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Concealed Shadows

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Summary: They walk on two different paths. Both saved the world and lost someone they cared for. Now their paths shall cross and in the process a secret that was once concealed shall come to light.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredLadyHealerFR1821,278071,8641 Feb 113 Feb 11No

Prologue: Anne

Concealed Shadows

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not Doctor Who or Buffy. There is also some quotes from the BTVS episode Anne.

Prologue: Anne

She quietly walks barefoot down the last couple steps of the snowcapped mountain into the meadow of radiant red grass. So unlike the green grass of the Earth she is so used to seeing. In the middle of the field stood several tall trees their branches topped with silver leaves, swaying in the gentle breeze. She stopped next to a tree and rested a hand on its rough bark before glancing up at the twin suns sitting high in the orange burnt sky.

She closed her eyes as she allowed the warmth of the suns to encase her. Familiarity yet wonder filled her being followed by a peaceful belonging that she has been lacking for so long now. It was like she belonged to this wonderful place and yet she had never been here before. How could she? She was born and raised on Earth, more precisely in LA, California of the United States of America.

She would stay here forever if given a choice. For this amazing place created a feeling of safety. A sanctuary, no, it was more than that. It felt like home; where one was loved for simple being themselves and could lean on another through the good and bad. But something else tugged at the edges of her mind, something she should know but didn’t.

Her eyes snapped open as the feeling grass disappears and the grainy texture of sand replaces it. She watches as the trees melted into the waters of the ocean and the red grass crumbles into dirty tanned sand. As the sky bleed blue and the second sun fades from sight a deep ache fills her soul. A sense of lost and sadness weighed down on her heart.

A single tear slip down her face as she closed her eyes and listens to the waves crashing onto the Los Angeles beach. Desperately wishing the warmth of the twins suns would return but knowing that it never would. The darkness was coming and it was going to swallow her whole.

Minutes passed and a pair of hands reached around her waist and clasp in front of her. The embrace is cool compared to the suns touch, but she didn’t care. It was still comfort against the darkness. She opened her eyes and gently touched the hands that held her with one of her own while reaching out with her other. She rested it on the cheek of her lover. One she loved. The one she wishes that she didn’t and still her heart would not let him go.

“How did you find me here?”

“If I was blind, I would see you.” He replied.

Closing her eyes she lowers her hand and places it over her other hand that held his. She tries to soak what comfort she cans from the embrace. Trying and failing to mend the breaks in her heart. She pleads, “Stay with me.”

“Forever,” he whispered in her ear. “That’s the whole point. I’ll never leave. Not even if you kill me."

Her eyes snaps open to find herself back in her small apartment in the run-down downtown of Los Angeles neighborhood. A tear slides down her face as she mumbles, “Angel.”

And there is the prologue. Like? Hate? Please let me know what you think. I know it is short. Sorry, but on the bright side all other chapter should be longer. And I promise the doctor will be making an appearance in the next chapter. I’ll confess that I’m fairly new to Doctor Who world, so if I make a mistake please forgive me. What can say? I got addicted quickly and then had to try my hand at a story. If anyone knows a good reference site for Doctor Who and is willingly to tell me that would be great. I know I’m behind in its history. Well, till next time.
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