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The wheel of fortune turns once more

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Summary: Under a unique set of circumstances, the black swordsman is reborn on the mouth of hell

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Anime > BerserkCrazyDanFR1838,52744010,53230 Jan 112 Jun 12No

Chapter One

The Wheel of fortune turns once more.

A BTVS/Berserk crossover.

Disclaimer.... Buffy the vampire Slayer and all characters were created by Joss Whedon and company. The manga Berserk was created by Kentarō Miura. This is a work of fanfiction inspired by BTVS and the Beserk anime produced by OLM studios. The same folks who make Pokemon episodes.

Prologue and Chapter 1:

What happens after a person dies has been up for debate for as long as anyone can remember. Some people believe that if you are a good person you will be rewarded for it in the hereafter. Others believe in reincarnation. Some don't believe there is anything after death. They believe that you only have one life to live and that you should make the best of it, one way or the other.

Then there are those who are just too damn stubborn to die. Or stay dead.

This is the story of one soul that managed to escape from the deepest pits of hell only to have his new life echo large chunks of his last one.

This is the tale of the soul who was once known as the Black Swordsman.

Richard Wilkins the Second Memorial Park,
Sunnydale California....

“Dude, check it out.....” One vampire said as he nodded at the pedestrian walking on the well lit path that led through the park.

“Man. I've never fed on a pregnant chick.” The other vampire said with a grin. “I bet she'll taste weird.”

“Yeah... You want to play with her a little first?” The first vampire asked.

“Play how?” The second vampire wondered.

“Well... I used to work here. I know where we can get some rope. A little strangle and dangle?” The first vampire offered.

“I'm game if you are.” The second vampire grinned.

“Game on dude.” The first vampire said with a laugh.

Later that night.......

“Well now.... I haven't seen something like this in a while. It's almost near where we used to do it too. Somebody must have remembered.” Mayor Richard Wilkins the Third said as he approached the hanging body. He got a closer look and sighed. “Pregnant too. I could have used it for Lucronis.”

The Mayor was about to walk away from the body when he heard a soft thump on the ground followed by a baby crying.

Mayor Wilkins cocked his head to one side as he stared at the small infant. Sighing to himself he withdrew the small ceremonial dagger he kept on him at all times and severed the umbilical cord. “Let's get you over to the hospital shall we? Perhaps Lucronis will get an extra offering after all.”

Three days later.....

Mayor Wilkins sighed as he consulted another tome. Never before had Lucronis refused on offering. The child.... perhaps it was tainted. Considering everything that lived in Sunnydale there was the distinct possibility that the child wasn't fully human.

The boy's probable father, one Tony Harris wanted nothing to do with him. That was what he'd said before leaving the hospital and he hadn't been seen since. When you took in the time the man had fled the hospital, there was a decent chance he was either dead or undead.

The real question was what he was going to do with this possibly unclean child. The local orphanage was full and even the human nurses at the hospital were a little leery of the child once the circumstances of his birth had made its way around the maternity ward. At least one of the nurses had named him before she heard the story.

“Alexander Harris.... where should I send him? Killing a baby... it's just so tacky outside of a sacrifice.” Mayor Wilkins said as he consulted the tome. There was still no answer as to why Lucronis had rejected the infant. Once one of the offerings had been a Half-Brachen and Lucronis had consumed it without a fuss.

“What to do, what to do....” Mayor Wilkins sighed.

There was a knock on the door of his office.

“Sir, your mail is here.” His secretary called.

“Come in Mary.” Wilkins called, grateful for the interruption. “Anything interesting?”

“The Gambino brothers sent you a bottle of their first batch.” Mary told him as she held up the wrapped bottle. “They dropped it off in person.”

“Huh... Those two guys.... I've heard they're heartless bastards. Exactly how many illegals do they go through over there anyways?” Mayor Wilkins asked.

“Enough to keep our ghoul population well fed.” Mary told him. “They work a lot of people to death.”

“Well... that solves that problem. Compile the evidence we have and send it with the infant. They'll solve my problem for me.” Mayor Wilkins said with a grin.

“How should I word the letter?” His secretary asked.

“Tell them to take care of it.” Mayor Wilkins grinned. “Unless they're total morons, they'll figure it out.”

“Yes sir.” Mary nodded. “Can I have the bottle?”

“Sure. You know I never touch the stuff.” Mayor Wilkins agreed. “Just be sure to do it off the clock.”

“Yes sir.” Mary agreed.

The Gambino Winery....

“What the fuck are we going to do with a baby?” Don Gambino asked his brother Dave.

“Have the workers care for it. Some of them have kids right? When he's big enough we'll have him work the fields like the others.” Dave shrugged. “We can't let this place be shut down. That mayor has us over a barrel here.”

Ten years later....

“I know he's our best worker and all, but that kid is starting to creep me the fuck out.” Don Gambino said as he and his brother pulled the water truck up to the group of workers. “He's been working in the fields for five years now and can swing a pickaxe better than I can.”

“He's a vicious bastard too.” Dave said with a nod. “Some of the workers have shown him how to use a knife. I've seen how he looks at us. We should get rid of him.”

“You know the Mayor told us to take care of him. We can't kill him.” Don said.

“I know... but we can send him away. You know how I've been going away on weekends? I've been going to some fights. They could use a scrappy kid like that.” Dave suggested.

“You owe them money don't you?” Don sighed. “You said you weren't gambling anymore.”

“I lied.” Dave shrugged. “I'm not dumb enough to bet the winery, but I owe them some serious money or something equivalent. First born son equivalent.”

“You want to pass him off as yours?” Don asked.

