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The wheel of fortune turns once more

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Summary: Under a unique set of circumstances, the black swordsman is reborn on the mouth of hell

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Anime > BerserkCrazyDanFR1838,52744010,53930 Jan 112 Jun 12No

Chapter 3

Disclaimer.... Buffy the vampire Slayer and all characters were created by Joss Whedon and company. The manga Berserk was created by Kentarō Miura. This is a work of fanfiction inspired by BTVS and the Beserk anime produced by OLM studios. The same folks who make Pokemon episodes.

Chapter 3:

It hadn't taken Alexander long to learn that he was back on Earth and the music that his new companion was hearing was actually coming from radio signals. Somehow coming through the dimensional portal had fully awakened Krevlornswath's latent abilities.

Unlike Alexander, he was adapting admirably.

“Enough with the singing already!” Alexander said as he gripped the handle of his sword.

Krevlornswath stopped his rendition of some of Aretha Franklin's finest. “You need to relax.” The demon told Alexander.

“Kind of hard to do that when this damn mark keeps burning.” Alexander growled. While he was no stranger to pain, this constant throbbing ache was annoying the shit out of him.

It wasn't as bad during the day, but at night.... it was a beacon.

They'd been on Earth less than two weeks and he'd already had to wipe out two entire clans of demons he wasn't familiar with. It was like he was standing next to a signal fire, telling the enemy exactly where he was. It had worked somewhat to their advantage, as they now had a demonic nest to call their own underneath the streets of the city. Few ventured near the area after Alexander had cleared out the place after killing all the ones who'd been attacking him.

Demons were one thing but the vampires he'd remembered as being somewhat formidable opponents were something else entirely.

They were a lot weaker and slower than he remembered, but he'd gotten a great deal stronger than the last time he'd been here. As he walked the streets of Los Angeles, the vampires couldn't conceal themselves around him. They automatically revealed their true faces and attempted to feed on him. The constant attacks at night were getting repetitive and more annoying than his traveling companion.

He was fortunate that this city seemed to be crazier than most so he wasn't bothered by the law enforcement over his weapons which he kept on him at all times. People kept muttering things about 'Hollywood' whatever that was.

“I'm going out.” Alexander said as he donned his leather cloak.

“Bring back some food will you? Some of that...what did you call it? Chinese?” Krevlornswath asked.

“Fine.” Alexander growled. “The usual?”

“Surprise me.” Krevlornswath shrugged.

Alexander nodded before exiting their.... lair.

The streets of Los Angeles....

It was a fairly cool night as Alexander wandered the streets of the so called City of Angels. He was taking one of the various routes he'd mapped in his head from the lair towards the restaurant he'd selected for the evening. It had been odd relearning to read English, but it was paying off. He was mentally deciding on what he was going to get when the brand on his neck started to pulse with pain.

“Not again.” Alexander growled as he searched the night for his coming opponent.


“What is it Buffy?” A cultured voiced asked the suddenly alert teenager.

“There's something out there. I don't know if I should attack it or what.” Buffy said. “I haven't felt anything like this before Merrick.”

“Well let's find out exactly what it is you're sensing and deal with it from there.” Merrick advised. His curiosity was piqued to say the least. It might make a worthy footnote in his chronicles.

Buffy nodded as she gripped her stake tighter in her hand. She'd worry about Lothos' crew after she figured out why her senses were going haywire. “It's this way.”

With Alexander.....

“Hurry up and attack already!” Alexander growled as his senses probed the night. There were a few lingering spirits, but there was something else approaching him. Something old.... but young at the same time. It didn't feel like a vampire but almost moved like one. He cursed the brand on his neck once again.

“Good lord.” A voice said as Alexander drew his sword. “Be careful Buffy, he's quite powerful to be able to hold a sword like that.”

A girl a few years younger than Alexander stepped out into the poorly lit side street and got into an attack stance.

Alexander stared at the girl and knew she was the source of the odd feeling his brand was giving him. He almost laughed at the ridiculousness of it.


“I have no desire to attack you, but I will defend myself.” Alexander growled.

Buffy stared at the tall man that looked like he'd spent too much time by himself. His gaze was bone chillingly intense and promised certain death but.... he was human. His sword on the other hand gave her the wiggins.

“He's human Merrick.” Buffy said. “His sword feels like a big demon though. Or.... a lot of little ones?”

Alexander snorted. “My sword has bathed in the blood of countless enemies, none of them human. Yet.”

Merrick said a few words in Latin and swore as he stared at the young man. His entire body was saturated with magic and the mark on his neck was like a bright point of light in a darkened room. The man was... a target of some sort. His sword on the other hand was speckled with different auras, some bright while others were much darker. It was nauseating to look at.

Merrick ended the limited sight spell and blinked as his normal vision returned. “Who are you?”

“My name is Alexander. Why does the child in front of me feel like a demon?” Alexander asked as he maintained attack readiness.

“A demon?” Buffy asked. “I'm the Vampire Slayer. No demons here.” Buffy said before turning to her Watcher. “Right Merrick?”

“You are mystically empowered Buffy. The true origins of the Slayer Essence is unknown to all but those highest in the Council.” Merrick sighed. “Still... are you a demon hunter?” Merrick asked Alexander.

“What I am is on the way to getting my dinner. I returned to this dimension recently. The brand on my neck makes just about anything demonic want to attack me.” Alexander said as he sheathed his sword. If the girl was a 'Vampire Slayer' then he doubted he'd need it to deal with her. He'd started killing vampires as a child. They weren't that difficult to 'slay'.

