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Summary: Post Sunnydale Xander's role in life changes

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR1823,33634111,56511 Feb 1116 May 11No

Part 2

Genesis part 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Marvel Comics

Faith looked over Xander’s shoulder as he opened the case. “What did they send you Boy Toy?”

Xander lifted a small orb from the case inside the orb was a golden mist that seemed to glow with power.

“What’s with the weird glasses?” Faith asked as she snatched a visor from the case.

“It’s a ruby quartz visor. One of the powers I had was to shoot energy beams from my eyes this visor blocks it. It’s a precaution I guess.” Xander shrugged as he set the visor on the bed.

Faith reached into the case and pulled out a metal case. “Since when do you have a safety deposit box?” smiled Faith as she set the case on the bed.

Xander opened the case “Whoa.”

“What it is?”

“Bearer bonds, about 25 million dollars worth.” Xander whispered as he counted the bonds.

“Are you serious?” Faith yelled as she grabbed the bonds and began looking them over.

“Wow Boy Toy you’re rich.”

Xander chuckled as he checked the case to see if there was anything more in the case.

“Anything left?” Faith asked.

Xander pulled out a file folder.

“I now have a mansion up in Westchester. It seems the Powers That Be have a sense of humor they recreated the X-Mansion for me to work out of.”

“Faith I may need you to help me with something after tomorrow.”

“What’s that X?”

“Hide Andrew’s body after he shows up here and gets killed trying out the Danger Room.”

“You don’t think he’s do something that dumb?” Faith asked.

The look on Xander’s face told her what he thought.

“Ok you got a point.” Faith admitted.

Xander pulled a black jump suit out of the case. “Looks like that is it in the way of gifts from the powers.”

“Basic black huh?” Faith smirked as pictured Xander in the suit.

“What would you prefer yellow spandex?”

Faith’s smile grew as she disappeared into fantasy land.

“You never know Boy Toy if you play your cards right you may get to see me in spandex.”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Xander smirked.

“Ok X let’s see these powers you were telling Giles about.”

Xander nodded as he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt and put on the visor.

Faith look at Xander like he was nuts.

“Trust me you’ll understand in a minute.”

Faith gestured for Xander to get on with it.

Xander just smiled as he picked up the orb and smashed it. The golden mist began swirling around Xander coating his body and expending around him like a cocoon.

Faith had to cover her eyes as the cocoon began to glow.

When the light faded she saw Xander standing before her

“Boy Toy where have you been all my life.” Whispered Faith as she got her first look at Xander.

Xander stood there the powers of Mimic restored. Xander’s body was muscled and bigger then he had been before thanks to the Beast’s powers. He had a set of wings care of Angel. He even had both his eyes back.

“Just a second Faith let me do a powers check.”

“What do you mean powers?” Faith asked.

Xander tightened his fist and set of claws popped out of his knuckles. “That’s Wolverine’s power.

The Visor glowed for a moment then faded. “That one is Cyclops and last but not least.” Xander smiled.

Faith’s eyes grew as Xander’s whole body wings and all turned to steel.

“And check for Colossus’ power.”

Faith walked over to Xander “Is uh everything steel Boy Toy?”

Xander chuckled. “When I’m like this yes everything is steel Faith,”

Faith’s eyes narrow and a smile grew on her face.

Rupert Giles sat in the conference room waiting for Xander and Faith to log on to the video conference. Willow Andrew Dawn and Buffy sat around the table waiting as well.

Giles smiled as Xander’s face popped on the screen.

“Xander good to see you.” Smiled Giles.

“Ok Xander you got us all together what the emergency?” Buffy asked.

“A global event is about to shift things from the supernatural to the superhuman.”

“Xander what are you talking about?” Willow asked.

Xander pulled off his eye patch revealing his newly re-grown eye.

“I mean Willow things have changed.”

“Xander you have two eyes.” Gasped Dawn.

Xander stood back from the camera “That isn’t all I got Dawn Patrol.”

The group gasped as Xander showed that he was now sporting a set of wings.

“Whoa you’re Archangel.” Smiled Andrew.

Xander smirked and extended his claws. “No I’m Mimic.”

Andrew hit the floor as he passed out.

“Xander did you discover what the Powers left for you?” Giles asked.

“Yeah about 25 million in bearer bonds and the deed to a Replica of the X-Mansion in Westchester. Faith and I are going to explore it tomorrow.”

“Will you need Slayer back up?” Buffy asked.

“Hey B what am I chopped liver?” Faith asked from off screen.

“Sorry Faith kinda forgot you were there for a minute there.” Buffy blushed.

