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The Worlds She Never Walked

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Fan Art

Summary: Mostly Buffy fanarts to inspire authors. After each pic, I throw out a plot bunny and anyone who wants to pick them up, GO AHEAD! Thanks. (Some pics aren't showing up, its a problem where I post my pics up and I am fixing it)

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR1332196,51134898212,73431 Jan 118 Jan 13Yes

The Inverted Twilight

Disclaimer: These pictures are just pictures I've decided to manipulate and the originals in no way belong to me. All characters belong to their respective owners. This not for profit, or any gain. It's just me messing around.

Thanks for the reviews!

I would like to thank amusewithaview, andiesimmo, AnitaPotter, Christy, Christytrekkie, Cmiller, DarthPayne, DemonicAngelC, Dusel, Elgin, EllandrahSylver, ErisMom, FireDragon, Gartabro, GothTroubleMaker, Hawklan, Iceflame, JCHatten, JediKnight, Justapiranha, LadyofScotts, LilyErisCullen, Razial, Sabryna, SamuraiCatFan, Shulik, Souldriven, Syriope, texaswookie, tigriska, Waverly, WillowRosenberg, VaMpEdChIk xLovingHeartsx for all the recommends. I appreciate you guys and gals!

Jediknight, sarhea, I am working on your request and will get them up when I do a ‘Where No Slayer Should Go Pt. 2’.

They said she could only love a monster. And she believed them.

They said no one but them could understand her. But their understanding fell short and the betrayal still lingers even after apologizes are exchanged.

Then...Buffy Summers left, finally ready for the normalcy of a boring long life in Forks, Washington.

That's where she met Charlie.

They said she was evil. Still now after all the things she had done to redeem herself.

They said she was a slut. A bad girl. Tainted. Faith had been that all her life and never felt free to be soft or open with anyone. No chance to sit back and feel like a woman, instead she felt like a survivor doing things she'd rather not talk about...

Until she met Edward Cullen and their minds seemingly became one. And find that her and the sparkly vampires pasts are all that different...


Buffy moves to Forks and her driving gets her pulled over...she never expected such Salty goodness to lean in through her window. And it isn't the last time she sees Charlie Swan, fate is throwing them together and together until one day a storm has them trapped at her place when the officer comes to see if she would be okay for the oncoming storm and things get a very good way...

But Bella Swan is far from happy with her father's interesting in the blonde much younger than him. Edward cringed from her, Jake is like an obientant puppy afraid of pissing her off and being near the woman is giving her nightmares.

And more importantly the brunnette woman who shows up shortly after the blonde, Faith Lehane. And the way that Edward stares at this woman as if she is the lost piece of his soul.


Buffy and Charlie's relationship gets tested by not only family, but some people in Forks. And things get even more confusing and more chaotic when Oz shows up to give Buffy a heads up about the Scoobies and inadvertly impints on Bella? And what or WHO is in Bella's mind making her spiteful and trying to start a vampire/werewolf war?

Can everyone's relationships survive? Or will they all come crashing down? And will the Volturi show up?


MAIN Pairings: CharlieBuffy
OTHER pairings: FaithEdward JacobDawn BellaOz
Other Pairing (Past) EdwardBella Slight!JacobBella DawnOC(slight mention) WillowOz(jealous witch)


*****PossibleBASHING! Some Scoobies will have learn to understand and forgive and get forgiven in return, but sadly life isn't all peacy and happy, and some Scoobies will not have learned anything.

BellaBashing is okay. She isn't herself (read plot) and her actions will be explainable and can be bashable at times.


Now mmooch I tried using those pictures, but couldn't make it work the way I wanted it too. But I hope you will like what I've done. Also, it is a little plain, so if there is something (like an object or something) that I could add that goes along with the story or something in the story to spice it up or make it better, let me know, k?

Here it is, hope you like. like I said, if you want any changes or anything added, let me know.

________________ANOTHER CHARLIE SWAN AND BUFFY SUMMERS PLOT_____________________

Buffy Summers ends up in Forks, finally free to relax. Kid sister is in college, all the Scoobies are doing great and hey, the world isn't ending and best part of all...she gets to be normal. Or so she thought...

It seems fate keeps throwing her in the path of Charlie Swan, in good and bad ways. It was an accident, something started between them and they can't stop it. Whatever it is...isn't going away. And when they decide to let it take them where it may, more than a few people are disagreeing with it. A young woman with an older man? A golddigger after the good cheif of police?

Scrutiny and much more threatens to throw them apart. Even Charlie's ex wife who claimed she was over him...And when Charlie's daughter Bella Cullen and the Cullen Clan show up, Buffy isn't sure how to handle the supernatural thrown back in her life...

Canon Pairings!

Post Breaking Dawn

Post Season Seven

MOSTLY NORMAL, minimal supernatural confrontations. More mentioned until supernatural characters like the wolves and Cullens show up.

-Bella's mother bashing. No one else. Except Buffy making fun of the sparkly vampires.


Bella Cullen hasn't seen her father in two years (end of breaking dawn), so she returns. So what happens when she finds her dad dating the Vampire Slayer? Miscommunications leads to a big confront and many embarassing moments with the Cullens. And Buffy making Bella leave the room screaming covering her ears while having Charlie blushing like a madman.


RRs are appeciated.
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