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The Worlds She Never Walked

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Fan Art

Summary: Mostly Buffy fanarts to inspire authors. After each pic, I throw out a plot bunny and anyone who wants to pick them up, GO AHEAD! Thanks. (Some pics aren't showing up, its a problem where I post my pics up and I am fixing it)

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR1332196,51134898212,73431 Jan 118 Jan 13Yes

Rise of the Dark Sister...take one

Disclaimer: These pictures are just pictures I've decided to manipulate and the originals in no way belong to me. All characters belong to their respective owners. This not for profit, or any gain. It's just me messing around.

Thanks for the reviews! You guys reviews are always awesome and I really appreciate feedback.

I would like to thank airytha, amusewithaview, andiesimmo, AnitaPotter, Christy, Christytrekkie, Cmiller, DarthPayne, DemonicAngelC, Dusel, Elgin, EllandrahSylver, ErisMom, FireDragon, Gartabro, GothTroubleMaker, Hawklan, Iceflame, JCHatten, JediKnight, Justapiranha, LadyofScotts, LilyErisCullen, Razial, Sabryna, SamuraiCatFan, Shulik, Souldriven, Syriope, texaswookie, tigriska, Waverly, WillowRosenberg, VaMpEdChIk xLovingHeartsx for all the recommends. I appreciate you guys and gals!

Hey DT,

I was really excited to do this suggestion and have struggled a bit with it. It's the lack of star wars pictures. All the light saber fight scene I personal have found have not gone well with any Faith or Dawn pictures. I have found Faith an outfit but again, can't be sure until I get the light saber. So the picture I present to you is 'Take One' meaning I will continue to work on your request, and find more pics to make a better version of the banner. I haven't given up! :D


So all my reviewers and trackers, I'd really appreciate any links to star wars fight pics as well as Dawn or Faith fight pics. This would be a big help, Thanks.


Anyways, here is Banner One for Darth T 's 'Rise of the Dark Sister'. It is a very dark twist on the BtVS universe, and has become a guilty pleasure of mine. It's very well written and thought out. Anyone who loves AU's and light sabers with some evil Willow and evil Dawn, this is your fic!

RRs are always appreciated.
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