“So we are gonna hit the school in the morning and see what’s the deal and with a little luck I can see what’s what and after that I’ll have you over to inspect the school.”

Giles nodded. “Very good my boy I’ll alert all our people and inform them about this and to be on the look out for possible mutants.”

“Just observe Giles I want to make the introductions myself it would be easier to accept me as someone willing to help.” Xander smiled.

“And Buffy if you’re a good girl next time you come stateside I’ll let you try the danger room.” Xander smiled as he saluted and the screen went dark.

“Promise?” Buffy beamed.

“Yep.” Smiled Xander.

“What about me?” demanded Willow with Resolve face firmly in place.

“I’m guessing the Wiccan Wonder want to play with Cerebro?”

“Damn right.” Willow told him firmly

“Andrew does not get to come unless he has had no sugar or caffeine for at least 48 hrs.”
“I say Xander don’t you think that’s a bit much?” Giles asked.

“The Mansion is loaded with alien technology and some of it responses to thought commands.” Xander explained.

Giles eyes widened.

“Make it 72 hours.” Willow told the group. They all nodded in agreement.

“Xander when do you plan on going to the Mansion?” Asked Buffy.

“Faith and I are going up there tomorrow morning. Once we get the lay of the land we will report back to you guys.”

“Be safe you two.” Giles smiled as he signed off.

Xander relaxed in his room. Sorting thru the memories of the X-Mansion that he had hidden away since Halloween all those years ago he used Mimic’s skills to bullshit his way past the guard at the armory and he found they were clearer then they had been in years.

He remembered how to pilot the blackbird the Mansion security programs the basics of how to use Cerbro even a few of the programs of the Danger Room that weren’t training as much as entertainment.

Faith had gone out earlier said she had something she wanted to do before they headed to the mansion tomorrow.

He couldn’t figure what it was but she was a Slayer and she could take care of herself.

Three hours later Xander was shocked with what rolled in the door literally.

Faith walked in pushing a hotel luggage trolley loaded with comic books action figured busts videos and posters.

“Ok Boy Toy. I just bought everything X-men and Mutant related in every comic book shop within 10 blocks. Now you’re gonna teach me everything about the X-men and mutants. Dinner is ordered and will be up in 15 so let’s get started.”

Xander began looking thru the Comic Geek’s wet dream and he found the perfect place to start.
The Survival Guide for the Xavier Institute for Gifted Students.

“Faith start with this is will give you a basic idea of where we are going. I’m gonna look thru this stuff and I’ll work up the basics for you.” Faith began looking thru the booklet as Xander started looking thru Faith’s visual aids.

Faith groaned as she stepped out of the van she spend most of the night reading the comics Xander had cherry picked for her .

She had a working idea of what would be waiting for hurt at the Mansion.

Xander had packed up the Comics and everything and stored them in the van. He told Faith that they would use it later as set up for a mutant 101 introduction for any mutant they bring to the mansion.

Xander walked up to the front door and activated a hidden panel and deactivated the security system..

“Holy shit this place is huge.” Faith gasped as she saw the inside of the mansion.

Xander smiled. “I take it my new place has your approval.”

“Boy Toy I’m moving in.”

“Moving a little fast aren’t you Faith?”

“I’m the lady of the house now X now go get the bags.” Faith smirked as patted him on the check.

“I’m gonna go check out the kitchen.”

“I own place and still get no respect.” Xander grumbled as he walked out to the van.

Faith wandered thru the mansion amazed as the place look identical to the comics she had read on the trip up. Then a thought hit her. DANGER ROOM.

This is gonna be fun.

Xander walked into what would’ve been Professor X’s Office.

The memories of Mimic made him smile as he thought about the man that often used this office.

A small chime drew him to the desk and a hidden compartment that all of the X-men knew about.

Sitting at the Desk Xander released the catch and watched as part of the desk slid away and revealed the connection to Cerebro. The mutant detecting computer had located another mutant.

Xander activated the mapping feature to locate the mutant. The picture of the globe drew tighter and tighter until it locked on to it’s target.

The read out read Target Location Harris Mansion Danger room.

Xander winced at what this meant.

Faith was a mutant.

“That’s a Frightening thought A Mutant Powered Slayer.”

Xander leaned back in the chair and rubbed his face. This was not going to be an easy thing to tell her.

“Boytoy you got to try that Danger Room it amazing even for a Slayer.” Smiled Faith as came thru the office door.

“Faith take a seat we need to talk.” Xander told her. This was going to be a long day.

Sorry for the delay my laptop crashed and it took a while to restore everything new parts of IWPS and Journey of Rebirth should be out with in the week and the New Story in the Hero-Vese should be out within two weeks

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Genesis" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 May 11.

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