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Chaotic Halloween

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Summary: Another AU Halloween where certain changes are made that affect not only those in Sunnydale but also around the world.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsHonorSkywalkerFR1812,489051,44330 Jan 1130 Jan 11No
Right now hopefully third times the charm as this is the third time I am attempting to type this out without something going wrong.

The last time I had just finished the second draft before my laptop died.

Oh Well.

So anyways this is how this story is going to go.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy characters, mores the pity.

Summary: Buffy accidentally instigates some changes that first Halloween that changes not only life in Sunnydale but also all around the world too.

A Chaotic Beginning: Part One

Buffy looks around the costume store with disinterest.

She was by herself as both Willow and Xander already knew what their costumes were going to be and were already preparing them.

Buffy wasn't interested in dressing up at all this Halloween and the only reason she was looking for a costume now was that the Nazi Troll known as Snyder was making her.

Otherwise she would have just ignored the whole thing and hopefully had a quiet night at home not worry about some big bad going to attack her.

She lived in hope.

Buffy had decided that she might have to dress up for Halloween but it doesn't have to be a great elaborate costume.

With that in mind she headed to the Bits & Bob's bin which was filled with relatively cheap odds & ends.

Maybe she could get away with only spending a few bucks .

So Buffy flickered through the bins when she came across some thing that gave her pause.

Now those brang her back.

Back to a time when she was still just a Daddy's little girl and would go to the office with him.

She would sit at the couch in the corner of his office with her coloring things spread out on the coffee table, and use them to pretend to be working just like her Daddy did.

They were good memories untarnished by any of the drama that would later strain their relationship.

Her mother still had one of the 'Business Cards' Buffy had made her, proclaiming her to be the best Mom in the World!

Looking with a strange fondness at the blank cards in her hand Buffy made a decision.

She knew exactly what she would do for Halloween.

Buying the cards and a few other small pieces Buffy left the store happier than when she had gone in it.

Now she just had to make a few more stops before going home and beginning her preparations.

Besides it was only 2 weeks before Halloween after all.

A Chaotic Beginning: Part Two: Halloween

~ Sunnydale Art Gallery: with Joyce ~

Joyce Summers made her way through the throng of guests that had arrived at her Halloween Party.

She was pleased by the turn out which was better than expected and delighted by her current company.

Rupert Giles was a charming man and she had found herself in a stimulating conversation with him about how historic art has influences a lot of the modern day arts in unexpected ways.

She was just about to offer him another glass of wine when it happened.

A wave of some kind of energy seem to wash over everyone in the room and some of the guests began changing, turning into their costumes.

Joyce herself felt her own self change, she felt stronger, fitter and healthier then before, and had gained knowledge of things that she hadn't had previously.

It was disorientating.

Looking at her companion she could see that he had undergone a transformation himself.

Then chaos rained.

Her guests had become divided into a few different groups.
* Those unaffected by the magical wave
* Those who were affected but were more neutral bystanders than anything
* Those who became demons or monsters
* Those who became the bad guys and girls
* Those who became superheroes
* Those who became the good guys and girls

Luckily the heroes and guy & girls were facing off with the trouble makers and were protecting the innocents.

Then some strange instinct kicked in and Joyce through herself into the fight with Rupert or rather Ripper as he preferred to be called by her side.

~ Sunnydale Art Gallery: with Ripper ~

When the Chaos Magic had swept through the Gallery, Rupert had recognized it for what it was straight away, although it took longer to readjust from the spells affects on his person.

But now as he joined Joyce as she fought with the same fluidity and strength of will that her daughter did he found himself fighting with a passion that he hadn't done since his Ripper days.

There was just something about her that made his blood run hot and he was hooked.

He decided to enjoy it while it lasted.

~ Streets of Sunnydale: Cordelia ~

Cordelia Chase was not a girl that had ever suffered from a lack of self confidence.

Nor was she one to take things lying down.

So when the wave of magic swept over her, she wasn't changed so much in personality as in with a new skill set and slightly in the physical sense.

