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Exiled Xander in the land of the gods.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Mystic Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Xander makes a deal with the powers that be, he didn't expect to get sent into the past of another world.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own any recognizable Buffy character, I don’t own any of the characters from Xena or Hercules either. I don’t own much of anything really. This story is a response to a Wraithrune’s challenge for Xander in Exile. He went as Quina for Halloween, ate some children that had been turned into various creatures and gained a number of magical powers. Is where the challenge can be found. You can sneak a look at the powers he has by reading Wraithrune’s story or just wait for me to use them.


Xander groaned as he fumbled to his feet and promptly fell on his face as the remains of his costume from the night before tripped him. It took him several moments to get his breathing under control as he found himself in a strange forest. It was another several minutes before he realized that he had used the remains of his Halloween costume as a blanket. That memory brought a few moments of silence as he remembered the deal he had struck with the powers that be of his home dimension. Banishment from his home world in exchange for them restoring to life all of the people his costumed self had killed.

He glanced around the forest, it wasn’t the same as the forest in his dreams which was sort of a relief, though that didn’t explain why he was dreaming about alien forests, nor the vague memories of the strange dream that involved turning a strange metal ring into a transformer of all things. He was still trying to brush the dust from his mind as he realized with a shock that the knowledge he needed to do exactly that had bubbled up from his unconscious as he thought about it. He twitched as he realized with a shaky laugh that at least some part of him knew how to call on his new blue magic powers. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not as it was one more indication that this walking nightmare was real and that his girls were gone. The feeling of magic bubbling up as well was the first real indication he had that he had actually kept the powers his costumed alternate had acquired.

He swatted a bug as it landed on his arm, “Damn, maybe that dream wasn't completely crazy… this world is full of insects.” He looked around for a couple of seconds trying to find something that was familiar from the dream but it was hard as the dream wasn’t exactly the best guide. “Then again, a lot of forests have bugs. What I wouldn‘t give for a can of bug spray.” Still, he figured that sitting there wasn’t doing him any good. “I just hope there aren’t any monsters.” He glanced at the plastic trident, “Even if it was real, not much of a fan of tridents now. I’ll just have to get something more useful later.” He glanced around and found a tree limb that was hanging down, “Better than nothing.” He reached into his pocket and dug his pocket knife out. He looked at the small pocket knife and sighed, “Well at least I have one.”

Fifteen minutes later he looked at his new staff with amusement, “It’s not exactly Merlin’s staff but it will do.” He chuckled as he glanced at the semi-pointed end of the staff, “Should work for vampire slaying in a pinch.” He shook his head, he knew that if there were any vampires around he was probably rather dead as there wasn’t a Buffy around to bail him out. That brought another bout of the same strange bubbling of knowledge as earlier. “Huh, regeneration, enhanced speed and strength spells.”

He glanced at his hands as he nervously brought the knife blade close to the back of his arm in a spot that didn’t have any vital veins or anything and pressed hard enough to draw a couple of drops of blood. He waited for the wound to close for a couple of seconds before he realized that he hadn’t actually cast the spell on himself yet. “At least you didn’t try cutting yourself anywhere useful.” He shook his head, “Damn, I’ve got to stop talking to myself as well.” He shook his head and summoned enough magic to heal the minor wound on his arm. He frowned as he felt his various bug bites stop bothering him. ‘Huh, apparently it’s not instant healing, it grants a creature regeneration… damn that’s useful.’ He shook his head and started walking in a random direction.

Several hours later he had realized several things to his great dismay, his regeneration spell was permanent though apparently low powered. He was a bit upset with himself for while he could still feel his regeneration gifting power as strong as ever apparently once given the spell of regeneration couldn’t be modified much at all. He had only managed to increase his regeneration a touch beyond what it had started at with more applications of his gift ability. He was fairly sure that he had just cost himself any chance he had of being able to bestow himself with better regeneration. It made him very glad that he hadn’t used any of his other powers before he figured this out. It made him especially glad that he hadn’t tried to recast the Halloween spell as that one was probably particularly dangerous. He had also come to wonder if the damn world he found himself on was barren of human life as he hadn’t found any signs of civilization yet.