“How did you get that brand?” Merrick asked.

“How else?” Alexander snarled. “Magic.”

Sometime later....

“That is quite a tale lad.” Merrick said as he sipped his tea. “You were a field commander for one of Archduke Sebassis' legions. That's unheard of for a human.”

“I know.” Alexander said as he rubbed his face. “So... what all can you tell me about your organization?”

“Nothing officially.” Merrick told him. “We've been fighting against demons and supporting and guiding the Slayer line since its inception. Exactly how are you as strong as you are? Buffy can't pick up your sword like you can.”

“I've been told I'm too stubborn to follow the rules.” Alexander told him. “It's been enlightening. If you two need help fighting against the dust heads let me know.” He said before telling them approximately where he lived underground.

“You live under the city?” Buffy asked with a wrinkled nose. “Eww.”

“It's not perfect, but then nothing is.” Alexander growled. “If I can't make any headway into killing Sebassis soon, I'll be leaving this city. Until then, you know where I'm at. Thanks for the tea.”

Buffy and Merrick watched the man depart from Merrick's place and were quiet until they knew he was gone.

“I don't like him.” Buffy told her Watcher.

“He's hostile, I'll give you that.” Merrick said. “He's been on a battlefield of one type or another for ten years. He doesn't really know any other way to live.”

“Will I ever get like that?” Buffy asked Merrick.

“It's unlikely.” Merrick assured her. Unlikely that she would live that long. That part went unsaid of course.

Weeks later....

“I have to go.” Alexander said as Krevlornswath finished conversing with the demonic realtor. “This city is too entrenched for me to strike Sebassis directly.”

Krevlornswath nodded. He'd seen the departure coming but he'd been busy forming his own little niche in this world. He'd just managed to scrounge together enough money to purchase the building they'd landed in.

There were always ways Alexander could kill Sebassis, but the warrior found most of them distasteful. Using a poisoned blade in the field of battle was one thing, using poison in secret was another.

“Good luck to you on your journeys.” Krevlornswath told his friend.

As Alexander was leaving the tunnels he ran into Buffy.

“You're leaving?” Buffy asked him. She had a tired and worn look on her face.

“I was.” Alexander said. “What happened?”

“Merrick's dead.” Buffy said. “The vampire Lothos' goons cornered him.”

Alexander nodded. “So you came to me.”

“You're the only person I know who stands a chance against them. There's... someone else in the know but he isn't strong like us.” Buffy said. “I want to kill them all.”

Alexander grinned. “Now that we can do. Tell me what you know.”

It had taken a fair bit of planning as well as explaining the concept of blueprints to Alexander, but the duo had worked out a decent plan that involved a great deal of fire. Both of them knew that vampires were especially flammable so that worked out to their advantage.

“We'll strike just after dawn. I'll come up through the underground and you can start throwing these through the eastern windows. If I'm right, the police won't show up there until its over.” Alexander told her.

“They always seem to be ten minutes too late to stuff like this.” Buffy said as she looked at the recipe she'd printed and the ingredients on the table. “You sure this will work?”

“You're the one with the.... internet?” Alexander said. “This book has been around for a while right?”

“It has.” Buffy said. “Let's just finish this up. My parents are going to be home in like two hours.”

“Be sure to get some sleep.” Alexander told her. “We've a lot of killing to do soon.”

“Good. I've got a dance coming up and I don't want to miss it.” Buffy told him.

Alexander snorted. He still didn't get human society.

Then again, girls were weird.

The day of the assault.....

“You ready?” Krevlornswath asked Buffy. He wasn't exactly sure how he'd been roped in to this but he had.

“What?” Buffy said as she looked at the green skinned demon. “I can't hear you with these things on!” Buffy half shouted as she pointed at her firing range ear muffs.

Krevlornswath sighed before holding up a finger and he started singing. Once the appropriate high note was reached, all of the windows on the eastern side of the building shattered. Once that was done, Buffy and Krevlornswath threw in the incendiary devices that set the building ablaze.

Down below the abandoned playhouse....

Alexander popped his neck as he heard his friend's voice through the layers of concrete. The vampires would be coming any moment now. He pulled his sword as the tunnel became flooded with vampires of all ages.

“Come on and fight!” Alexander roared as he started hacking into the vampires as they began to stop their fleeing and start attacking him due to his brand.

Lothos was one of the first upon him. He was also one of the first to die.

Good Day LA's moment of seriousness...

“On a more somber note, There was a small fire that spread rather quickly this morning consuming one of our cities older theater houses as well as three of the nearby buildings. Firefighters were quickly dispatched, but whether the cause of the fire was arson or not is still inconclusive.”

Buffy turned off the TV and smiled to herself. It had been a good day. Lothos and all of his minions were dead. While she hadn't been the one to do it herself, it was good knowing he was gone.

Alexander left shortly after Lothos was dust in the wind. He'd told her he had some unfinished business to take care of elsewhere. Some place called Sunnydale.


Alexander checked his compass and continued walking East. He'd gotten a fair start by using public transportation but he wanted to finish this trek on foot. He planned on taking them by surprise. He'd wait for a true chance at Sebassis, but the Gambino brothers.... they wouldn't see him coming.

Vengeance would be his.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The wheel of fortune turns once more" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jun 12.

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