“These guys won't care as long as he meets their expectations.” Dave assured his brother.

“What kind of people want your first born son?” Don asked.

“I never said they were people.” Dave said.

“Oh.” Don nodded. “Mom warned us about them.”

“Yeah, right before we killed her.” Dave agreed.

“You're.... trading me?” Alexander Harris asked as he struggled with the ropes he'd been bound with.

“Yeah kid. You're a good worker... but we all know you want us dead.” Don Gambino told him. “We're not supposed to kill you, but we can send you away.”

“Why haven't you killed me?” Alexander asked. “I know you want to.”

“We have our reasons.” Dave said. “Shame though. You're our best soil breaker.”

“I imagine the ground is your head.” Alexander smirked. “I'll be back.”

“No. No you won't.” Dave told him. “Odds are you'll be dead in a week.”

Alexander was going to reply but Don dosed him with chloroform.

Everything went black.

Los Angeles....

“The boy isn't your son.” The demonic thug stated as he examined the 'payment'.

“He's as good as. He's been on my vineyard since he was an infant. I haven't raised him directly but he's my strongest worker. I've seen him. He's a good fighter for his size.” Dave Gambino said. “He might make for some fun before the main fight one night.”

“This won't clear your debts.” The demonic thug told Dave.

“What if he survives his first fight?” Dave asked. He really couldn't afford to pay off his debts in full at the moment.

“If he survives.” The thug agreed.

“He swings a mean pickaxe. For his size... a weapon might help him last longer.” Dave hedged. “I want him dead, but I don't want to owe anything else.”

The thug grunted before loading Alexander into the trunk of his car.

“I'll be in touch.” The thug said before driving off.

Dave sighed. “I really have to quit gambling.” He said as he watched the taillights head away from him. “I don't want anymore close calls like this one. I hope to whatever god is listening that kid wins at least once.”

Little did Dave Gambino know, that his prayer had been heard and answered.


“Where...” Alexander Harris said as he sat up with a start. “Gambinos.” He growled as he remembered. He looked around in the darkness and realized he was in cage. He felt something slightly constrictive on his neck. He reached up to touch it and was stopped by someone speaking up.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you human.” A voice that sounded like he'd been working the fields all day without water said from the darkness on the left side of Alexander's cage. “The collar will zap you if you try to remove it. The harder you try, the bigger the zap.”

Alexander tugged on the collar lightly only to receive a strong shock that caused his whole body to tense up.

The voice laughed and it was followed by others as Alexander regained control of his body.

“Had to be sure.” Alexander said. “What is this?”

“For you? Hell.” the voice said as the lights suddenly came on.

Alexander tensed as he stared at his neighbor. It was a broad shouldered and red skinned monster, complete with horns. He looked around and saw all the other cages were filled with monsters.... demons. For the first time in recent memory, he felt afraid.

“Fuck.” Alexander muttered. “Am I dead?”

“Soon kid. Your first match is coming up.” The red skinned demon said. “I'm Crac'klor. Welcome to the pit.”

“Match?” Alexander asked.

“Fight. To the death. I heard they're going to start small with you. A minor imp or maybe a vampire. See how you fare.” Crac'klor chuckled.

“Fight?” Alexander asked. “Huh. Beats farm work.”

This caused all the caged demons to laugh.

“We'll see about that human. There's something different about you. Maybe you'll survive. If you do, I'll teach you a little.” Crack'lor said as the laughter died down.

“I'll hold you to that demon.” Alexander grinned. This was different. Fuck fear, he wanted to fight!

The arena....

For Alexander, the brightly lit arena was a vast change from the cramped holding area. It stank of sweat and other fluids he was assuming was blood. Something was thrust into his hands as he approached the entry way.

“Ladies and Gentlebeasts.... tonight's warm up fight is meant not only to entertain but to educate you as well. One of our patrons couldn't cover his bet and he used something else as collateral. This could be your firstborn down here, or even yourself. Tonight's warm up is a human child against a week old vampire. The vampire has both greater speed and strength while we've given the human a sword. Let the mayhem begin!”

Alexander held the sword up in a rough stance similar to what he used when wielding his pickaxe. The balance was way off but he kept his feet. It was easier to hold this since the head weighed less than the base. In front of him was a snarling creature he was guessing was a vampire. It had yellow eyes and a ridged forehead. Other than that.... it looked human.

The vampire smirked as it punched the air directly in front of Alexander's face, getting past his guard. He was going to toy with this little blood bag before feeding. He only had to survive three fights before his debt was cleared.

Alexander flinched before backing away quickly. He needed to be faster. To be focused. This vampire was fast. He had reach... the most logical thing to do was to cut off its arms if he could.

On the vampire's next swing, Alexander swung his sword with remarkable precision and managed to cut the vampire's arm deeply after it had scratched his face.

“You little shit!” The vampire swore. “I'm going to..” He didn't say anything else as Alexander awkwardly jammed the tip of his sword into the vampire's neck and shoved it in as far as he could get it before pulling it out and towards his right, nearly decapitating the creature.

The crowd was silent for a brief moment before erupting into shouts.

“Finish him!” the announce called. “Cut off his head!”

Alexander raised his sword and finished the job, causing both the head and the body to burst into clouds of ash.

“Ladies and Gentlebeasts, in a surprise upset... the human child wins! He's a natural with that sword don't you think?” The Announcer called.

With those few words.... the course of Alexander's life would be set for the next few years.


AN: work's been kicking my but and my muse shifted here for some reason. That's pretty weird since I got Farscape for Christmas. Meh. I'll try to update some of the others soon.
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