Xander scowled as he glanced at his boots, “Now I’m annoyed that my feet aren’t hurting.” He sighed, at least if his feet had been hurting it would help him tell how far he had walked, not that the gnawing hunger wasn’t a dead give away that he had been walking for hours if not days, well okay not days as it hadn’t gotten dark yet. He glanced warily at a couple of berry bushes his new woodland senses were telling him were more or less edible. He sighed, “You might not be a twinkie but you’re all I have.”

He scowled as thirty minutes later he found himself having to stop again by the side of the path as his stomach cramped and he found his bladder complaining in exquisite detail about the berries. Apparently he should have listened to his nagging doubt about the berries, then again it might have been the stream water he had washed the berries down with. He figured Murphy had it out for him as his latest bout of the shits was interrupted by voices coming down the path. He did his best to not make any noise as he finished using a leaf to attend to business…

Maybe Murphy didn’t completely hate him as he finished his business in time to catch up with the two very beautiful and scantily clad girls that were walking down the path. He realized that no, Murphy did indeed hate him as the taller women turned around as he stepped on a twig and raised some type of small sharp looking metal ring and said something in a language that he didn’t understand. While most people wouldn’t be overly afraid of two females, he had known Buffy long enough that he wasn’t going to judge someone merely on appearance, besides that, the black haired women had leather armor on and was currently holding something he was guessing was a weapon in his general direction. He held up his hands, “Please don’t kill me.” He watched nervously as the black haired one glanced at her strawberry blond friend and spoke a few words of the same strange language. He shook his head, “I don’t understand.” He frowned as the black haired girl made a gesture he did understand, or at least he assumed it was something like “Walk in front of me or I’ll gut you like a fish.” He decided that they probably knew where a village was, which was better than him stumbling around aimlessly.

Several hours later he found himself glancing around a small town, though judging by the lack of anything approaching modern devices he figured it was a large town for this time period. At least if his vague memories of Giles’s rants about ancient times were any indication. He waved farewell to the girls once they hit town and it became apparent that everyone spoke the strange language. Though now that he could hear snatches of the language spoken by the townsfolk he was fairly sure that he had heard the language before. Though with the number of ancient languages written in Giles’s dusty tomes it could have been any of a number of strange languages. “Pity that I didn’t get some ability with languages…” He frowned as he thought over his list of powers. While it might be useful to turn invisible and sneak over to one of the merchants selling food, he really didn’t want to start his time in this new world out by stealing. He decided that watching people for a little while would net him the best results.

He sighed as twenty minutes later he still hadn’t found out anything useful, not only that but the fact remained that he still didn’t know what the exchange rate was for anything. He had a couple of coins he might be able to trade for something to eat but beyond that he was going to have to figure something out quickly. “I wish Willow was here, she would know what to do.” He sighed, apparently his powers didn’t include making his friends appear just by wishing. “That damn balance demon could have at least left me with a photo of them. I wish I could at least see them.” He blinked in shock as he got a brief flash of the Scooby gang huddled around the table in the school’s library. He shook his head as one of the passing people almost ran into him. “Not the time to zone out Xander.” He pulled several pennies from his pocket and headed over toward the food vender.

He smiled for the first time in hours, maybe even days as he enjoyed the large piece of bread and the pomegranate that the man had been willing to part with for several of the pennies. “Probably got cheated, but oh well.” He glanced around as he headed out of town toward the forest. After the number of strange looks his clothes had received and the more dangerous looks his handful of change had generated he had decided to make haste to a place that was quieter until he could sort through his powers a bit more.

Xander was just glad that it was a rather warm night as he nervously glanced around the small clearing he found himself in. At least he wasn’t in danger of freezing. He looked down at a couple of seeds he had saved from the pomegranate. “Okay, let’s see just how crazy I am.” He carefully dug a hole in the ground, dropped one of the seeds into the hole and called on his woodland magic. He was rather surprised and pleased when a small shoot grew out of the ground and continued to grow at a fantastical pace. He directed the flowing shrub to flower and produce fruit. He smiled as he realized that at least for now his food problem wasn’t as pressing. He figured that he could probably trade some of the fruit for other things in the village, or at least he could if he could actually understand the villagers. Still that was a problem for the morning. He used his knife to cut open another of the fruit before putting his knife away in his pocket.

