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Sunnydale Meet the Care Bears

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This story is No. 2 in the series "February Drabbles, One-shots, and snippets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Secret Bear, Friend Bear, and Funshine Bear are on a mission to help a group of teens in Sunnydale.

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Cartoons > Care BearsCometHimeFR71790071,4333 Feb 113 Feb 11Yes
February Drabbles, One-shots, and snippets

At least one a day for 28 days

February 2st, 2011, Yes I know I am late posting it. I'm always late. But since I haven't slept yet it's okay.

Disclaimer: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss Whedon. "Care Bears" is the property of American Greetings. I claim no rights to either of their properties.

Author's note: Funshine bear wasn't even supposed to be in this but she took over the whole story. As for time lines this takes place during the summer between seasons two and three in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the Care bear's time line it is set in the 1980's movie and TV series universe. The biggest difference is that until 2002 Funshine Bear was female and that originally Secret Bear was male and orange.

Sunnydale Meet the Care Bears

Secret Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear looked around a dark little park in probably one of the darkest and most apathetic towns they had ever been to. Grumpy Bear had teleported them to Sunnydale California using the Rainbow Rescue Beam. Secret Bear pulled on Friend Bear's fur to get her attention and pointed toward the graveyard a little ways down the street from the park. Friend Bear nodded and together all three bears moved down the road into the large cemetery lit only by the three quarter moon.

Once they passed through the wrought iron gate, they heard the sound of physical fighting. They hurried toward it as they could feel the fear of children in trouble. Funshine Bear could feel at least 3 children's emotions swing from confident joviality to hopeless fear. Friend Bear could feel the aching of a friendship about to lose hope. And Secret Bear could feel the weight of a terrible secret weigh down on at least one person's soul.

The three bears rounded a mausoleum with its gargoyle guardians, to see 4 teens fighting with at least six fanged, yellow eyed, big brow ridged, vampires. The bears stopped in shock. Funshine Bear quickly threw off the shock. She rushed into the fray and pushed a red headed girl out of the way of one fanged beast. Secret Bear and Friend Bear moved in unison to opposite sides of the fight.

Once they were in position Secret nodded at Friend Bear. Friend started a count down, in a voice that reached all the fighters, “Five.” The fighting stopped.

“Four” Friend's voice got a little louder. Funshine pushed, pulled, and prodded the two girls and two boys out of reach of the monsters.

“Three,” Friend continued counting down. Funshine Bear turned to face the vampires head on.

“Two,” Friend's voice was joined by Funshine Bear's own determined one.

“One,” Both bear counted the final number, the vampires stared in confusion, the teenagers backed further away from counting bears.

“Care Bear Stare!” roared from two bears throats and was said with quiet steely determination from Secret bear. As the last syllable sounded a blast of light erupted from each of the three bears stomachs and flashed through the crowd of vampires.

After the Care Bears used their stare there were three piles of dust that had all been in line of Funshine Bears stare. The remaining three vampires looked from what used to be their three compatriots to the determined faces of the three brightly colored three foot bears, and decided on a tactical retreat.

“Huh, the yellow bear can dust vampires,” the short red headed teen said, “cool.”

“Really?” the yellow, Funshine bear, asked as she turned around. “I guess it's because of my Sunny disposition.” Funshine said with a smile.

“Might be.” Oz said subtly pointing at the smiling sun on Funshine's stomach. Friend Bear came to stand on Funshine's left side with Secret Bear standing next to her.

“Yeah, you certainly seem to be a really sunny bear who are you?” The red head girl said in a rush as she moved next to the red head boy. The brown haired boy moved a step to the left of the bears in a position to flank them if they proved dangerous.

“Oh we have been terribly rude,” Friend Bear said with regret. “We're Care Bears, and we are here to help you. I am Friend Bear,” the bear pointed to its tummy symbol of two intertwining smiling flowers. “That's Funshine Bear,” She said pointing to the yellow bear on her right. “And this is my best friend Secret Bear,” Friend pointed to the orange bear on her left with a closed red heart-shaped padlock on his stomach.

“Yeah you would be real helpful with the vampires, but I somehow don't think you are here about the vamps,” the brown haired boy said, holding his stake in a lose hold by his side.

Funshine bear giggled “That's right Xander, we're here to help you with your feelings. All of you are going through a lot of things right now, and we just want to help.”

“But you're still going to help us with Vampires right?” Xander asked with a hopeful pout.

Funshine Bear just giggled louder, and Friend bear joined in the laughter, while Secret bear silently joined in the mirth. Meanwhile across the cemetery three vampires developed a phobia of teddy bears and vowed never to come back to Sunnydale it was just too weird.


The End

You have reached the end of "Sunnydale Meet the Care Bears". This story is complete.

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