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Summary: Giles wants to know what Spot is.

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Literature > Action > Author: Tom ClancyTwoBlackDragonsFR1522390102,60913 Feb 1113 Feb 11Yes

Chapter One


by TwoBlackDragons

Disclaimer: Red Storm and Tom Clancy own Rainbow and characters. Josh Whedon owns Buffy and characters. I make no profit off the following.

Chapter 1

See Spot run.

Run Spot, run!

See Buffy.

See Xander.

Buffy and Xander are in Abrams Main Battle Tanks.

Buffy and Xander have been asked by Giles to identify the type of demon Spot is.

Buffy and Xander don't want to have to ID Spot so they open up with their main gun.

See Spot.

See Spot running all out.

See Spot zig when he should have zagged.

See Spot disappear in a mist of blue goo as both Buffy's and Xander's shots hit him at the same time.

Now Buffy and Xander don't have to ID Spot.

Giles will be sooo disappointed.
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