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Surprising Transformations

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Summary: Sometimes it the gift no one was expecting that can change your whole world. Xander becomes baby transformer. (Transformer Movie-verse with mostly G1 insertion; slash between bots)

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Xander-CenteredJadeAislinFR131338,9451112540,56111 Feb 112 Oct 12No

Part 2

Disclaimer: See part 1
Beta: Eternity and Lady FoxFire
Warning: Slash
Pairings: Prowl x Jazz
Note: Congrats goes to LucyH who correctly picked out where I got my names for the human OCs. Have some virtual cookies, LucyH! A lot of people guessed who the cop was at the end of the last part. Well done.

Note 2: Because Decepticons learned of the base on Diego Garcia, the Autobots and friends were forced to move to a secondary location near where the first battle was fought.
Note 3: unfamiliar terms at bottom

Part 2

Autobot Base (Undisclosed Location, Arizona)

Prowl waited impatiently for Ratchet to finish a system’s check of him and his men. He had insisted on being the final one to be checked and the other newly arrived bots had already wandered off. Red Alert was already inspecting the base for needed security upgrades and Sunstreaker had wandered off with his twin complaining about Sideswipe’s bland silver paint job. Prowl wasn’t surprised.

It had been nearly two meta-cycles(1) since his twin had been thrown off course. When Sideswipe had been thrown from the formation as they made their way to a nearby star system, Sunstreaker had been near mad with worry. It was only Prowl’s firm order to stay, the fact that Red Alert was still with the group, and the fact that Sideswipe was not hurt that let the bot remain. When Sideswipe comm’d that he had received a message from Prime, Prowl had acknowledged the information and ordered Sideswipe to head toward the coordinates, that they would be following after they had finished their mission in the nearby star system.

Now, Prowl’s body may have been perfectly still, but for those who knew to look, his doorwings would give away his mood every time. At the moment, they were twitching minutely. He had been anticipating the reunion with his sparkmate(2) for nearly three meta-cycles. He had been surprised at first when he found out, but soon came to be pleased with the knowledge and couldn’t wait to get to the blue planet his mate was on. Now that he was here, Prowl had to stop himself from revving his engine in anticipation and he couldn’t stop his optics from giving his mate, who was in the med bay because of an injury he had gotten soon after arriving on the planet, furtive glances.

When Megatron had attempted to tear him in two, there had been a lot of structural damage done to his torso. Ratchet had repaired what he could, but he had no choice and had to use some earth materials that weren’t as strong as Cybertron’s. Unfortunately, that left Jazz’s torso weak and prone to injury. He had been dosing Jazz with a med grade energon laced with trans-metal(3) to help strengthen the area, but it took time to strengthen. Ratchet was hopeful that this would be the last time he would have Jazz in his med bay for this particular problem.

“You’re fine, Prowl,” Ratchet grumbled. “Go see your mate.”

Prowl didn’t wait for Ratchet to finish, he quickly got up and strode over to the grinning solstice. “Jazz.”

Jazz grinned, happy to feel his sparkmate so close. “Prowler.”

Prowl’s wings twitched in mild annoyance at the nickname his mate insisted on calling him, before finally settling. He never could get his mate to stop with that annoying nickname. It was just the way Jazz was. “Where is he? I would have expected to see him by your side.”

Jazz’s eyes shuttered off for a moment. “He? He who?”

Prowl’s eyes blinked on and off. “Oh, is it a femme? As femmes are so rare, I assumed the little one was a mech. Especially for her to choose so young(4). I apologize.”

Jazz looked at his mate in concern. “What ya talking bout, Prowler?”

Prowl’s doorwings arched up in a ‘v’ formation. “The sparkling.”

“What sparkling ya talking about?”

“Our sparkling,” Prowl insisted. “I have felt her spark(5) for approximately three meta-cycles.”

Jazz shakes his head, looking at Prowl with concern. “Ah don’t know what yer talking bout. Ah haven’t had no sparkling. Pits, Prowl. We haven’t even seen each other in over 200 vorns(6)! There ain't no way Ah got sparked(7)!”

Prowl stood silent as he processed his mate’s words. “While your words are true, I can not deny what my spark feels.”

Jazz reached a servo out toward his mate, wanting to offer comfort. “Hey Ratch, can you come over here? Ah think there’s something wrong with Prowl.”

Prowl took a step back, letting his mate’s servo fall back. His doorwings still arched in a rigid ‘v’ shape, he gazed at Jazz with a sad but determined look. “Sparks cannot lie. There is a sparkling. I have felt him. I will find him.”

With that Prowl swiftly turned around and exited the med bay as Ratchet came over to see what Jazz wanted.


