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The Worlds She Never Walked

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Fan Art

Summary: Mostly Buffy fanarts to inspire authors. After each pic, I throw out a plot bunny and anyone who wants to pick them up, GO AHEAD! Thanks. (Some pics aren't showing up, its a problem where I post my pics up and I am fixing it)

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR1332196,51134898212,68231 Jan 118 Jan 13Yes

The Man With the Plan

Disclaimer: These pictures are just pictures I've decided to manipulate and the originals in no way belong to me. All characters belong to their respective owners. This not for profit, or any gain. It's just me messing around.

Thanks for the reviews! You guys reviews are always awesome and I really appreciate feedback.

I would like to thank airytha, amusewithaview, andiesimmo, AnitaPotter, Christy, Christytrekkie, Cmiller, DarthPayne, DemonicAngelC, Dusel, Elgin, EllandrahSylver, ErisMom, FireDragon, Gartabro, GothTroubleMaker, Hawklan, Iceflame, JCHatten, JediKnight, Justapiranha, LadyofScotts, LilyErisCullen, Razial, Sabryna, SamuraiCatFan, Shulik, Souldriven, Syriope, texaswookie, tigriska, Waverly, WillowRosenberg, VaMpEdChIk xLovingHeartsx for all the recommends. I appreciate you guys and gals!


He was running towards things, to hold on.

She was running from them, to let go.

It was only a matter of time before they ran into each other (and trouble.)

Now, they run together.



A slayer and a doctor meet...and the reprecussion affect everything, from the Scoobies to Captain Jack Harkness and it may take more than one Key to seal the whole in the dimensional rift.

Alter-dimension! Dawn (Slayer)/Doctor

Buffyverse! Dawn/Xander


In times of war, in times of hardship...children are always the first to suffer.

In the town of Treebrook, something is wrong with the children. Can Buffy and the Doctor team up and find out what's going on? What does River know? Is this just a child's imagination? A giant prank?

Or something far more sinister than they could ever imagine?


RRs are appreciated and always will be answers.
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