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Xander's Big Adventure

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Summary: Drusilla decides she wants to help Spike and "Daddy", she uses Xander to do it. CSI get's dragged in as a consequence. (On Hold)

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CSI > CSI Las VegasTheHarlequinFR1811,1391273,3749 Feb 119 Feb 11No
A*N*- I was looking through the challenges and I found this one and decided to give it a go.

~Chapter 1~

Xander woek up disoriented and cramped. His arms were asleep and his knees screamed with pain. His arms were chained behind his to a metal I-beam. He looked at his surroundings. He was on a dusty dirt floor in a old rusty shack.

"The Kitten has awoken."

Xander closed his eye and sighed.

"Hello Drusilla"

He opened his eye to look at the dark haired vampiress and she giggled.

"Miss Edith told me you'd be here, Kitten. Daddy and Spike need your help."

Xander grimaced.

"I hate to be the one to tell you this Dru, but Spike's dead. He died when Sunnydale went under."

Drusilla giggled again.

"Silly Kitten, the darkness brought my wicked light back to throw Daddy off his path. Miss Edih has seen many things, things you must tell Daddy."

"Dru, why can't you tell him. Me and Deadboy don't exactly get along."

"Daddy won't believe his princess, the nasty light clouds his judgement." she hissed.

Xander saw the logic in that.

"What do you need me to tell him Dru?"

"I'm going to send you back in time, kitten, to where the problem started, to tell Daddy about the false prophecy, so none of this will ever have to happen."

"Wha? Dru, why back in time? Why me?"

Xander started pulling against the chains, trying to break loose.

"Kitten is a free player, and the Breaker of Prophecies, the stars won't bea able to stop you interfering."

Dru knelt down to eye-level with Xander and caught his eye with hers.

"Ssssh Kitten. Be in my eyes and relax."


Xander's eyelid drifted shut and he slumped asleep .

Drue stood and starte casting her first spell. Xander started glowing green and shrank into the form of a five year old.

"We must hid the kitten in plain sight Miss Edith, it wouldn't do for the starts or the red willow tree to ruin our plan."

She started another spell and when she completed it, and both she and Xander dissapeared.

The toddler Xander reappeared in a dark, dingy room, still asleep. His eyepatch had dissapeared leaving a couple of scars over the sunken lid. Bruises bloomed in blues and purples under his skin. Other evidence of abuse appeared slowly, old scars turned into new welts on the tanned skin.

In the other room, a man was screaming and beating on a woman. A neigbor called the cops just as the man pulled a gun and shot the woman in the face. The man stalked to the door that went to the room Xander was in, smirking evily, when LVPD opened the door.

"Put the gun down! Put the gun down and put your hands behind your head!!"

The man turned and dropped the gun, but as soon as the officer went over to him, he lashed out and punched the officer in the face, knocking him to the ground. The man took off out the door as the officer grabbed for his radio.

"This is DuFresne, I need an APB put out on a white male, approximately six foot four, two-hundred ninety pounds. Wanted for murder, and is armed and dangerous. Also need the coroner and CSI for female DB, fatal GSW to the head at the SunnyAcres Apartment Complex."

The LVPD were on the scene 20 minutes later, arriving in their vehicles along with the assigned CSI's.

Nick Stokes stepped out of his truck and went to the back to pull out his case and fill it with needed supplies. His partner showed up a couple of minutes later.

"So what do we got, Nick?"

Nick looked over from his supplies in his truck to the spikey haired blonde.

"Oh hey Greg, single DB, female, domestic dispute. Husband did a runner earlier."

"Sounds like a real winner."

They headed inside the apartment complex and went inside the small dingy apartment. They started gathering evidence. Greg started on the farside kitchen area and Nick started on the living room on the other side. When he bent down to take a blood sample, he noticed something under the couch. It was broken pieces of a soldier doll. Something crashed in the other room and both CSI's froze and the officer's hand went to his gun. Nick unholstered his gun and went to the door. He opened the door and the sliver of light showed the small form huddled asleep against a box. In his sleep, xander had kicked over a tower of multi-colored legos.

Nick cut the light on and Xander started waking up. He glanced around the room and at Nick, Greg, and the officer, a little confused. Drusilla's spell supplied him with a false set of memories along with his original ones. Those memories told him that his dad had beat him unconcious a while ago.

"Hey little guy, you allright? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Xander shook his head, backing away from the them. He could feel his ribs hurting along with stinging pain along his back and legs.

"It's ok buddy."

His finally noticed the uniforms and the badges and let Nick pick him up to take him outside to the paramedics.

"Where'd this little guy come from?"

The EMT walked up, looking at Xander worriedly.

"He was asleep on the floor in his room. Must be used to the yelling to sleep through the gunshot, poor kid."

The EMT did a cursory check, and looked grimmer and grimmer as he went.

"Lay down here for me buddy."

He lay Xander down and Xan had to wince. His ribs were sore, they felt cracked or maybe just badly bruised. He was going to cooperate so he could figure out what was going on.

The EMT pulled Nick away from the truck.

"You may want to look and see if CPS has a file for this kid. He's got mulitple lacerations along with the bruises and the bruised ribs. Underneath the bruises are dozens of old scars. Don't even get me started on that eye."

Nick nodded. He went back to the truck. Xander turned his head so he could see him.

"Hey buddy. They're going to take you to the hospital to have those ribs looked at ok?"

Xander nodded at him and the EMT climbed into the back with him and pulled the door shut. Nick watched the ambulance pull way then went back inside to finish processing the scene with Greg. Nicke internally hoped the guy got shot when the police tried to bring him in, for putting the kid through all that.

~End Chapter~

Note- So...what do you think? Yes, no, leave it as a oneshot?? I'm kinda straddling the fence with how its turning out.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander's Big Adventure" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Feb 11.

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