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Challenge and Bunny Collection

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Summary: Clips of my writings to answer various challenges that caught my eye. As well as ideas that won't leave me alone. All posted are WIPs. Suggestions and whatnot are welcome. Rating likely to go up.

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Challenge Response - The Man She deserves

author's note concerning this collection; So when I'm bored I look thought the unanswered challenges and bookmark the ones that catch my eye. I then look through those bookmarks and write bits and pieces. These ficlets are incomplete works that I like and but struggling to write. It doesn't help that I have quite the challenge list. So let me know if you like or hate or if you have any ideas on how to continue the story.

disclaimer: don't own Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, or any other series I am sure to use in this ficlet collection. List will be lengthened as ficlet collection grows.

author's note concerning this ficlet: I don't like Spuffy. I just can't see the two ever working out. This challenge, however, gives me enough wiggle room to agree to the pairing. That said turning William into Spike is a bit of a challenge without turning him into a vampire again. I was thinking of having his past life bleed through to help the transition but it still needs a catalyst. I would LOVE suggestions.


Africa 2002

Today was the worst day of Spike’s life.

He knew the demon trials were going to be hard going in; these trials were geared towards demons a lot stronger than master vampires. Spike could not back down though. All his years on the Hellmouth and interaction with Buffy had led to this. To leave now would make a mockery of all of Spike’s feelings for her. He needed to go through this trial for her sake, to set himself on a path she could love him for.

Spike might feel like he was in hell but if he gave up now he might as well dust himself. If he failed he could never look Buffy in the face again. He could not ignore Buffy. Like Cecily and Drusilla before, Buffy had become his world. It was succeed or die for him.

Then suddenly, the trials were over. Spike had done it; he had actually managed to pass the demon trials. As bruised and broken as he felt, he could help but smile. The demon was going on about upholding his end of the deal but, Spike was already looking forward to being able to look Buffy in the face and tell her he had changed just for her, so he would never hurt her like he had in the bathroom.

“You will become the man Buffy Summers deserves… William the Bloody, I grant you a new life!” the trial demon boomed as he shoved his hand on Spike’s chest.

The vampire was given a moment to look at the trial demon shocked and confused before disappearing. The trial demon could not help but laugh at the foolish halfbreed. There was a reason why so few demons ever won the trials.



William looked around Hogwarts with contained awe. It was just like his mother had described to him. He could not wait to write to her and tell her she had only captured a tenth of the wonder the castle inspired in him. Already his hands twitched for a quill and parchment to begin writing the poetry that danced in his mind. Any sense of dread he had before vanished upon entering the school his family had attended for generations.

As if sensing his nervousness Hermione shifted beside him to give him an encouraging smile. Reflexively William returned the smile before returning his gaze to the headmaster. To think, on the first day he had made three friends already and one was Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.

He cheered when Hermione was called to the sorting hat and put in Gryffindor. As intelligent as the fiery redhead had acted on the train, William knew by her blunt bravery that she was destined for the red and gold house. He cheered even louder when Harry joined Hermione in Gryffindor. It was nice to know two of his friends would be together.

“William Pratt!”

With revived nervousness William sat down on the stool and let the hat be placed on his head.

My, my, William. What an interesting person you are.

William blinked in surprised at the musings the Sorting had seemed to share with him. I beg your pardon sir?

Ah, so different from what you were all to be what you should be. You did a very noble and brave thing, William. Very Gryffindor of you after acting like a Slytherin for so long. Hrm… what a challenging enigma you are. Much more than the Potter boy.

William tried to follow what the hat was trying to tell him but it made no sense. As far as he knew, he had never acted like a Slytherin and what did he do that was so Gryffindor of him?

All your actions go back to loyalty. I haven’t met someone more deserving for many years. You’ll do your house proud child.

“Hufflepuff!” The hat exclaimed and the houses cheered.

William knew he should have been feeling disappointment from being separated from his friends but the Sorting hat had left him too confused to focus on anything more than sitting down at his proper house. As the food appeared on the tables and his housemates welcomed him, William pushed aside the confusion.

Today was the best of William’s life.

[extra note: William is not going to be part of the Golden Trio. He’s going to be a lot like Neville, there but only gets into things as the years go on.]
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