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Summary: A forced pick by Principle Snyder causes multiple changes in the reality that the Powers have worked so hard to create.

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jormunguardFR1838,78217317,3054 Feb 1110 Feb 11No

Chapter One

Notes: Unfortunately, I don't own anything in this story other than the story itself, both Marvel and BtVS characters are owned by either Marvel or Mr. Whedon. I'm just playing with them for some fun.

Notes 2: I came up with this idea after noticing that barely any of the YAHFs on this site deal with transforming anyone other than Xander. I wanted to see if I could do one that transforms everyone and gives Xander a more powerful role but doesn't completely destroy the Scooby team. I hope you enjoy.

Notes 3: As far as Cordelia's explanation goes, this is an actual explanation I was given once by someone that did it. Truthfully doesn't make much sense to me but it was her reasoning. Now on with the show.

Giles looked up as the doors to the library opened and watched as Buffy and Xander walked into the library with despondent looks on their faces. Each of them looked at him, gave a half-hearted wave and trudged to the table and slumped into the chairs. He was just about to ask what was wrong when the door swung open yet again but instead of Willow, Cordelia came through with anger in her eyes.

“I hope you know that I blame you for this, Summers.”

“Me, what'd I do. How’s it my fault that Willow finally decided to stand up to one of Harmony’s constant put downs,” Buffy said, indignantly.

“Yes, but she wouldn’t have started to grow a back bone if it hadn’t been for her friendship with you.”

“Then I’m glad. Its about time that someone showed her that she was worth more than just a brain,”

Cordelia opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it took a deep breath and started again, “True, and unfortunately my way of forcing her to get a back bone wasn’t working. And Harmony has been getting a swelled head, its about time someone reminded her of her place. But she could have at least picked a time when I wasn’t around so I wouldn’t have to defend the moron.”

Xander and Buffy looked at Cordelia in shock when they realized what it was that she had just said. Xander shook his head and then said, “Wait a minute, you’ve been insulting her almost every day for years, and that was your way of trying to help her.”

Cordelia sighed in exasperation at Xander, “Xander do you really think that I would go out of my way to insult someone for no reason. I’ve been doing it try and get a rise out of her, try and get her to show some kind of back bone. I see a lot of potential in her, but if she doesn’t have a back bone she’s not worth anything to me. Truthfully, I was starting to give up hope on her until you showed up Buffy. I’ll admit when she tricked me into deleting a couple hours worth of work I was pissed, but a part of me was ecstatic. She would have never done anything like that before, it was passive aggressive but at least its something I can work with.”

“That’s a pretty fucked way to help someone, Cordelia,” Buffy said.

“Ok so it wasn’t one of my better ideas. But I saw potential in the girl, and I wasn’t about to sacrifice my status to try and help her by becoming friends with her. Think about it, if I hadn’t seen something in her, I would have just ignored her like I did with Jessie, or should I say tried to ignore him,” Cordelia explained, “I mean truthfully Buffy. You said that you used to be Queen B of your old school, tell me truthfully, if you saw real potential in someone but that someone was in geek class what would you have done.”

Buffy immediately opened her mouth with the intention of saying that she wouldn’t have done what Cordelia had, but then stopped herself. She sighed and admitted, “I would have done the same thing.”

“Why?” Xander asked.

“Xander it’s like this. What would have happened to someone’s status in this school if they were seen being able to stand up to me and trade barbs with me. Simply put she would have started gaining some respect. There would have been a little war between the two of us, which I would eventually win just to gain my status back. But by that time she would have gained enough status that I could be seen trying to become friends with her without loosing my status.”

“Either that was stupidest thing I’ve ever heard or the most brilliant. I just don’t know which.” Xander said, in bewilderment.

Cordelia just shook her head and waved him away like he didn’t matter, “What ever. That doesn’t matter anyway. I’m still blaming you, Summers, for this annoyance.”

“Fine whatever, Cordelia,” Buffy said.

“And what exactly is this problem you have, Buffy? Is there something I can help with?” Giles asked.

“Not unless you can get, Der Fuhrer, to change his mind,” Xander said. Giles calmly looked towards Buffy for an explanation of the problem.

