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From Cake to Cookie

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dammit Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It was an accident, but Dawn doesn't feel like fixing it. Faith is just too cute!

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Dawn-CenteredDearestDrusillaFR131936081,9637 Feb 117 Feb 11Yes
I do not own BtVS or any other part of pop culture refereed to in this work of fiction.


“What the hell did you do?!” Buffy shouted as infant Faith wailed in her arms.

“I...we were talking about her childhood and I just, I went all goddess and I don't know what to do!” Dawn was sitting on the couch crying while wIllow attempted to figure out a way to reverse whatever spell Dawn had cast.

“It's alright Faith,” Andrew sang from behind Buffy, "We'll get you all big again and you'll be slaying vampires in no time.” Faith only cried harder.

“Why won't she stop crying?” Buffy asked Giles, trying to rock Baby Faith to sleep. “My son always fell asleep when I did this!” It was true, Buffy's son Liam would go out like a light; the three year old still passed out when either parent rocked him.

“Perhaps Dawn should try?” Giles suggested, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “She is the one Faith saw first in her current state.”

Buffy looked at him dubiously before walking over to her apprehensive sister. “Make sure to support her head,” she told her before handing Dawn the baby.

“I did babysit Liam during missions you know,” Dawns cowled, taking Faith.

Silence. Pure, golden silence rang throughout the room as Baby Faith quietened. Cooing and laughing silently as she waved tiny fists at Dawn.

“Well, that solves one problem,” Willow pointed out from where she sat analyzing the event. “As to the other...I think we might be down a slayer.”

“You mean...Faith is a baby forever?” Buffy asked, not willing to believe it.

“Not forever,” Willow shook her head. “Just, a baby again.” As Buffy began to grind her teeth and mumble, Willow looked at Dawn. “What were you talking about exactly?”

“Exactly what I said, we started talking about how Liam was lucky to have such a big family,” Dawn began playing with one of Faith's tiny fists, smiling down at the infant in her arms. “And we started comparing and eventually she started talking about her childhood...I remember feeling upset for her, furious even.”

“Divine Justice took over,” Willow sighed. “I think your goddessness reset Faith to give her what she deserved. I mean, look at what happened to Buffy and Angel.”

The two in question looked at Willow. Buffy seemed to understand while Angel seemed slightly confused. Then again he'd just entered the room with Liam. Their son had heard the crying baby and demanded to go see.

“She gave us what we deserved,” Buffy nodded. “A happy ending.”

“Yeah,” Willow nodded.

She glanced over at Dawn as the youngest scooby played with her new child. Privately Willow thought Dawn's actions might have been the slightest bit selfish as well. But they both looked very happy together and Dawn had always been good with kids. Faith had a tiny handful of Dawn's hair, trying to chew on it with her gums while Dawn kept pulling it away from Faith's mouth. Willow looked across the room as well to see how everyone else was adapting to the change and they seemed to be taking it very well.

Buffy was quietly explaining why Dawn had a baby to Angel while Giles leaned over the scene of Dawn and Faith. Xander and Andrew were plotting ways of turning Faith into a nerd as they too leaned over to see the cute baby. Liam however was toddling over before pushing his uncles out of the way and inspecting the baby himself.

“Who dat?” Liam asked, demanded really.

“This is aunt Faith,” Dawn answered her nephew.

“Nu-uh, Faith a big girl.” Liam argued.

“Well Aunt Faith didn't have a wonderful mommy and daddy,” Buffy interrupted. Liam looked over at his mom in confusion. He still ahd troiuble with the idea that everyone had parents. “So Aunty Dawn made her into a baby again, that way she could have a nice mommy.”

“She's sister?” Liam asked of Angel. After all, the only mommy and daddy around were his.

“No,” Dawn laughed. “She's your cousin. Faith is my baby.”

“Daddy?” Liam asked.

“We have to go find him,” Dawn smiled. “Isn't that right Faith?”

The baby gurgled from her spot on the couch, wrapped as she was in Dawn's sweater.

“She naked,” Liam finally said before running out of the room.

“What the heck...” Buffy dashed out of the room after her three year old while Angel went to go investigate the newest baby in Castle Summers.

“So why is she Dawn's baby?” Angel asked, reaching down to touch Faith's hand.

“Because she's a good girl for me,” Dawn cooed. “Yes she is, she's quiet baby huh?”

Xander explained the Good Girl aspect while Andrew dashed out of the room for a mighty mugg version of Han Solo. It was a tradition really, Andrew would give a mighty mugg to every baby born in the castle, and as it so happened, Han Solo had been the only one left in the nerd's collection.

Angel looked at Faith once more as Buffy and Liam re-entered the room with baby clothes. Some of the jumpers were Liam's, while some had come from the other slayers turned moms in the castle. Liam was carrying a blanket rather than any clothes. It was his back-up blankie and Dawn felt rather touched that he would bring it out.

“Faith gave me this,” Liam said, crawling onto the couch where Dawn sat cradling Faith. “She needs now.”


Liam is based off of my nephew, so there will be adorableness and more chapters. Huzzah!

The End

You have reached the end of "From Cake to Cookie". This story is complete.

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