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The World Against Us

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Summary: After Buffy is kicked out of her house she uses her phone to call in some backup. Riley and his people can’t come but the phone connects her to someone better it connects her with General Fury of SHIELD. Fic inspired by cloudleonsgurl pic.

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Marvel Universe > Ultimate UniversetexaswookieFR1815,5316344,26614 Feb 1114 Feb 11No
Title: The World Against Us
Author: texaswookie
Rating: Adult, mostly for language and violence, but not much worse than the show.
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to Joss and Marvel Comics.
Category: Ultimate Marvel-crossover.

Summary: After Buffy is kicked out of her house she uses her phone to call in some backup. Riley and his people can’t come but the phone connects her to someone better it connects her with General Fury of SHIELD a man that has been aware and watching her since she first tangled with the military. He makes a deal with her he’ll bring people in to help but only on one condition Buffy signs up as a member of the Ultimates. With the world on the line Buffy agrees. The general delivers and soon all of the various metas are finding themselves in Sunnydale helping with the ass kicking.

Author's Note 1: This is a fic inspired by cloudleonsgurl’s picture The World Against Us from the fic The Worlds She Never Walked. The Bunny kept chewing on my brain until I wrote it out i'm thinking 2 -4 more chapters and it will be done. Not Betaed

Buffy walked out of the house and down the street, still numb over the fact that people that she had bled and died for had so easily cast her out when it was their blood and their lives that were being spilled instead of hers. They didn’t seem to mind to much when it was her, Spike, Faith, or Angel doing the bleeding and dying, but when it came down to one of them getting more than a small cut or something, then they were all about how life was unfair to them, and that things had to change. Yeah she was bitter, so sue her, she had just been kicked out of her own home by people that she had given everything for.
A year and half ago they were too scared to so much as walk down the street when she was gone. They had brought her back to life just so that she could continue to fight all of the various monsters that were in this town, and now they dumped her out into those same darkened streets because they were the ones to get hurt this time instead of her. She was not going to let them dictate things to her again. It was so nice to know what her sacrifice was worth to the group. If it wasn’t for the fact that the world might end, she might be tempted to just leave them all to their own problems.

Anya called her lucky to have power, please, the young woman was always selling her soul out to humanity for power. She had held back in the fight with Anyanaka, hoping that the others could figure something out. Did Anya really think that she had forgotten at the time just what it was that the weakness of a vengeance demon was? Maybe she should have killed each of them when the time had come. If she hadn’t held back when Xander became possessed, or Willow become a magic junkie. However, her willingness to let people prove themselves had given people like Angel and Spike a chance to try and make up for the deeds that they had done. Not that the others had ever seen it like that though.

The blonde sighed, to bad she was actually a somewhat nice person, and knew that in the end she had more important things to worry about than a bunch of people doing this to her. She could worry about them later. They wanted to turn this into a war though, or so Giles had said at the start maybe she should bring in the people that knew how to wage war. She moved into a house and slammed through and found a phone. She dialed a number that she had been given by the soldiers that had removed Spike’s chip when she needed help. She only hoped that there was still someone willing to listen to her.

The phone rang and an unfamiliar voice answered her. “Hello Miss Summers, I take it by calling this number that you finally decided to ask us for help.” A gruff voice said to her.

“Yeah I did,” the blonde said, “can you, help that is.”

There was a moment of silence before the voice came back online. “Meet me at the coffee shop in an hour Summers.” There was a click as the line died leaving her wondering who she had just talked to. She made her way to the old Starbucks and saw that the building was still standing. She remained in the shadows and watched. The place was in the process of coming to life it seemed. Soldiers that had been hidden away were coming out into the open. Buffy slowly but surely walked toward the Starbuck’s somewhat glad that the others hadn’t given her the time to grab any weapons except for the daggers she was wearing beneath her jacket.

The soldiers nodded toward her and allowed her to enter, sitting in one of the booths was a bald dark skinned man with an eye patch of all things. Looks like Xander wasn’t the only one eyed guy in town anymore. There were two people in the building watching the entrance and exits. A red haired woman on one side with a shaven guy carrying more weapons than anyone that the slayer had ever seen on one person. Both of them were dressed in all black and just screamed dangerous.

