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Summary: Post Sunnydale Xander's role in life changes

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR1823,33634111,56511 Feb 1116 May 11No




Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Marvel Comics.

Words are incredibly powerful they can inspire Love they can emit Hate. They can inspire people to do things that defy explanation. My life was changed because of words. My Name is Xander Harris and my world Changed on November 2, 2005 when a woman in another dimension said three simple words.

“No More Mutants.”

October 31st 2005 Xander Harris slept comfortably in the first class cabin as his plane winged its way from Cairo. He was heading to New York and then to Cleveland to take over as the North American Senior Watcher.

With Robin’s Wood’s expulsion from the Watchers’ ranks for attempting to use mind control magic on Slayer that wasn’t following his orders. Giles asked Xander to take over North America.

Xander agreed on two conditions. One Faith stays on as senior Slayer and two he could expense his trip to best buy to pick up all the TV season DVD packs for the shows he missed while in Africa.

However Xander’s world was about to change. As he slept his mind was drawn to a higher plane by an old friend.

“Hello Xander.”

“Cordelia.” Xander answered as he looked around the white expanse.

“I’m guessing that since this isn’t Buffy’s Basement or the Janitor’s Closet that this really you and I’m not dreaming.”

Cordelia smiled. “Yes I’m real. I’m here because things are about to change all over the World and you are needed to help.”

“Shouldn’t you be talking to Giles or a seer if things are about to go sideways in the Supernatural world?”

“It’s not the Supernatural World that is going to change Dweeb Boy. It’s the Whole world.”

Xander blinked his eye at that.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you remember those Comics of yours the X-men and the Avengers on that Halloween you even dressed as one of them.”

“Mimic, I remember them Cordy what does my Comic Collection and a Halloween Costume have to do with changing the world?”

“In the Marvel Universe the Scarlet Witch has gone insane. She used her powers to alter reality and removed the powers of 99% of her earth’s mutants.”

Xander groaned as he realized what this meant.

“The Mutant Energy has been shifted to this earth.”

“That’s right Xander. Since this is something that can’t be stopped, the Powers have chosen you to be this world’s answer to Charles Xavier.”

“What?” Xander snarled.

“After Halloween you keep Mimic’s Powers but only his powers. You have the ability to copy any five mutant powers you come in contact with. But there are no other mutants on earth yet.” Cordelia explained.

“Ok so I’m a mutant. And the powers want me to be to Professor X.”

Cordy nodded.

“Slight problem with that Xavier had a lot of things I don’t.”

“Like what?” Cordelia demanded.

“Money, The Mansion, The Danger Room, Cerebro, Telepathic Powers to use it, The Blackbird. Even with the Watcher’s Funds at our disposal there is no way in hell I am going to get all I need to create the X-Men in this world Cordelia.” Xander admitted.

Cordelia smiled. “So does this mean you’re interested?”

Xander looked her right in the eye. “Cordelia I saw first hand what could happen if someone with powers goes too far and I almost had to kill my best friend to save the world. There are about to me a lot more people with powers and they will need a place they can go for help. If I’m already a mutant I can’t turn my back on others like me.”

“When you land in New York there will be a package waiting for you at your hotel. It will get you started. And I convinced the powers to restore the powers you had on Halloween. When you open the package there will be an orb in the package. Smash the orb and you’ll get the powers back.”

“Ok Cordy.”

Cordelia smiled and leaned over and kissed Xander on the check.

“Time to wake up Xander.”

Xander’s eye shot open as he heard the pilot announce they were coming into a landing at JFK airport.

Xander straighten up in his seat.

“Gotta call Giles and tell him things are about to change.”

When Xander got of the plane he smiled. It was good to be back in the US of A.

Walking thru Customs and then baggage claim was so fun.

Xander smiled as he saw Faith waiting for him.

“Hey Faith been a while.” He smiled as he gave her a hug.

“Hey Boy toy any trouble with Customs?”

“No the lady with the rubber glove was surprisingly gentile plus she even warmed her hand first.”

Faith laughed as she took Xander’s Duffel bag.

“In all seriousness Faith we gotta call Giles as soon as we get to the Hotel.”

“What’s up X?”

“Had a visit from the Powers That Be mid-flight things are gonna get busy for a while.”

“5 by 5 let’s book.” Faith smile as they hit the parking lot and Faith tossed the Duffel into the Slayer House Van.

Rupert Giles was enjoying a nice cup of tea preparing for bed when his phone rang.

“Rupert Giles speaking.”

“Hey G-Man its Xander.”

Giles rolled his eyes as he smiled it he still hated that nickname.

“Glad to hear from you Xander any problems with you’re flight?”

“I had a visit from the Powers That Be.”

Giles turned white as a sheet as he put the phone down and pressed a button on the phone that activated a recording device.

“You had a visit for the Powers what did they day?” Giles asked his voice shaking.

“The told me that there is a global event about to happen it’s not something that can be stopped. It’s not a supernatural event but a superhuman one.” Xander told him.

“What do you been superhuman?”

“Giles in an alternate reality a chaos magic user of around double Willow’s level cast a spell that stole all the powers of those born with superhuman abilities and shifted them to this reality. “

“Good Lord.”

“Yeah the powers told me this because apparently I still have the powers of the comic book character I dressed as on Halloween back in the dale. And I never noticed because there were no mutants around to copy their powers from.”

“So what do you think the powers want you to do?”

Xander rolled his eye. “They want me to the Charles Xavier of this world they want me to create a safe haven where people who develop these powers can come to learn how to use their powers responsibly and safely. They also said they would help provide for this and that there would be a package waiting for me at the Hotel. Faith and I are on the way there now. If we can ever get thru the traffic.”

“Xander I admit I am at a loss of words for this.”

“No kidding I feel the same way. Get all the Scoobies together for a POW wow on the phone tomorrow about 7pm your time tomorrow and I’ll see what the Powers have in store for me and Faith and I will give a full report then and we can figure out what to do.” Xander offered.

“Alright Xander I’ll get on it. Be safe my boy and I will speak to you tomorrow.”

“Take care Giles I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Xander and Faith walked into the hotel both weary of what was coming.

Xander took a deep breath and walked to the counter.

“Alexander Harris and Faith Williams checking in we has to room reserved.” Xander told the young man at the desk.

“Yes Mr. Harris your rooms are ready and a package was delivered for you a little while ago.”

The clerk walked into the back room before returning with a large travel case and a letter.

“Ms Chase said everything you need is inside.” Smiled the clerk as he passed the case and letter to Xander along with his and Faith’s key cards.

“Your rooms are on the 7th floor rooms 707 and 709 the elevators are just to your right over there.” The clerk pointed.

“Thank you very much.” Xander smiled as he and Faith headed off to the elevators.

As the pair got into the car and Xander pressed the button. The door closed and they started to rise Faith started tapping her foot.

“Can’t this thing go any fast the suspense is killing me here?”

Xander chuckled as the bell chimed for their floor.

“Shall we.” Xander smiled chuckling at the dirty look Faith shot him.

Xander walked into his room Faith following behind him.

“Ok Xander we are only open that case up.” Faith demanded.

“You were the type of kid that couldn’t wait to open gifts weren’t you?”

“Unless you want me steel toed boot to be introduced to you nuts you’ll ok that case right now.”

Xander held up his hands in surrender.

“Ok Ok.” Xander smiled as he opened the case.
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