He smiled as he finished his second Pomegranate, “Okay now to important things.” He was hoping that the brief flash had been his vision power. He wasn’t exactly sure how it worked but figured a bit of testing might not be a bad idea. He sat down with his back against his new tree and rested his hands on his knees. He chuckled softly, “Giles would fall over if he saw me meditating. Still nothing for it but to try to use these abilities for something useful.” He figured that it was probably easier checking on something close than it was far away but he wasn’t sure. It wasn’t like the abilities came with a guidebook after all. He concentrated on the two girls from the road and was rather pleased when he could catch an image of them talking quietly in a room with a number of other people, probably in the town. The image flickered and wavered as his concentration broke. He smiled, “Still that’s progress and it doesn’t seem too hard.”

Several minutes later he was willing to reconsider that comment as the images kept flickering and twisting away from him. He probably would have continued to have issues for the rest of the night except for the fact that he recognized one of the words the dark haired girl said to her companion when her companion wasn’t paying enough attention, “Gabrielle.” It was too much of a coincidence that that wasn’t a name. The second he realized that, the girl’s image snapped into crystal clear focus and stopped wavering at least until Xander realized that having someone’s name would help with the vision deal and distracted himself enough that the vision broke. He wondered if that would help with his other powers. He wondered if the fireball power wasn’t something more useful than just the ability to throw fireballs. By the time his sense of self preservation caught up with the rest of his brain his hands were already raised and about to test that theory. “The forest is not the place I want to test that. He yawned as he decided to wait until the morning when he walked out of the forest.

He found his mind drifting to his Willow as he sat back down. “Maybe…” He closed his eyes as he concentrated and tried to find his friend’s image. He blinked in surprise as he caught a full color and audio ‘vision’ of his friend singing in the shower. He winced as he smacked the back of his head against the tree he was leaning against as the sight of his friend naked caused him to lose the vision. “She’s going to kill me.” It took him several seconds to realize that he would probably never talk to his Willow again. “Now there is a horrible thought.” He was rather somber for a few minutes before he smiled as he thought about Buffy in the shower. Sadly or not so sadly depending on if she ever found out about such thoughts or abilities he merely got a rather cute image of her curled up asleep. He smiled as he let the vision fade as he brought his mind’s eye back to Willow. This time she was already dressed for bed and was curled up in a very Willow way on her bed reading a text book. He spent a couple of minutes watching her before he decided that he was acting stalkerish. He allowed his mind’s eye to drift off his Willow and return to the present world he found himself in. He yawned, “Okay, probably should set a time limit on that in the future.” He was tired enough from his long day that although he didn’t mean to he drifted off to sleep.

He blinked as he realized that he had fallen asleep and that it was morning. He felt rather glad that nothing had eaten him in his sleep. He glanced toward his rather pathetic walking stick for a few seconds before he called on his woodland magic in order to smooth the staff out and to even out the poor whittling job he had done the day before. He smiled as he picked up his new staff. He smiled, “Okay, you’re doing good. Maybe a touch of food though.” He picked another fruit off the tree to munch on as he decided what to do about supplies. “Okay… if I can use the Halloween spell to create anyone I want.” He shook his head, “No, down that path leads madness. At least for now.” He spent a few minutes using his nifty new vision power to watch his friends get ready for their days, at least until Willow started heading toward the bathroom. He pulled his mind’s eye away and sent it off toward Buffy. Which was how he spent most of the morning, it was also how he knew she had a birthmark on her cute behind. Though such things were rather important, even more important or at least relevant was when he connected a few of the words he had heard when the passerby had almost ran him down with some of the words Giles’s was muttering as he looked through his books in frustration. He could have kissed Buffy when she asked Giles what language that was. While he had declined to comment on what he had said he had mentioned that they were Greek. Xander had to smile as he realized that they were probably swear words or near enough.

Xander frowned as he thought about the words and how to learn what they meant. At least it gave him a place to start looking. It had taken him a few minutes of trying but he had finally figured out that if he thought about his Willow and then his town he could sort of pull back the view on his scrying and look over his old town. From there he had headed toward the Sunnydale college. After all even he knew that languages were taught at colleges. Sadly apparently it was too much to hope that Greek was one of the ones currently being taught. He sighed, “Someone must be teaching this crap.” He concentrated on casting this mind’s eye out. Which was why several hours later he was “watching” an introductory college lecture about the Greek language. He frowned as the lecture paused as he thought about how there just happened to be a class on exactly what he wanted when he needed it. He frowned as he tried to picture the Scooby gang’s thanksgiving, which wasn’t supposed to happen for weeks yet. He blinked in shock as the college lecture hall faded out and he started receiving rather misty images of the gang hanging out at Buffy’s house. “Huh, apparently the future is a bit fuzzy. Still useful to know that I might be able to sneak pictures.” He grinned, “Very useful. Now if I can just learn enough to get around.” He pulled his thoughts back to the college lecture hall and sat through the rest of the lecture.