In other words she suddenly gained Martial Arts skills and wasn't afraid to use them on the vampires that had the nerve to attack her and rip the classy evening gown she was wearing.

In fact the destruction of her expensive dress just drew her to a bigger fury and she took out he rage on the dead beings that had had the nerve to attack her.

They didn't stand a chance.

~ Streets of Sunnydale: Xander ~

Special Forces Officer Xander Harris adjusted to his new knowledge and skill set with a surprising ease.

He presumed that it had something to do with having previously been possessed by a Hyena Spirit and his adaptability of having lived the life he had.

Xander slipped quietly through the night and made his way to the action that he could hear nearby.

When he saw the focus of the commotion he was taken aback.

Cordelia Chase aka Queen C was totally trashing the vampires left right and center with a beautiful lethality that originally attracted him to Buffy.

And just like that the crush he had had on Cordy all those years ago was renewed with an extra oomph.

He would have just stayed there staring at her entranced seeing as she looked to be quite capable of looking after herself, but his soldier self awakened when a demon came along attracted by the same disturbance.

With his new strength and stamina he jumped the demon from behind and stabbed it in the heart with his bowie knife, stopping it in it's tracks.

Aware that he would now be noticed by the remaining vampires and Cordelia he looked up only to see other demons attempting to attack Cordelia.

The remaining Vampires had fled.

With minimal words Cordelia and Xander began working together to combat this new threat.

~ Streets of Sunnydale: Amy ~

Amy Madison was not a happy witch.

She had been taking her younger step siblings Trick or Treating when the magic had weaved itself through the streets, affecting her siblings and several other children along the street, and even herself.

She gathered a well of magic and carefully released it, separating the affected children from the others.

They were bound with magically strengthened ropes while the unaffected were rounded up to a safe place out of the way.

She could feel a confidence in her magic that she hadn't felt since she was a young girl and her mother hadn't yet gone insane.

Amy was just about to go track down the source of the magic when a bunch of demons came bounding down the street, straight to the innocents.

They made the mistake of trying to do something to her step Sib's.

No Amy Madison was not a happy witch and that was something the demons quickly learned not to mess with.

~ Streets of Sunnydale: Andrew ~

Andrew Wells was a nerd. He knew he was a nerd and at times wished he wasn't one.

But this time he was grateful of his geekish ways as he had dressed up exactly as he had wanted to for Halloween despite his brothers and so called friends denouncement.

And that choice had led to him here.

Wielding a Magic staff with a skill that he never would have previously and helping the blonde/brunette witch keep the children safe.

He shifted slightly to the left to allow a demon be flung past him by Amy and then joined her in the melee.

And as she smiled back at him in appreciation Andrew thanked the gods that he had chosen to go as a Magician this Halloween.

~ Streets of Sunnydale: Willow~

Willow Rosenberg was a shy girl for most of her life.

In fact the only reason she wasn't anti-social was because of the influence of her best friend Xander.

He had helped keep her properly socialized as her mother would put it.

She was still rather shy however, and because of this she was going to go in her usual costume as a Ghost.

But instead this time she was determined to dress as something different, something not her that everyone else knew.

And after careful consideration she had found a comfortable compromise.

Which is how she ended up here, swinging the sword around like an expert swords woman and fighting back to back with the guitarist who was using a microphone stand effectively as a staff weapon.

She quietly thanked what ever being it was that influenced her into watching old episodes of the Highlander.

She was quite fascinated not only by the Immortal Witch of Donaan Woods known as Cassandra, but also by the interesting and enigmatic figure of Methos.

Willow had gone as herself, a self who was quite capable of looking out for herself.

As she decapitated another demon she took a moment to take a quick breath.

This was surprisingly exhilarating.

~ Streets of Sunnydale: Oz ~

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne was not an expressive person.

And he was quite happy to stay that way.

So when all he gained from the spell was knowledge of other musics and Shaolin Monk training, he was quite happy about it.

Of course the fact that the shaolin training also included martial arts was a bonus he was grateful for as he twirled the mike stand in another complicated pattern.