“Principle Snyder, was walking past getting signatures for the Halloween escort job when Willow decided to stand up to Harmony. He hadn’t heard Harmony’s comment but he heard Willow’s and definitely heard Cordelia’s. As punishment Cordy and Willow had to sign up and since this all had to be my fault, I was made to “volunteer” too.”

“I see, and the punishment is to have to escort children on Halloween for trick or treating? So other than the volunteer work, how is this a punishment that it has all of you meeting here at the library?”

“Because the real punishment is that Principle Snyder gets to choose what kinds of costumes we wear, and it has to be a group theme that’s why we’re meeting here.. Willow is getting the costume choices from Principle Snyder right now.”

“I wish Willow would hurry up though. I still have to return the costume I already have from Party Town and see if I can get my money back,” Cordelia said.

Just as Cordelia finished Willow walked trough the door with a rather uncertain look on her face. She slowly walked up to the table, sat down and started to tell everyone what happened. However, she stopped and a confused look crossed her face before she tried to tell them again, but stopped again. Xander, Buffy and Cordelia all looked at Willow with dread as they watched the brightest amongst them have problems with what she had been told.

“Oh, for mercy sake, Willow, just explain to them what Snyder told you,” Giles said.

“It’s just I don’t know whether this is good news or bad news. I mean, Xander will probably think its good news, but its definitely bad news for me . But then its good news for Xander so I guess its good news for me in a way, but no definitely bad news for me because…..” Willow started.

However, as she was just about to go around the statement again Xander put his hand over her mouth and said, “Willow what did he say?”

Willow took a deep breath and said, “Well he said that he wanted this to be a punishment for Cordelia and I, but he wanted it to be something that Buffy couldn’t twist into something that bad for the kids and thus cause him problems with the parents. Then he said he had the perfect idea for what he was going to make us dress as…Comic Book Superheroes.”

No sooner had the words left her mouth than a huge smile lit up Xander’s face, as images of the three girls in front of him in Superhero costumes danced through his mind.

“Why does he think this is the perfect idea?” Buffy asked.

“Think about it Buffy, its something a geek would dress as, thus it’s a punishment for me. It’s spandex thus a punishment for Willow. And since I doubt neither of the three of us have any idea about Comics, that leaves the decisions of the characters to Xander. Thus if we dress as anything he doesn’t like, he knows exactly who’s fault it is.”

“Hmm, good point. So Xander, what are you going to…..” Buffy started as she looked over at Xander and noticed the glazed over expression on his face. She reached across the table and waved her hand in front of Xander’s face with no visible affect.

“Xander….Xander,” Willow said, as she to tried waving her hand at him, with still no affect.

Cordelia just shook her head at his antics and walked over and slapped him in the back of his head saying, “Get you mind out of the gutter, Geek.”

At the slap Xander jerked away and meekly said, “Sorry.”

“So did that vacant expression mean that you have some ideas or was that just your usual vacant expression?” Cordelia asked.

Xander scowled at Cordelia and said, “Yeah, I’ve got some ideas, but I think we should meet at the costume shop and see what they have first. Are there any rules that you want me to work with?”

“As long as its not going to get me in trouble with Snyder I don’t care, I’ve got enough problems with him I don’t need to give him another one,” Buffy said.

“I kinda want to say no spandex, but I don’t think I have much choice there. So how about nothing to revealing.” Willow said, hopefully.

“Nothing too Geeky, meaning nothing I’m going to have to explain to someone who I’m dressed as. It’s bad enough I have to do this I don’t want people to think I actually read those things.” Cordelia said.

“Ok, nothing skanky nor too revealing, and major characters only. That sound about right.”

The girls all nodded and after agreeing when to meet at the costume shop they each headed out. Giles sat back and shook his head with a smile on his face, as he turned and walked back into his office to continue his paperwork.

Xander walked into Ethan's an hour before the others were supposed to get there, hoping to get a look at the selection and try to come up with some ideas. As he walked through the aisles his mind started to wonder over what exactly he could do.