By the end of the first day of listening to the professor ramble on about Greek nouns and verbs and a bunch of other stuff he didn’t understand he found his mind wandering. He grinned as an image of a naked Harmony and a mostly naked Cordelia in the girl’s locker room snapped into focus. He spent a few minutes enjoying watching the various girls from different angles before he forced himself to return to what he was calling his Greek torture class, otherwise know as the language class from hell. He sighed as after a few minutes his mind’s eye skipped from the class to Gabrielle in a bath. He sighed as he pushed the image away and stopped using his vision. He blinked as the world came back into focus. “Okay, that’s not helping, okay it was helping his happiness level, but not in the way he really needed right now.” He shifted uncomfortably as he adjusted his pants. He frowned as he ate another pomegranate, “Maybe the village will have something to trade.” He sighed as he pulled himself up and collected a couple of the fruits.

He smiled as he bit into a piece of bread and drank a gulp of badly watered wine, he was just hoping that there was enough alcohol to kill anything in the fresh stream water. At least he hoped it was fresh stream water, the people around here seemed to know very little about bacteria. He pushed those thoughts out of his head as he found a place that was out of the way of passer-byes but not so far out of the way that he couldn’t hear the conversations that drifted through the ‘streets‘. He listened for a bit and then focused his vision power on the lecture hall he was beginning to love and hate. He found that it was possible though my no means easy to sort of jump to the moment in time when the professor explained what a word meant. Thus with a great deal of work and practice he could flip back and forth between the world he found himself in and the lecture hall for a translation, though it didn’t help him translate in real time it did give him a bit more familiarity with the language. Enough that he was starting to get a handle on a few common words. He sighed, at this rate it was going to take forever to learn the language. He sighed as he looked up at the sky and realized that he should be getting back to his little hide away if he wanted to make it before it got dark. Not that it was much of a hideaway but it did have his tree which was sadly his only source of trading material. Though he was hoping to fix that as he had traded a couple of slices of pomegranate for several seeds from other fruits. He had found that he rather enjoyed walking through the land on his own without the constant noise of the city. He was even becoming used to making his way through the forest to reach his little clearing. Okay so he got lost a half a dozen times and had to use his vision power a couple of times to scry on his tree then zoom out until he knew which direction to go but it was getting easier.

He frowned as he finally reached his clearing and noticed that some wild animal had been here and had made a mess with some of the pomegranates that it could reach on the lower branches. He sighed, “I need a better location.” He sat down and spent a few hours scrying the land for suitable locations before he was startled out of his vision questing by a noise in the forest. He shook his head, “Okay I need someone to talk to before I go crazy.” He sighed as Murphy decided to kick him in the gut as a group of centaur came tromping through the edge of his grove, “What the fuck… not what I was thinking.”

He muttered as he left the grove as the centaurs romped and partied in his grove. He had stayed for a bit trying to tell them that the grove was his home but they didn’t seem to understand him or even care for that matter. He sighed as he grabbed a couple of the various fruits and left before the centaurs remembered that he was there. Which was how he found himself alone in the unfamiliar forest at night. He had grown up on the hellmouth and understood creepy as few other people could claim but now that he knew there were monsters here it was hard to not look at the trees like something was going to jump out at him.

