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Exiled Xander in the land of the gods.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Mystic Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Xander makes a deal with the powers that be, he didn't expect to get sent into the past of another world.

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Miscellaneous > Myths & LegendsMistofRainbowsFR1533183,94821293137,3038 Feb 111 May 11Yes


Xander glanced out at the horizon and smiled as he thought over the last several years. He had watched his family grow from his motley collection of friends into a massive collection of the finest people he had ever known. Not that that was all that hard considering where and who his family was. If you had asked him where he thought his life would have turned out before he met Buffy he would probably have said working at a factory someplace with next to nothing and a pile of bills that filled his desk. Despite all of the danger he had put himself in back in Sunnydale, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he wouldn’t have changed his meeting with Buffy for anything. Several other things after that maybe, but he didn’t regret dressing like a monster and being banished. It had taken him years to come to terms with never being able to go back to his own world, but eventually he had decided that there were enough worlds to explore that it didn’t matter that he couldn’t go back to one of them. “I should almost thank the PTB for banishing me.” He shook his head as he decided that it would just fill their ego.

Danielle grinned as she looked over at Xander, “I’m not sure why they decided to banish you rather than just reset things but I’m glad that they did. Otherwise, I never would have existed and all of this.” She gestured to the city that was glowing in the light from the setting sun, “Would never have been built.” She brushed his hand lightly with her own.

He smiled as he entwined his fingers with hers, “I’m just glad that I have people to share my life with.”

Two of the so called PTBs looked down at the scene with amusement. The masculine looking one grinned, “Took you long enough uncle Xander.”

The female one shrugged, “Now that he’s retired and enjoying life, can we stop with the whole PTB angle? We’ve been doing it for a thousand years and it’s getting old.”

The man grinned, “Sure, let’s go get some dinner at P4 then go say hi to the moms.”

The girl grinned, “I miss that place, goddess it’s been too long since we’ve been back here.”

The man chuckled, “Yeah, home sweet home and all of that.”


Willow smiled as Brian and Tiff walked in smiling. “How was your trip and when did you guys get back?”

Brain rushed over and hugged his mother, “Have I told you I love you lately mom?”

She chuckled, “Oh please, you were only touring around the mainland for a month. It‘s a great graduation practice.”

Brian grinned, “Feels more like a thousand years.”

Tiff rolled her eyes, “We got back about an hour ago. We decided to hit P4 then say hello.”

Willow chuckled, “I see how it is.”

Tiff chuckled, “Hey, have you tried ancient Greek food lately?”


Tiff grinned, “Where’s mom? I want to give her a hug.”

Willow frowned, “You sure you’re alright?”

Tiff chuckled, “Yep, I just missed her.”

Willow smiled, “She should be in the study working on her plans for the next city we build.”

Tiff grinned, “Sounds fun. I’ll go surprise her.” She headed off.

Brian grinned as Tiff left, “It really is nice to be back.”

She nodded, “I bet. It’s good to have you back. You have any good stories?”

He grinned, “There might have been a couple of interesting things along the journey. How‘s your fruit collection going?”

She smiled, “Still trying to figure out how to get a cutting of Telperion and Laurelin but other than that, it’s going well.” She tossed him a gold veined pear. “Here try it.”

“What does it do?”

She smiled, “That’s part of the adventure.”

He chuckled as he bit into it. It was nice to be home, though he knew that many more adventures were still to come, he was thankful that his uncle Xander had fulfilled his destiny.

~AN~ This fic has been fun for me to write. I want to thank everyone that stuck with the fic until the end. I learned a couple of things while writing this. One of the main ones being that if you ever decide to jump on the alternate world raiding bandwagon use nicknames for characters you steal if you have two people with the same name. It gets a lot less confusing. Joking aside, I’m sorry that parts of this story got convoluted and hard to follow for some people. I guess I got a little carried away with ideas and wandered away from Xander in my story. I’m debating writing more in this world, either finishing the stargate stuff, or Dawn finishing collecting the other keys. I’m still sort of working on Willow’s garden, might do a couple of shorts on that, not sure where things will go. Thanks again, and I hope people enjoyed the story. I’m sorry to see it end but I was tired of feeling bad that I wasn’t writing about Xander anymore. Best of luck to all my reviewers and thanks ever so much for taking the time to read my story.

The End

You have reached the end of "Exiled Xander in the land of the gods.". This story is complete.

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