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The Worlds She Never Walked

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Fan Art

Summary: Mostly Buffy fanarts to inspire authors. After each pic, I throw out a plot bunny and anyone who wants to pick them up, GO AHEAD! Thanks. (Some pics aren't showing up, its a problem where I post my pics up and I am fixing it)

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR1332196,51134898212,73431 Jan 118 Jan 13Yes

Remember, Revist and Redo!

Disclaimer: These pictures are just pictures I've decided to manipulate and the originals in no way belong to me. All characters belong to their respective owners. This not for profit, or any gain. It's just me messing around.

Thanks for the reviews!

I would like to thank amusewithaview, andiesimmo, AnitaPotter, Christy, Christytrekkie, Cmiller, DarthPayne, DemonicAngelC, Dusel, Elgin, EllandrahSylver, ErisMom, FireDragon, Gartabro, GothTroubleMaker, Hawklan, Iceflame, JCHatten, JediKnight, Justapiranha, LadyofScotts, LilyErisCullen, Razial, Sabryna, SamuraiCatFan, Shulik, Souldriven, Syriope, texaswookie, tigriska, Waverly, WillowRosenberg, VaMpEdChIk xLovingHeartsx for all the recommends. I appreciate you guys and gals!

Jediknight, sarhea, I am working on your request and will get them up when I do a ‘Where No Slayer Should Go Pt. 2’.

THESE PLOTS ARE OFF THE WALL CRAZY! But crazy enough to work.


If anyone deserved a do-over it was Faith. She had made so many mistakes in her life, and she wishes she could change them. When Buffy and the gang think she’s gone dark again, Faith has to battle a big bad and the Scoobies.

But when Faith sacrifices herself to a spell meant to kill…the PTBs give Faith that chance, upset the way their champions treated one of their own.

She is now back on the run from the Master Vampire who killed Linda, and headed towards Sunnydale. What will Faith change?

Well, she’s definitely not going dark side. She definitely going to mess with Buffy thinking the blonde’s jealously is funny, she’s going to call Willow out of her shit with Xander, and if boytoy is good Faith might take him with her after they destroy the Mayor.

What? You thought Faith was going stay so Buffy can go to college? Heck no! Faith is carving out her own destiny,

****Characters Bashing:

Buffy, just because at times she’s a hypocrite and spiteful, but nothing too bad.

Willow, because Willow’s insane jealous to keep Buffy and Xander from Faith’s bad influence went too far. And the fact that Willow wasn’t called out on practicing magic and her part in the ‘affair’ with Xander made me mad.

Xander---get a backbone!

Giles, for being too blind to Buffy’s fault.

Angel---because he’s a poof.

Cordy, you go girl!


She wondered why she was still in Lima, Ohio.

Rachel Berry was supposed to be a star, supposed to many things. But guilt had consumed all that the day her friend, Quinn, died in a car crash…on her and Finn’s wedding day. At first, all of them were grieving then after grief comes the blame, and all turned on her. Even Finn. She at first blew it off, but after 10 years she realized, she was always going to be their scapegoat. The one they made fun of, even now, she heard their whispers ‘look at the “star” now’.

Laughing at how her husband, Finn, wasn’t at her side, instead he was busying ‘hanging’ out with Satanna (who went back into the closet at their graduation hurting Brittany. No one ever saw Brittany again). Crying into the punchbowl, she wished that she could start over when a man appears at her side. The most handsome man in the world, someone who puts her at ease and she doesn’t know his name. He tells her that she can have that chance and says all she has to do is say, “Yes.”

What’s the harm, Rachel thought. Life couldn’t get much more worse then it was now. So she did.

The man tells her, ‘I’ll be waiting. Now close your eyes…’ She does. ‘And then take a breath and open them.’

Rachel Berry opens her eyes and finds herself slushied.

She’s back in school. Back to when she was patronized by the glee club, everyone calling her ‘manhands’, everyone thinking she’s Finn crazy, Quinn’s alive and pregos, etc.