He sighed as he came to an Olive tree that caught his eye. He wasn’t exactly happy about having to leave his grove but figured it was probably for the best as it forced him to do something other than waste away watching the world pass him by. He decided that it was time to do something about his loneliness. He summoned up a mental image of what he wanted his new companion to look like. He fixed the image firmly in his mind, he wasn’t sure anyone could blame him that the image was a seventeen year old sexy mix of features from the girls in his life, Willow, Buffy, Cordelia Chase and even a feature or two of Miss Calendar made their way into his mental image of his new girl. He kept the image firmly planted in his mind as he used his woodland magic to pull a perfectly crafted body from within the olive tree. He frowned as he realized that she was just standing there. “No life, I guess I could give you a spark… but that’s not what I’m looking for. No I think the Halloween spell might work better to give you your personality but not yet.” He glanced up at the new smaller tree, “I think you’ll work.” He took a breath and cleared his mind for a few moments before summoning forth another picture, this time of a wooden dwarf complete with clothes and craftsman tools. He paused to chuckle, “Only in my life would playing role playing games ever come in useful.” He frowned as he remembered the character in detail, he smirked as he made a couple of slight changes to the character’s sheet that was floating around in his head, he mentally crossed off orcish in the language section of the sheet and replaced it with Greek. He also added a magical silver bowl that created stew on demand to the dwarf’s item list with a note that said it was to be a gift to his new employer. As a final tweak he changed the dwarf’s employer to one Xander Harris. He reached out with the Halloween spell and twisted reality such that his dwarf came alive. He watched in fascination as the wood the dwarf was made from turned to flesh and gear. It didn’t take the dwarf long to look around and stop when he noticed Xander, he spit on the ground, “I hate teleporting. Who the hell are you?”

Xander grinned, “I’m Xander Harris, you’re?”

The dwarf nodded, “Apparently the mage got the spell right this time. My name is Xanos and my lord sent me to aid you as per your agreement, I’ll work for you for a year and a day.”

Xander blinked, the year and a day part was a bit unexpected but that could just be because in the back of his mind he had been thinking that he didn’t want the dwarf to stick around forever. “Agreed.”

The dwarf looked around, “So what’s the first order of business?”

“Setting up a base of operations.”

The dwarf nodded, “You want me to collect your statue? Why the hell didn‘t you make her out of stone?”

Xander glanced at the wooden girl, he might not want to give her a spark but there was nothing that stopped him from using a bit of magic to get her to come to life enough to move and follow him. “I didn’t have the tools to make her out of stone. No need.” He gestured for the girl to follow him.

The dwarf blinked as he watched the statue move, “I should have gotten a bonus for working for a mage. Blah.” He grumbled as he followed Xander.

Xander for his part headed toward the sea, he had been looking for a suitable cave when he had found a cave that was set into a cliff. The entrance even looked like a scary snake monster’s mouth, perfect for scaring away the locals. Especially since he had found some old evidence that a monster had in fact lived there but there didn’t seem to be any signs that anything currently lived there. He decided that it would be perfect with a few upgrades.

Xanos frowned as he looked around the clearing surrounding the entrance to the cave, “Enough room to grow your trees. Has a fairly defensible approach as well. Might have to do something about he ugly snake head. Give me several weeks and I can probably get it to look less snake like and more dragon like if you want.”

Xander grinned, “Sure, though I’m a touch more concerned with the inside of the cave.”

Xanos grunted, “I’ll take a look, it might be a large project even with my earth shaping magic.”

Xander shrugged, “I’ll take what I can get. I‘ll see about getting some food together.”

Xanos shrugged, “I almost forgot, got a magical bowl I’m supposed to give you that makes soup or stew.”

Xander had to work to keep the smile off his face, “That would be delightful, as I haven’t had a decent meal since I got to these lands.”

Xanos fished the bowl out of his pack and handed it to Xander, “Just say what you want and it should make as much of it as you want.”

Xander took the bowl and promptly said beef stew. He inhaled the aroma like a man dying of starvation might. After three large bowlfuls of stew he relaxed. “Damn that hit the spot.” He just wished he had remembered to add a mug of endless juice but beggars can’t be too picky.

Xanos chuckled as he walked back out of the cave. “There are vents and even a small spring in the back of the cave. I’ll drop a couple of shafts to deal with the latrine issue and we should be set for now. It will take some good solid work to finish bring the cave up to dwarven city standard but we’ll get there.”

Xander nodded, “Good. You need any help?”

Xanos shook his head, “Not right now, most of the stuff I have to do to start with involves earth magic. Rest assured that I’ll be having you doing a lot of the woodwork.” He chuckled as he walked back into the cave.

