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Are you ready to be strong?

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Summary: Potential Vampire Slayers can be found everywhere, and activating them can be... interesting in a bad way.

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Television > PrimevalDmitriFR763,6760102,6618 Feb 1112 Feb 11Yes

Are you ready to be strong?

Chapter One

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.
Note: This takes place at the end of the episode 2x03 of Primeval.

It’s funny, but when your life is ending, then moments seem to last for hours. Take Valerie Irwin for example. One moment she was petting her monstrous pet, the next moment it turned on her, and she was vainly trying to hold it off, and the third-

“Are you ready to be strong?”

“Yes!” was the desperate cry.

- she was. Strong enough to hold-off even the mighty smilodon. “No,” she firmly told the rather surprised, or even confused, prehistoric animal, “no snacking on me.” She whacked it lightly across its’ muzzle. Well, at least she thought that the blow was light – the smilodon promptly sat down, looking more than a little bit dazed.

“And now,” Valerie turned and faced Nick Cutter, who was looking quite a bit confused himself, just as Valerie’s husband had been when he died. “It’s your turn.”

When it came to women, Nick Cutter was nowhere as smart as opposed to dinosaurs, yet right now he got a good idea: he turned around and ran.

* * *

Abby was first of Nick’s back-up on the scene to arrive and help him. To her surprise, she saw Nick running away from the crazy ranger lady, instead of the smilodon...which was nowhere to be seen. This state of affairs was confusing enough for Abby to hesitate fighting her tranquilizer gun, which was just what the smilodon wanted: with a single lunge it ambushed the petite blonde, bringing her down fast and hard.

“Abby, no!” Nick desperately cried, his attention on Valerie faltering a bit, which was all the opening that she needed: with one hard kick, Nick was swept off his feet and into the wall of Valerie’s house. He hit the wall hard and went down harder, barely better than Abby.

“Am I ready to be strong?” Valerie chuckled, as she walked to her much-bigger pet to pet it behind the ears. “Oh, yes!”
It was then the rest of the ARC’s field team arrived and took them both down. Hard.

To be continued...
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