The fact that it had led him to fighting back to back with the beautiful redhead was just the cherry on top.

~ Ethan's Costume Shop: Buffy ~

Buffy had made her way through to the back room of the store where Ethan currently knelt in front of the Idol.

She silently crept forward and rapped him on the head, knocking him unconscious.

The she lifted the Idol up and was about to throw it down to the ground in an attempt to smash it and stop the spell when it happened.

One moment she was standing in Sunnydale.

The next she was in a strange European looking place with white pillars covered with ivory surrounding a white marble top table and seats that were almost completely filled with powerful beings.

She could tell that they were powerful as she could literally feel it bathing her skin.

A male being who looked to be of Italian origin stood up and led her to the one other remaining seat.

"Greetings Slayer Buffy Summers"

"Um . . . hi?"

"I am Janus, ancient Roman god of new beginnings, more commonly known as a Gods of Chaos these days as you can tell by the use of my Idol in that chaos magicians spell."

He swept he gestured with his hand around the table.

"And these are some of my fellow Gods. We apologize for pulling you here without any warning but we needed to speak to you and this was the best time to do it."

What? Why would they need to speak to her?


"Well you see it's like this . . . "

~ Part Three: The Conclusion : The Choice ~

~ 1st of November ~ Sunnydale High Library ~

The Scooby gang plus extras were seated around the main table.

On one end sat Giles, Dawn and her mother.

They looked quite comfortable sitting there.

Giles was dressed in jeans and a jumper and actually looked quite good like that.

Her mother was also dressed casually and both looked younger and healthier than they had the day before yesterday.

To their left sat Cordelia and Xander.

The pair were sitting close to each other and actually talking respectfully to each other.

Opposite the brunettes sat Willow & Oz.

The usually bubbly red head was smiling sweetly at Oz while he just gave one of his almost smiles back, a big expression for the laconic teen.

He must really like her.

At the end of the table sat Amy and Andrew.

Now that was a surprising pairing.

The two magic users had played a big part of keeping the innocents safe last night and both had seemed to have benefited greatly from the experience.

Amy now looked happier and more sure of herself

While Andrew who was usually a bundle full of manic energy to hide his depression had almost literally lit up up from his new found confidence and peace of mind.

Buffy watched them all from where she was leaning against the doorway to the rest of the school.

And knew she had made the right choice.

No matter what was to come her chosen family would now be more better equipped to deal with it.

Looking back over her shoulder she smiled and nodded at her older self.

Yes no matter where or when they were from, Buffy Summers would never be one to follow the path set by others.

She thought it was just as well that they had been personally chosen to be a champion of the deities of Chaos.


+ Watcher
+ Magician
+ Musician
+ Fighter Pilot
+ Languages: Ancient & Modern
+ History: Ancient & Modern

+ Artist
+ Art Expert & Gallery Owner
+ Martial Arts
+ Beloved mother of Buffy & Dawn Summers

+ Actress
+ Languages
+ Martial Arts

+ Special Forces
+ Martial Arts
+ Weaponry
+ Tactics
+ Languages

+ Witch
+ Protector
+ Researcher of the Occult

+ Magic Practitioner
+ Staff fighter
+ Computer Expert
+ Researcher
+ Languages: Including Klingon

+ Swords-woman
+ Witch
+ Computer Expert
+ Languages: Ancient & Modern
+ Researcher

+ Musician
+ Shaolin Monk training

+ Herself
+ Slayer
+ Chosen of Chaos
+ Anything goes

The End

So here is the challenge: Who else could be affected by the business cards and how would that influence change them? It doesn't matter from what fandom their from or who they are, just that they are changed in anyway. Please I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

So as I mentioned before this is my third attempt to type this out.
And each time I have made changes.
Please let me know what you think.

Best Regards
Chaos is My Life aka FantasyChick

I don't own Buffy or other BTVS characters.
No specific other characters are involved just yet, although there is a small mention of Cassandra and Methis from Highlader the TV series.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chaotic Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Jan 11.

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