them," Angel told her. Fred shakes her head and smiles.

"It's okay. They'll come back for us."Angel sighs but takes off his jacket and slings it around Fred's shoulders.

"You're gonna be okay," Angel says, looking into Darla's eyes. Darla smiles and laughs almost biterrly.

"No. No, I don't think so. Once he's gone, I won't be okay. I won't be okay at all. - I don't know what I'll be. - Angel... Our babies are gonna die right here in this alley. - You died in an alley, remember?" she cries.

"I remember."

"I wanna say I'm sorry. I wanna say it and mean it, but - I can't. - Aren't you gonna tell me it's okay?"


Darla looks at him and then snorts and nods.

"No? It's really not, is it? We did so many terrible things together. So much destruction, so much - pain. - We can't make up for any of it. You know that, don't you?" she asks.

"Yeah," he admits after a moment.

"These children - Angel, it's the one good thing we ever did together." Angel lifts Darla's hand between both of his and pressed it against his lips.

"The only good thing." Angel buries his face in his hands, still holding onto Darla's, and takes a sobbing breath Darla smiles and lets tears wash over her face as she chuckles to herself.

"You make sure to tell them that," Darla says before holding one of the splinters of wood and buries it in her chest, gasping. Angel lifts his head and stares as Darla turns to dust. Where Darla was there is now two naked human infants lying in the rain, crying. Angel carefully gathers up the babies and smiles at them realizing that the one that landed closest to him, Katherine was most likely the oldest. Holtz steps through the hole in Lorne's wall into the alley. Lifts the crossbow and aims it at Angel as Angel slowly stands up, cradling the crying infants.

Fred hands Angel's jacket back to him and he wraps it around the infants, thankfully they are both rather small. Holtz is watching them over his crossbow. Angel slowly turns his head and sees Holtz. For a moment they just look at each other. A Grapplar appears at the mouth of the alley behind. Angel looks from it to the babies - that has quieted down - to Holtz. Angel's car pulls up behind two Grapplars at the other end of the alley and Wes gets out. Holtz slowly lowers his crossbow, still looking at Angel cradling the infant against his chest. After a moment Angel slowly walks past Holtz, Fred clinging to his right arm. Holtz watches as Angel and Fred pass between the two Grapplars.

"Do it! Now's your chance. Do it! Finish it while you still can! You can't just let him walk away! Not now! Not after what you swore to me!" Sahjhan yells. Holtz watches as Fred and Angel get into the car, and turns to glare at Sahjhan before glaring at the retreating car.

"I swore that I would show no mercy. And I won't."


A/N: So what do you all think? This story has been in my head for a while now. Anyways this is pretty much a rewrite of Season three onwards with the AU reality that Connor has a sister. She is different from Connor as Holtz wont be as kind to her as he is to Connor. I can't give much away about Katherine or Kitty or Angelis as Holtz renames her. Also to get this out of the way, Angelis is pronounced AN - jell - iss and is the feminine form of Angelus. I will ask if anyone wants someone other then Cordy to be possessed and have Jasmine? It can't be Kitty though. I probably won't wonder too far from canon there though. I just always found the Cordy/Connor thing kind of creepy, especially after it was revealed she was evil. Anyways R&R please!
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