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Beyond the Gift

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Summary: 'm not sure how to describe this! Okay... Buffy's death impacts Xander in a way he can't handle.... kind of a Dogma crossover?

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Movies > Kevin Smith FilmsCanadianPhoenixFR1822,476042,74814 Dec 0315 Dec 03No

A miracle in SunnyD?

~~ Flash back ~~

Xander fought the foreign spirit that had so easily overpowered his own, behind a screen of magic Xander raged. He raged against the actions this… fake Xander was taking against his friends. Hurting Willow felt like a knife in his gut, burning his insides more then a real physical knife would have. The worst was yet to come, Xander tried to scream at Buffy, tell her to run there was no stopping this beast that held him captive. That he couldn’t didn’t stop him, he raged with all he was, Xander could feel the magical prison that held him begin to crack. His rage alone began to tear down the walls around him, forcing the spirit to ignore ‘his mate’ long enough for her to knock them out. His Rage alone, that unflagging resolve to never harm Buffy had saved them both.

~~ Scene Change ~~

Xander’s fear drove him forward, drove him to run faster then he had thought possible. Xander didn’t even think about were he was heading, he just ran straight to where he needed to be. Xander’s fear for Buffy’s life drove him to run to the last person he would normally run to, Buffy’s life meant more to him then his pride. Later when Xander stopped to think, it almost seemed as though an outside force, a force, was pushing him that only he could feel. It compelled him to go to the man he hated the man he loathed and get his help.

The same fear drove him to follow Angel into the tunnels that screamed death to him, the same tunnels Jessie had been dragged to his death in. Xander didn’t let that fears overcome him, only use them to drive himself to save Buffy. Her life meant more to him then his own, he would save her even if that meant his death. Entering the Master’s chamber was like walking into a void, a place that held no love of life. Xander’s heart fell when he saw Buffy, he forced himself forward to try…. ‘Never give up’ his heart screamed at him and he listened.
~~ Scene Change ~~

Xander was standing toe to toe with Buffy, his heart screamed at him. Screamed at him in anger and he too screamed at Buffy. His heart had long controlled his actions, and anyone that put Willow at risk, put themselves at risk. Buffy may have had his heart, but Willow was his soul. There was only so far you could test him, push him before he would push back. To Buffy’s surprise Xander not only stood up to her, but put fear into her. Buffy had seen him beat impossible odds, seen him destroy monsters that were twice as strong twice as fast as him. Xander’s anger, his righteous fury forced her to look at herself. Xander’s anger saved them all.

~~ Scene Change ~~

Xander stood in the school auditorium his loyalty to Buffy, to Willow, to Giles… to everyone in this pace compelled him to try. If the Scoobies were his immediate family, then these people were his extended family. That Buffy got the ‘Class Protector’ award told him that they did see, they might not understand what they saw but the knew something was happening in Sunnydale. Xander stood and made his speech trying to recruit them into the fight none of them should ever have been involved in. His loyalty to them demanded that he try, his heart demanded he succeed and his loyalty forged an army.

~~ Scene Change ~~

Xander stood at the head of the student army, he lead them guided them his courage was a shining example to them. Xander stood tall and brave against the giant snake, inside he cowered in fear, on outside he seemed as steady as a rock. As timeless as the mountains themselves, his bravery was that of heroes from days gone by. Had Xander been in the military they would have given him metals for the things he did that day, the bomb had been a group idea yet it was Xander that built the bomb. It had been Xander that had formed and that was now leading the army. Xander’s bravery and leadership saved many lives that day.

~~ Scene Change ~~

Xander stood to one side in the Bronze watching Buffy, this wasn’t the woman he had left. This woman was dejected, depressed.. she looked like she was ready to quit. Xander rubbed a tear out of his eye as he watched her. Xander watched her and thought, finally a plan formed in his head and he walked over. Forcing himself to smile Xander spun a tale to amuse Buffy, his real trip hadn’t been exciting and he needed to see her smile. He needed to see Buffy, the Buffy he knew would never give up. It took some work on Xander’s part but he raised her spirit, Xander’s love for her compelled him to do it.

All of this and more flashed through Xander’s head in seconds, looking down at his hands he just stared at the needle he was holding. With a scream of rage he threw it away from him. Screaming Xander stood and turned, behind was a newly risen vampire. The vampire stood in shock as the mortal who was supposed to fear him launched himself towards him. The vampire came crashing to the ground, Xander began to pummel the unfortunate vampire. Xander still screamed, screamed even though his throat was raw. He screamed at what he had become what he had turned himself into.

He kept punching the vampire beneath him even as it lost consciousness, even as his own hands broke. Xander was beyond pain at this point, beyond feeling, beyond all things connected to Earth. When he was pulled away Xander turned to strike out at the intruder, until he saw whom it was. Xander stood gaping in shook for a minute, then he launched himself towards her. Sobbing Xander clutched her and together they fell to the ground. Buffy held the weeping man to her chest and began to slowly sob with him. They each had a journey to make Xander out of hell and Buffy back from heaven. Perhaps they would make the journey together.

A few yards away a figure stood in the shadows, a smile graced his somewhat weathered looking face. Everything was being set into motion, all it took was some gentle nudging on his part. Unseen by the two heroes holding each other he watched over them. His mere presence killed four vampires that prowled the night and three demons seeking a mausoleum that held a secret of it’s own.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Beyond the Gift" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Dec 03.

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