‘Ok, think brain think. Don’t want to do anything that’s too close to what the current generation of heroes are wearing over in Metropolis. Knowing our luck one of that heroes villains just might be coming through Sunny-D and mistake us for the hero. Doing Superman would be cool, but being electrocuted by Livewire as a result, not exactly of the fun.’

Xander walked through the aisles for several minutes trying to find any Superhero costumes, but no matter where he looked he couldn’t find a single costume. In exasperation he finally walked up to the register to ask. The man behind the register finished helping his latest costumer and then turned to Xander with a smile.

“Do you need some assistance, young man?” he asked, with a very British sounding accent.

“Yeah, where are your Superhero costumes?” Xander asked.

A frown crossed the mans face when he explained, “Unfortunately, the shipment of Superhero costumes didn’t come in. I’m very sorry, young man. Is there anything else I can interest you in?”

“Damn, we needed Superhero costumes. I’ll just have to tell Buffy we need to go over to Party Town. Maybe Cordy could loan me some money for this.” Xander said, as he started to move away.

Unnoticed by him the salesman perked up at his mention of Buffy’s name. ‘The current slayers named Buffy. There can’t be more than one person in this town with that stupid name. It would just be the perfect prank on old Ripper if I could include his slayer in the fun.’ Ethan thought.

Ethan rushed out from behind the counter, caught up to Xander and said, “Wait, my friend. I just remembered a box of Superhero costumes that the delivery driver sold to me. He said that they were supposed to go to Party Town but they had refused them because of some damage to the box. I think he said that their exact words were, ’I don’t care if they were already paid for. We will not have substandard costumes on our shelves, our customers expect nothing less than the best.’ I’ll tell you what I’ll charge you fifteen dollars for each costume you get from the crate.”

“Can I see what the costumes are first,” Xander asked.

“Of course, right this way young man,” Ethan said.

Ethan couldn’t help but smile as he led Xander into the curtained off portion of the shop, all the while thinking to himself, ‘I wonder what kind of chaos this is going to cause, the spell isn’t meant for superheroes. Hmm, maybe they’ll just become the actors, that’ll be interesting.’

Ethan showed him to a large crate that looked like it had been dropped on one side with enough force to actually smash the wooden supports of the crate. Ethan handed him a hammer and crowbar and said, “I truthfully hadn’t gotten around to opening it yet to see what was inside, but I was told that they were costume examples for a cinema that got canceled. So I had planned to keep them as collectors items, but I’m not really much of a collector.”

Xander quickly took the tools and started to work the top off of the crate. As soon as the top was off he looked inside and an ecstatic smile crossed his face. He quickly started looking through the crate the first thing he noticed was that while there were a couple full costumes, mostly the crate was filled with parts of costumes and accessories.

“Take your time, my young friend. When you find some costumes you want just bring them out to the register,” Ethan said.

“Ok, and thanks man,” Xander said, before he turned back and continued sorting through he crate.

When Ethan noticed that Xander was once again enthralled by what was inside the crate he made a arcane hand gesture and whispered a few words causing a small symbol of Janus to appear on the outside of the box and glow for several seconds before disappearing. With a smile Ethan turned and left the room to assist with any other customers that needed his help.

Meanwhile, Xander continued to sort through the odds and ends in the crate trying to decide how he was going to sell the others on which costumes. The first costume he pulled out was a black ninja style costume and thigh high black boots that included the distinctive red X on the tops of the boots. It also came with a very realistic looking katana with a pink sheen to the blade.

‘Psylocke, definitely Cordelia, then she can tell people its just a ninja costume, she won’t have to worry any being considered geeky. I wonder if there’s any chance I can get her to dye her hair tonight, that would really sell the costume.’

Xander turned back to the crate and started pulling out more costumes but quickly set them aside after noticing that they were either incomplete or were for male characters. However, after some searching he found a skin tight black leather outfit that would leave the right shoulder and arm bare with a red X over the right breast. Included in the package was what looked like a set of high-tech sunglasses.

‘Sage, hmm. Definitely Will, she’ll love the character, plus I remember her wearing a trench coat a couple times so that should satisfy her.’