Xander sighed as he glanced at his wooden statue. “I’ll figure out what to do with you soon enough.” He gestured for the girl to go stand under a tree out of the sun. He was a bit creeped out by the fact that the statue walked over and leaned up against the tree without complaint. Not that he expected complaint but still it was a bit unnerving. He walked over toward one of the other trees and sat down in the shade to do a bit of vision questing. He found himself watching his other self a bit before moving on to do a bit of checking in on his friends, or at least that’s how he justified it to himself. In reality he knew that he was being worse than Angel with the stalkerish tendencies but he wasn’t sure he could help it. Over the next several weeks he let his mind’s eye drift and wander over his friend’s lives such that he caught bits and pieces and participated in their significant victories while crying at their defeats. He watched them meet new people and lose people. It was sort of pathetic really as he realized that their lives were almost like dearly loved television shows to him now. He smiled as he re-watched a scene with Buffy and the back end of one her stakes in her bedroom, well more like a cable show. He shook his head clear of the happy thoughts as Xanos interrupted him. “Yes?”

Xanos rolled his eyes, “Not to interrupt but I’m done with roughing out the extra rooms and the stonework. You want to give me a hand with some of the wooden furnishings?”

Xander nodded, “Sure.”

“Good because I want that wooden statue out of the main chamber, she’s pretty enough but it’s just not the same after that first day with her moving around.”

Xander grinned, “That’s okay, I think I finally figured out what to do with her.”

Xanos grunted, “You leave the stonework to me, I leave the magic and strange crap to you. Grab your measuring string and I‘ll show you where to start.”

Xander sighed, “Alright.”

By the third day of helping Xanos he wasn’t sure if he should be happy that his regeneration kept him from falling apart at the seems or if he should be sad that it kept him from dying from the insane pace the dwarf set. Each morning after an admittedly hearty bowl of stew they set about measuring all of the places in the cave that needed wood for that homely touch. In other words, doors, beds, cabinets and desks. He had burned his first couple examples of each much to the dwarf’s amusement. Luckily with practice and a great deal of vision spying on cabinet shops back in the other world he was slowly improving his craft enough that Xanos didn’t fall over laughing when he saw his attempts, now it was more of a quiet snickering. He could take quiet snickering from a creature that did as fine of work with stone as he did. Well take it with only a touch of grumbling at least.


He smiled as he worked on the mask that he was going to use to cast his Halloween spell on the statue. It had taken him months to realize what he wanted to do with her but he had finally decided on an amalgamation of his friends and some fictional characters which was why he was carefully carving names into the back of the mask. Some of the names were smaller than others, for example Joyce Summer’s name was fairly small as Xander only wanted the girl to inherit a couple of minor things from her, namely part of her sense of humor, her skill at evaluating art and her skill at tailoring. Willow had a much larger name as he wanted his girl to have a number of memories and abilities his friend would find out about later in her life. Buffy’s name was somewhere between the two in size. He loved his friend but she had a bit too much of a saving the world complex. On the other hand she had more determination than most of the people he knew. Jenny Calendar’s name though almost as small as Joyce’s was also making it’s way onto the mask as his computer teacher was a great teacher not to mention she had that whole techno pagan magic angle down. He smiled as he glanced over the mask, there was still room for a couple of names. He carefully inscribed Kara Zor-El on the mask in letters almost as large as Willow’s letters. Her heart, confidence, abilities and sense of fun would help balance out some of Willow’s shyness. Next to those he inscribed Hermione Granger in large letters. Her study habits and brain would help with whatever his new friend ended up as. He frowned, “Just about done, room enough for two more small names and then a large. He chuckled, he briefly considered writing Yoda on there but didn’t want his new friend to have trouble speaking correct English. He chuckled as he inscribed Anakin Skywalker on one of the smaller empty spots as he visualized the character’s lightsaber skills. He frowned as he contemplated the last small spot, “Batgirl.” He chuckled as he pictured her moves and fighting ability as he inscribed ‘Batgirl’ on the mask. That left one fairly large in height though not in length spot for one last name. He didn’t have to consider very long before he wrote a name that was much more familiar to his counter part than it was to him. “Dawn.”

He knew without a shadow of a doubt that the mask was finished though he could only hope that he had enough power to actually cast the spell. He had been pulling in and hording his magic for the last several weeks in preparation for the spell. He shrugged, “Nothing for it but to try.” He walked over to place the mask over the wooden statue’s face. He held his hands on the mask as he gazed upon the face that he had come to know better than his own these last several months. He called forth his power, let it bubble up and pool in his hands and pushed it into the mask with all his heart and soul as he held the mental image of the girl he had been imagining for months. He was happy that he saw the girl’s green eyes open for an instant before fatigue overcame him and he fell unconscious as he succumbed to his exhaustion.

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