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Summary: A forced pick by Principle Snyder causes multiple changes in the reality that the Powers have worked so hard to create.

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jormunguardFR1838,78217317,3094 Feb 1110 Feb 11No

Halloween Night pt 1.

Note: Life sucks sometimes, been having a hard time getting time to write the last couple of days. However, I did say that I would post another chapter within a couple days so here's a short one.
Note 2: I found that Sage is really hard to write for when you do it from her point of view. Tell me how you think I did or if I could try something different to make it better.
Note 3: Again I don't own anything but the story. Who owns what was said in Chapter 1. And now on with the story.

Willow smiled as the elderly woman opened the door to her batch of trick-or-treaters, memories of times when she had trick-or-treated with Xander and Jesse when they were young. As she listened to Mrs. Stevens talk to the kids.

‘I wonder if she’s going to have the same prob…’ she started to think, but then Mrs. Stevens mentioned that she was out of candy, which almost made Willow crack up, ‘Good old Mrs. Stevens, I swear every year makes multiple buckets for candy, and if its late she grabs the empty one when she opens the door.’

Then to Willow’s surprise one of the kids suddenly reached up and started choking Mrs. Stevens she started to step forward to do something about it when a stiff wind went through her causing her head to explode in pain. Willow grabbed her head and leaned back against the wall succumbing to the pain that seemed to last for an eternity but in actuality was only a couple seconds. When her hands finally came away from her face a cool calculating look filled her eyes.

‘Interesting, how did I get here?’ Sage wondered, but at the sound of nearby fighting she decided that the how wasn‘t as important as her surroundings. Only a foot away from her two small kids, possibly mutants, were choking each other. So as she moved forward to break up the fight, she started using the local area network to work out where she was and replayed everything that had been happening to her in the previous five minutes.

At the sound of her movement both of the two opponents broke off their attack on each other and turned on her. As she moved to defend herself she noticed taller one was a little faster, so she rewarded it by grabbing its arm and assisted it with its speed into the wall that she had previously been leaning against. When the first one had been pulled just enough it put her into perfect position to sidekick the slower one knocking it back into the railing of the porch.

‘I seem to be in a town called Sunnydale, California of which there is no such town according to my memories. So since I am unable to access the mansions computers nor my own, somehow I’ve wound up in another reality. However, I can see no reason for my transport to this location as Cain and I had just boarded the Blackbird to return to Xavier’s,’ she thought as she pulled the taller one’s arm up behind its back in a hammer lock, she glanced over and noticed that the smaller was out for the count.

Still holding his arm she stepped back and took a really close look at her attacker.

‘Despite having green skin and demonic features his DNA is base human, no mutancy what so ever,’ she thought, hitting its head against the wall knocking it out. Sage quickly checked the other creature and found that its DNA was also base normal despite appearances.

No sooner had she finished the scan than a voice came through her communicator, “Cyclops to any X-man can anyone hear me?”

Alison looked around in startlement at suddenly being in different surroundings. She quickly looked around trying to see a road sign or some kind of identifying structure. The only thing that she could find was the High School that she could see about a block away.

‘Sunnydale High, where the hell is Sunnydale,’ she thought, aggravation starting to fill her mind, ’One minute I’m talking with Betsy the next I’m walking out of some high school in some strange town. I’ve got to be glutton for punishment, every fucking time. Join a team with an X in the name and the world starts fucking with you.’

She reached up to massage the back of her neck when she felt hair on the back of her hand, with a strange look on her face she pulled some of the hair forward and looked at it. Seeing the blonde hair just caused her to start laughing.

‘This has got to be someone’s idea of a joke,’ she thought.

“Ok ha-ha, really funny. Teleport me into a strange town for a laugh I can get. But who the heck put me in a wig with a bad dye job?” she said, as she pulled off the wig to reveal her short pink hair underneath.

The only response she got was the sound of screaming coming from a down street. Quickly forgetting about the wig she turned and ran down the street towards the scream. Before she could get there the screaming had stopped but was replaced by another voice rolling with laughter. Annoyance filled her because she thought she was about to find the culprit. But when she came around the corner she saw a blonde woman in a turn of the century costume with an angry look on her face chewing out a figure in a very recognizable jacket.

“I will not be laughed at but some low insignificant street person. When my uncle the Duke hears about this,” the girl said, indignantly.

“Jubilee, why are you laughing?”

Still chuckling Jubilee turned around and, upon spotting Alison said, “Hey Dazz, like the new hairdo. So you’re stuck in Wacoland too, huh?”


“Yeah, it’s what I’m callin it. One sec I was walking through the hall at the mansion, the next I’m standing at the door of some house with a bunch of trick-or-treaters. Lookin guy dressed as a Pirate pull a sword and start for us. I paffed the dude, and took him out just the way Wolvie showed me. I was about to talk to the kids maybe find out where we were, when I heard another scream. The lady of the house said she’d take care of the kids so I ran to help the screamer, only to come on this psycho.”

“I don’t know what that is, but I bathe regularly so I can not be it,” the woman said, indignantly.

“Lady, you were screaming in terror at a car. It wasn’t even coming at you it was just driving down the street.”

“Well, I’ve never seen one of those creatures before, how was I supposed to know what it eats.”

Jubilee just looked at Alison as if the woman’s statement explained everything. Alison just nodded her head and said, “Maybe we should take her to the house that you put the kids at.”

“Sure,” Jubilee said, as she turned and started down the street.

“And why should I allow you low people to…..” she started to say when suddenly a glowing disk formed below her feat and ran up her body causing her to vanish.

“There, I figured it was easier to just teleport her rather than argue,” a young girls voice said from behind them.

“Illyana?” Alison asked in surprise, as she turned around.

“Yep that’s me,” the blonde said coming out of the shadows to lean against a tree.

“Umm Illyana Rasputin, isn’t she kinda supposed to be, I don’t know….dead?” Jubilee asked.

“I don’t know, aren’t you supposed to kinda be…powerless?” Illyana mocked, “Look all I know is some really strange things are going on. I just teleported through Limbo to try and get home, but Limbo isn’t Limbo. Oh its still there but its just a big grassy plain now, no demons nothing. There’s still tons of magic but no creatures.”

“What do you mean I’m supposed to be powerless?”

“I didn’t even realize that. She’s right you lost your powers on M-day,” Alison said, backing away from Jubilee.

“Okay, what’s M-day?” Jubilee asked.

"M-day. The day that the Scarlet Witch altered reality and eliminated the powers of nearly 95% of mutants, including yours," Alison explained, growing suspicious of what was going on.

“Wait a minute. Jubilee what year is it?” Illyana asked.

“1999, why?”

“Jubilee that was 10 years ago. Okay, Illyana, you're the time traveler here. Do you know what’s going on?” Alison asked.

“Yes I know. But lets get the others before we talk about it.”

“Others?” Alison asked.

”Cyclops to any X-man can anyone hear me?” Cyclops voice, echoed through each of their communicators.

“Yes, others.” Illyana said, with a smile before summoning a stepping disk and teleporting them away.

The End?

You have reached the end of "X-Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 11.

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