Looking back into the crate he noticed that there were only bits and pieces of costumes left but no full costumes but then as he was sorting through the crate he noticed a small necklace with a microphone pendent. Excitedly he pulled it out and then turned to the pile of incomplete costumes that he had earlier set aside. After some searching he found the item he had been looking for, a small midriff bearing blue spandex shirt with a yellow star in the center of the chest. He pulled the shirt out and put it next to the other two costumes and added the necklace and a belt with the X-men belt buckle.

‘Dazzler, yeah I think I can get Buff to agree to being her for the night. I believe I remember her having a pair of brown cargo pants and leather jacket that would complete the costume. I better wait to tell her about Dazzler’s character until after Cordelia leaves though, or I’ll never get her to agree to do Psylocke rather than Dazzler.’ he thought.

Satisfied that he had found complete costumes for the three girls he turned and started going through the male costumes that he had put aside earlier. Unfortunately the majority of the costumes were for characters that just didn’t fit him.

‘Man, this sucks. The Wolverine costume is cool, but its for someone shorter than I am, while the Colossus costume is for someone taller. I guess I could talk Willow or Miss Summers into doing some alterations for me, but I gotta admit I don’t have the body for it. The only other almost complete costume is one of Archangel’s black leather costumes, but its missing the wings. Shit….well I guess, I can do a version of Mimic maybe, by putting together parts of different costumes, I don’t know,’ he thought, disappointment clouding his features as he leaned back against the wall.

He leaned against the wall for several minutes in deep thought trying to come up with some way to either put the different costume parts together to make one costume or to come up with some other idea on how to do a costume. Suddenly inspiration struck and he jumped forward and searched frantically through the bottom of the crate until he found what he was looking for, he excitedly pulled out the very recognizable yellow visor and set it down next to the Archangel costume.

Looking carefully at the combination he thought, ‘Well, not exactly right. But with a little help from Willow or Miss Summers we could alter it enough that it would make a decent Cyclops costume. Yeah, that’ll work.’

With confidence he put the unused items back into the crate and put the lid back on. He then picked up the costumes that he had chosen and walked into the front of the store to wait for the girls to arrive. As he waited he walked around the store looking for anything else that might come in handy for their costumes. It was while he was doing this that he noticed the strange fact that there were a lot of other costume types that are usually seen around Halloween that just weren’t present in Ethan’s shop. As he looked further he noticed that the majority of the costumes were either animals, monsters or just normal humans.

‘That’s weird. I mean other than the small selection of Star Trek costumes and a couple other futuristic costumes there isn’t anything else here. No fantasy, no superheroes, nothing else. That’s weird its almost like….’ he thought, but his train of thought was stopped as he spotted a black leather trench coat hanging against one of the walls.

He quickly jumped forward and pulled it off the wall. After looking it over he smiled in satisfaction because it would go perfectly with the Sage costume, which would make that costume that much easier to sell to Willow. He was almost jumping with joy when he heard Willow calling out his name from the front of the store. He rushed excitedly to the front of the store to show the girls what he had found, while mentally going through his mind on how he was going to sell each one of them on the costumes that he had selected. When he got to the front he spotted the three of them standing next to the door.

“Hey girls, I’ve found the perfect costumes for all of us, and they even came in the sizes that you guys gave me and met all the requirements that each of you gave me.” Xander said.

“Great, so tell me what I’m going as and give me the costume so I can get out of here. The less time I have to spend with you three the better,” Cordelia said.

“Okay, umm,” Xander said, as he handed over the Psylocke costume, “Well your costume is for the character Psylocke she’s a psionic and a member of the X-men. But the best thing for you is that for the most part her costume resembles that of a ninja, so if anyone asks you can just say that your dressed as a ninja not as a superhero.”

Cordelia carefully looked over the items that Xander handed her before nodding her head and said, “Hmm, definitely quality fabric. Something I wasn’t expecting in this low rent place. And you’re right it would be better to be seen as a ninja rather than a superhero.”

“There’s only one thing that you could do to really sell the costume. Would you be willing to add kinda a purple tint to your hair, the character tends to dye her hair purple.”