This time, Rachel swears, this time she going to do this right. And this time, she is going to show them just what she is made of.
-----------------------------------PLOT IN SIMPLE TERMS *in case you confusedededed*--

Rachel’s life didn’t go the way she wanted. Instead of stars and broadway, she ends up a housewife to Finn struggling to get by. She has no kids or anything to show for the 10 years after graduation (Season Four).

Quinn died and everyone kinda turned their backs on her. Which isn’t suprising. Rachel and Finn goes to the reunion. Rachel catches Finn with Satanna, and harsh words are exchanged. Rachel goes to the corner of the gym to compose herself, when a handsome man (OC or crossover guy) shows up with a deal.

Rachel accepts and the man says he will wait for her. Then BAM! Rachel is back in time, back in highschool. (Season One or Season Two)

****POSSIBLE Character Bashing:
Finn, of course.

Quinn (even if Rachel feels guilty, Quinn is alive again and being witchy with a b and the chances of Finn and Rachel getting married again causing the accident are ZERO!)

Satannna (I always felt that she never was put in her place, or stood up to. They kinda just forgive her and skim over things.)

Mercedes (she might have became a friend of Rachel’s eventually, but she was still horrible to Rachel. Even after they were friends calling Rachel a diva when Mercedes felt like Rachel did something that she didn’t like)

Kurt (he wasn’t nice at first, but he wasn’t mean either. So NO bashing Kurt please.)

Brittany (she’s cool.)

And last but not least, Mr. Shue (totally incompetent when it came to stopping the other from bullying. Rachel needs to stand up and fight back, and Mr. Shue is one of the ones she’s going to need to fight.)


This is a glee plot as well.
________________________________PLOT 2_________________________________

Rachel Berry. Target of bullies, and her so called friends. Finn-crazy, according to the snobby girls who talk about her. Manhands to others. So when a new year (Season Two) comes rolling around, the Glee Club think they know what to expect.

What they didn’t expect was Rachel riding in up a stylish new car with an equal handsome, stylish man with clothes that nearly make Kurt pass out from envy. But before anyone can figure out who the man is, he drives off.

Mysterious man, mysteriously running off after vague cellphone conversation, and a new backbone to go with this stronger and more mature Rachel Berry.

Everyone is asking questions, but Rachel won’t answer.

Finn’s jealous, upset she’s over him. Satanna, Quinn are getting taken down a peg or two. And Rachel isn’t going to be ashamed to be who she is.

Rachel??? (Not Finchel) Puckleberry friendship only

---This is an ANYCROSS! (except Buffy. Want to see something different) whoever the mysterious man with Rachel is can be someone from a different show, book or genre.


--------------------PLOT 3 (kinda has elements of Plot 2 but has a crossover genre named)



Rachel wants to be a singer. But one night when her fathers take her out in Star City, during her summer breaks, tragedy strikes and changes everything.

Rachel tries to get revenge almost ending up getting killed, but once again is saved by the Green Arrow. Oliver Queen then takes a personal interest in Rachel’s life, even taking steps to keep her from the foster system by adopting her. But it soon becomes apparent to Oliver that he won’t be able to look at Rachel like a daughter, especially where she accepts his Green Arrow status when Lois could not.

So in attempt to keep emotions at bay he sends her and Bart back Lima.

And Rachel is not going to take it anymore, she’s stronger. But when old enemies find Arrow’s chink in his armor, Rachel maybe be bringing down danger upon them all and Rachel and Oliver won’t be able to deny their feelings for long.

Mysterious new friends, mysteriously running off after vague cellphone conversation, and a new backbone to go with this stronger and more mature Rachel Berry.

Everyone is asking questions, but Rachel won’t answer.

Finn’s jealous, upset she’s over him. Satanna, Quinn are getting taken down a peg or two. And Rachel isn’t going to be ashamed to be who she is.

Rachel??? (Not Finchel) Puckleberry friendship only

Eventual! OliverRachel (there is an age difference is why I’m kinda iffy about this and I why I set up the plot the way I did.)


RRs are appreciated.
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