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The Worlds She Never Walked

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Fan Art

Summary: Mostly Buffy fanarts to inspire authors. After each pic, I throw out a plot bunny and anyone who wants to pick them up, GO AHEAD! Thanks. (Some pics aren't showing up, its a problem where I post my pics up and I am fixing it)

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR1332196,51134898212,71331 Jan 118 Jan 13Yes

Alchemy and Slayers Don't Mix

Disclaimer: These pictures are just pictures I've decided to manipulate and the originals in no way belong to me. All characters belong to their respective owners. This not for profit, or any gain. It's just me messing around.


She thought it was all over when she jumped. Then the portal turned into some kind of gate standing in front of her. Her body being pulled at with greedy little hands. But a little help from Whislter, namely a cool new weapon, she made it to the other side.
Now if only she could remember what was that tacky demon said about her being a key to reshaping a warring world of alchemy...

Sorry. Had no idea Buffy image was another fanart. I thought it was just a promotional thing from season seven. Sorry again.
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