“Well, I was planning on getting my hair done after Halloween anyway, and it would go with the color scheme of the costume. Okay I can do that.” Cordelia said, as she walked towards the register to pay for the costume.

Xander followed her and waved at Ethan while indicating that Cordelia was with him. At Ethan’s nod he turned back to Willow and Buffy. Smiling he handed each of them the costumes that he had selected.

“Okay, first Willow. The costume that I selected for you goes with a character called Sage. Like all of our costumes she’s a member of the X-men. But the thing that I think you’ll like about her is that her powers actually deal with computers,” Xander explained, causing Willow to look up and a small smile to form on her lips.

“How so?” Willow asked.

“Let’s put it this way, her power literally makes her into a walking computer. I mean imagine for a second having a mind that’s more powerful than any computer that you can possibly imagine, give that computer infinite memory and infinite speed and you’ll get the idea of what her mind is like. According to the comics she is commonly described as being able to multitask to the point of being able to play a game of internet chess, re-watch a movie from her memory and fight a major villain without any one of the tasks interfering with her concentration on either of the other tasks. Also a plus in regards to the costume side, she’s been shown wearing a trench coat like the one I gave you, so it’ll provide a little bit of cover for the fact that the costume is so revealing. The only other thing you‘ll need is either a black wig or possibly some temporary dye.”

Willow smiled and thanked Xander, before turning to look at the costume that Buffy was holding in her hands and the confused look on Buffy’s face.

“Ummm, Xand there seems to be a little problem here. I say non-skanky and ya give me a costume with no pants,” Buffy asked, in confusion.

“Actually I happen to know that you own a pair of tan cargo pants which is the same as what the character usually wore with her costume. But truthfully she’s also a little taller than you so the normal pants that would go with the costume wouldn’t have fit anyway.”

“Oh…oh yeah. Comics the home of the supermodel types,” Buffy said.

“Sorry Buff, if its any consolation if I had told Cordelia the background of the character I gave you she might fight ya for it.”

“Why, who’s she?”

“Her name is Dazzler, she’s an accomplished musician, actress and model. It was actually at one of her concerts that she first met the X-men. She has the ability to convert sound into light, which she usually used on stage to accompany her concerts. She was kind of a reluctant superhero, kinda like you with the slay gig.”

“Ok, that’s cool. So is there anything else I need other than my cargos?” Buffy asked.

“If you want you could wear your leather jacket, she’s been seen several times with a leather jacket.”

“Ok. So what about your character?” Buffy asked.

Xander smiled and said, “Actually I’m going to need either your mom’s help or Willows help with mine, we need to make a couple alterations to my costume. But anyway, I’m going to be going as Cyclops. He has the ability to fire an energy beam from his eyes, but because of an accident when he was young he lost the ability to turn the power off, so he has to wear a visor to control his powers for him. The visor makes him look like he only has one eye, thus the name.”

“Why the alterations to the costume, is it to big or something?” Willow asked.

“No, its just that according to the owner, these costumes came from a bunch that had been damaged it shipment and some pieces were lost, like the pants for Buffy’s costume. The only male costumes that were complete were either way to big for me or too small for me. The uniform part of this costume actually comes from another character, but that costume was missing a majorly important piece, but with a couple slight alterations and the visor piece from the Cyclops costume it becomes a workable costume.” Xander smiled, at his own ingenuity as he turned and led the others up to the register to pay.

Ethan smiled at him as he approached and said, “I’m certainly glad that you were able to find the costumes that you were needing, my young friend.”

“Yeah, thanks for all of your help.”

“It was my pleasure. And I hope you and your friends have an enjoyable holiday,” Ethan said, as he finished ringing up their purchases.

As they left the store the gang agreed to meet up at Buffy’s house latter so that they could get ready. Before she left, Buffy had Xander give her his costume so that she could go talk to her mother about making the alterations that he needed. Xander left the shop already with images of what the other girls were going to look like in their costumes.

END NOTE: So does this sound like a story worth continuing. I've got another couple chapters finished. But I figured I'd post the first chapter to see if anyone was interested in reading it and what people thought.
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