Prowl drove down the highway, his thoughts rushing furiously through his processor. He didn’t know how, but he had been feeling the bond of a young spark. He wasn’t sure why Jazz was unaware of the spark and he was upset that Jazz hadn’t felt it. He had first felt the little one through his sparkmate, making him believe that Jazz had sparked the little one. Truthfully, the fact that they had been separated for longer then it would take for a sparkling to be born had made his battle computer freeze up as it tried to determine how Jazz had accomplished it. After First Aid had gotten him functioning, he had put that question aside to avoid further crashes.

As he got closer to the spark he could feel through the bond, he pinged it hoping for a response. When he got no response, he gunned his engine and sped down the road, fearing that the sparkling was too hurt to reply. Or even worse, it was in stasis lock and close to death. He quickly approached where he could still feel the sparkling.

Slowing down as he drove up a dirt road, his scanners showed that two of the planet’s life forms, humans, were near the location of the sparkling. It frustrated him to be so close and now there were humans he had to hide from, making his search that more difficult as he couldn’t transform.

Remembering to use his holoform(8), he pulled into a parking spot next to the human’s mode of transportation, a lifeless drone car. Quickly getting out of his car form, he began to look around the area for the sparkling. The lack of response meant it had to be unconscious or near that state. This meant the sparkling was either in root form or it had turned into pod form, the form that resembled an egg like shape that allowed Cybertronians to travel through space, for protection.

As his scanners searched through the brush, his gaze kept returning to one of the human life forms who was seated in a funny chair with large wheels, which a quick scan of the human’s global network, something called the internet, told him was a wheelchair used for those whose legs did not function properly.

After a dozen scans, Prowl still could not find the metallic body he was searching for. Finally, he decided to question the two humans. Perhaps they had seen something.

He walked over to them and said, “Excuse me, Gentlemen. But have you seen anything unusual around here?”

The standing human blinked in confusion. “Unusual?”

Prowl tore his eyes from the sitting human to stare intently at the one who had spoken. He knew the sparkling had to be around there, he could feel the little one’s emotions so strongly. It was sad and curious about something. “Something resembling a big metal egg . . . or perhaps a life sized metal doll?”

“No sir. Can’t say I have,” the man said before turning to his companion. “Xander?”

“Are you sur. . .” Prowl’s voice trailed off as he realized that the emotions he was feeling were coming from the human boy. He couldn’t help it, despite his years of experience of hiding; his body shuddered from the shock, not sure how he could have a bond with an organic. “No. . .”

There was no way he could express his disappointment. He had been excited to think that his sparkmate and he had created a little sparkling. And to find the bond was actually a human. It wasn’t that he disliked humans. Quite the contrary, organic creatures were often very interesting and what little he knew about humans made him think they would be very interesting. But he couldn’t help but be sad that there was no sparkling at the end of the bond.

Suddenly, the boy crossed his arms. He started leaking from his eyes, what his research described as tears, and whimpering, the boy began to say he was sorry and he didn’t mean it. At the same moment, Prowl was hit with guilt and sorrow through the bond. His holoform flickered briefly as he was bombarded with feelings of unworthiness.

As his brain processed what had happened, he decided that it didn’t matter how the child had become bound to him and his sparkmate. He would treat the human boy like his own sparkling. As he felt through the parent-child bond(9) they shared, the human was already his.

Kneeling down, Prowl crooned softly to the child in Cybertronian, murmuring softly that things would be okay. Gently, he pushed feelings of love and affection at the youth. The youth’s sobs quieted down and he rubbed at his face. Reaching up, Prowl moved to wipe the tears from the boy’s face.

When the fingers of his holoform touched the boy’s skin every part of his being seemed to stall. He barely noticed that the boy was frozen as well as he heard an unfamiliar voice intoning, “Acquiring final data. . . Initializing final procedure. . . “

Then the boy began to scream and Prowl found that he could get nothing through the bond but agonizing pain.



1) Meta-cycle - 13 months
2) Sparkmate - Two or more Cybertronians who were made for each other, like earth soul mates. They are considered married.
3) Trans-metal - a metal used in the construction of sparkling bodies for its unique ability to transform to a form more comfortable for the individual spark. It is also used on bots who have suffered debilitating injuries.
4) Mech vs. Femme - As there is no anatomical difference between the two, the decision to be called a mech versus a femme is something every Cybertronian decides as they grow when they feel closer to one gender.
5) Spark - a Cybertronian soul. Without it, the Cybertronian body is just a mechanical drone.
6) Vorn - 83 years
7) Sparked - When a Cybertronian becomes pregnant with their sparkmates sparkling. This can only happen with a sparkmated pair.
8) Holoform - an advanced form of holo projection that all Cybertronians have which gives Cybertronians the ability to interact with organics while remaining hidden.
9) Parent-child bond - one of the stronger types of bonds, it is a sparkbond between a sparkling and his parents. It can transmit feelings both ways.
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