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Buffy Turner

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Summary: Will Turner has a twin sister. My version of the Movie. Buffy/Jack Will/Elizabeth Repost.

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Turners, Sparrows, and a Future

This is the final chapter and I hope you all enjoy it. I;m working on the sequel but it is a slow process.



            It seemed Jack's luck had finally run out. He stood before the noose that would be his death. His only thought on the fact was that he would never have the chance to take Buffy as his wife. Had he been paying attention he would had have seen that Buffy was in the audience.

"Jack Sparrow, be it known that you…"

"Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow." Sparrow said slightly annoyed the sound of the drums getting on his nerves.

Jack never noticed the other figure that moved through the crowd. Will Turner moved as close as he could in his red cape and hat, keeping his identity unknown until the last possible second.

"Said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature. The most egregious of these to be cited herewith; piracy, smuggling…"

Elizabeth watched shaking her head at what was happening before her.

"This is wrong."

"Commodore Norrington is bound by the law," said Governor Swann. "As are we all."

The charges continued and Jack smiled at some of them. Both Will and Buffy noticed the parrot that had went on one of the guards. Will moved toward Governor Swann and Norrington hoping to persuade them one last time.

"Governor Swann. Commodore. Elizabeth. I should have told you every day from the moment I met you. I love you."

The Commodore and Governor looked at Elizabeth who was staring at Will. Will turned and made his way quickly through the crowd. The hangman put the noose around Jack's neck. Will is pushing his way through the crowd not caring whom he knocks over. The hangman pulled the lever and Jack felt the slip from beneath his feet. Buffy made her move and quickly threw her sword which land far enough up for Jack to balance on. She raised her head for him to see her. Will runs up the stairs and begins fighting with the hangman while Buffy starts on the first round of guards with her extra sword. She kept them at bay. Seconds later, she heard the sound of Jack's feet hitting the ground followed by Will, who sent the hangman into Norrington. Will and Jack took the ends of the rope and clothesline three guards.

"Nice guys."

Buffy said as they reversed coming her way. Will blocked a hit and then he and Jack advanced. Dropping the rope, the three of them began fighting back to back and they were surrounded by way too many guards.

"I thought we might endure some ill-conceived escape attempt." Norrington said making his to the front of the guards. "But not from you two."

"On our return to Port Royal's I granted you both clemency." Governor Swann said coming up behind the Commodore. "And this is how you thank me? By throwing in your lot with him? He's a pirate."

"And a good man." Will spoke. Buffy took Jack's hand. "If all we have achieved is the hangman will earn three pairs of boots instead of one, so be it. Our conscience will be clear."

"You forget your place, Turner." Norrington said.

"No, we haven't. My place is here beside Jack and that's right where it will always be. You can't help who you fall in love with. I love Captain Jack Sparrow and my place is here." Buffy said leaning closer to Jack as Elizabeth comes to stand with Will.

"As is mine." Elizabeth took Will's hand.

"Elizabeth!" The Governor spoke. "Lower your weapons. For goodness sake put them down!" They lowered their weapons.

"So this is where your heart truly lies, then?" Norrington asked.

"It is."

Elizabeth replied. It was then that Jack noticed the parrot. He nudged Buffy and she followed his eyes. She squeezed his hand tighter.

"Well! I'm actually feeling rather good about this. I think we've all arrived at a special place. I know I have." He said giving Buffy a quick kiss. They both stood in front of Will and Elizabeth.

"I'm going to miss you both. Take care of him Elizabeth. I wish I could be here for the wedding."

Buffy said as she hugged Elizabeth. In the event that she would have to leave quickly with Jack, she had said her good-byes already to her father and Will.

"So do I."

"I only ask that you don't hurt her Jack." Will said shaking Jack's hand.

"Never mate." With that, they ran for the steps. "And Will nice hat."

Will had to smile at that as the two stood on the edge of the wall. Jack looked over at Buffy.

"Are you sure?" She nodded. They turned to face the soldiers. "This is the day that you will always remember as the day that… you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow and his wife to be."

At that, they both fell off the wall. Will and Elizabeth ran to the wall to see if the two had made it.

"Idiots. They have nowhere to go but back to the noose." One of the soldiers said.

Jack and Buffy both broke through the surface.

"Sail ho!" Someone cried.


            Buffy and Jack smiled as they started swimming toward the ship. As they got closer, a rope was thrown out. Jack took Buffy in his arms and kissed her as they were being pulled aboard. The two shot into the air and land in a heap. They both sat up smiling.

"Thought you were supposed to keep to the Code," said Jack to Gibbs.

"We figured they were more actual guidelines." Gibbs offered his hand to Jack as One-Eye Harris helped Buffy up. "Welcome back miss."

They gave Jack his hat and gave both of them something to wrap up in.

"The Black Pearl is yours." Anamaria said.

"My love. Shall we?"

Jack offered her his hand together they took the helm. He touched the wheel of the Pearl relishing that he had his ship back.

"On deck, you scabrous dogs! Hands to Braces! Let down and Haul to run free! Now bring me that horizon."

Buffy looked toward the cliffs and could see Will and Elizabeth watching the ship. She turned and waved good-bye.

"You can still go back luv."

"Just saying good-bye. Are you trying to get rid of me Captain my Captain? My place is right here by your side, if you'll have me?"

"Always my luv. Always."



Buffy Summers and her two best friends Willow Rosenburg and Xander Harris were sitting in the school library working on their family tree for history class. Rupert Giles the school librarian came out of his office.

"How are the family trees coming along?" He asked still looking at his book.

"Great! For once, I'm done early." Buffy told him. "What are you reading?"

"An interesting set of pirate stories written by Willa Sparrow, but based on telling by her mother Elizabeth Turner-Sparrow."

"Did you say Elizabeth and Willa Sparrow? Those are my ancestors. Look here." Buffy showed the others her family tree. "I've traced it as far back as a pirate named William "Bootstrap" Turner who had two children William and Elizabeth. She married a pirate named Jack Sparrow and they had a child named Willa. Apparently I come from a long line of pirates."

"You should read this Buffy. It's quite interesting to see what your ancestors went through. This book arrived two days ago and I haven't been able to put it down."

Giles handed Buffy the book. What happened next had been totally unexpected. The book began to glow and then emitted a bright light that blinded everyone. When the light cleared Buffy had vanished and the book remained on the table.



I know I left it at a cliff hanging ending, but that will be where the sequel picks up. I am still working on the sequel so there is still one planned. Just bare with me.


The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy Turner". This story is complete.

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