“Miss Summers,” the one eyed man said in greeting. “I’m General Nick Fury Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, we talked briefly on the phone.”

“Right,” the blonde said as she slid into a seat. "I would have brought my autograph book with me if I had known that Samuel Jackson was going to be here though," she joked. The man ignored the snarky words as a triple chocolate mocha espresso was quickly pushed into her hands. The blonde eyed her favorite drink in surprise before turning to the man in curiosity. “Okay you so have my attention soldier man. Any man that can deliver this bit of liquid goodness when things are like that,” she waved toward the window where the abandoned streets could be seen, “so deserves to be heard.”

Fury nodded as he pushed a file across to her. The blonde looked it over for a moment it looked like a record of the various members of her group. According to this Oz was actually a data analyst for these guys he just didn’t know it was the government that he was working for.

“I know who you are and what you are or at least as much as a man who doesn’t have much use for the supernatural can.” Fury explained to her calmly. “You’ve been under my surveillance since you were first discovered by Agent Finn. A super human pops up in a report and I’m told about it at once.”

“Surveillance,” the blonde questioned.

“It means that I know all about Adam, Glory, Warren Mears, the First, and a handful of ‘supernatural’ types of other things that you probably thought that only you and your friends were aware of.” Fury returned to her. “I was actually pretty content to let you do the work for me. It saves me a lot of time and resources by having you deal with the problems here. I’ve also had several agents ready should anything go wrong though as well.”

“If that’s the case where were you when Willow went crazy if you don’t mind my asking?” The slayer questioned curiously.

“Preparing our snipers,” the man returned to her unconcerned. ”Had Harris been incapable of dealing with the witch when he did he would have found himself holding the cooling body of his friend instead. He lucked out that the crayon speech of his seemed to snap her back into reality. Hawkeye over here was all set to take the shot if he failed in talking her down.” Fury nodded to the man covered in weapons.

The slayer studied the man intently for a moment. “Hawkeye huh? Hate to break it to you buddy, but Alan Alda your not.” She informed him mockingly. This got a chuckle from Fury, a knowing smirk from the Black Widow, and a scowl from the man in question.

“I’d like to see some two bit actor make some of the shots that I’ve made.” Hawkeye returned to her in annoyance.

“You sure you wouldn’t be better off in some surgical clothes?” The girl questioned impishly. “Add in the fact that you actually know who I’m talking about makes me wonder.”

“We’re also the reason why there hasn’t been a giant manhunt for Faith Lehanne either,” Fury continued while looking the blonde over her teasing seemed to set her a bit more at ease. “You think that you and your friends are really that good at hiding that someone as easy to find as your other slayer could slip between the cracks?”

“I didn’t ask for details, I was too busy trying not to kill her at the time.” Buffy returned to him.

This caused Fury to smirk back at her evasive response. “Understood, anyways we have a few problems though, you dropped the ball. Although it’s not your fault all things considered, your friends were the ones that made everything possible for the First to come through and now they want you to clean up their mess without anything bad happening to them. They sound like some of the politicians that I know of that want me to clean up their messes all the time.”

“So what happens now?” Buffy questioned curiously.

“This can work two ways Summers. Your way we let you try and deal with this problem and have a lot more of those idiot girls killed because your not around to protect them. You might go back and save them and they might accept you who knows? The other option is that you sign this.” Fury said as he pushed a series of papers across the table toward the slayer. “I bring in lots of big bad folks that can fight on the same type of playing field, but there’s a cost for my help.”

“And that cost is?” Buffy said as she looked at the paper hopefully.

“Your ass belongs to me and it goes into the Ultimates,” Fury explained to her.” You’re a super soldier so I’ll put you with the rest of the super soldiers that I have on my team. Something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now.” He admitted to her.” If you hadn’t been useful where you are I would have dealt with you a long time ago.”

“And the others?”

“I don’t press charges against them for smuggling humans, harboring felons, and willful endangering minors.” Fury returned to her." We know that you wanted them to stay inside and keep training and that they started going on missions long before you thought that they were ready but the other members of your team allowed it undermining you. Their time on the front lines is over though they just can’t accept that so I’ll make them accept it.” Fury told her bluntly. “If they push it I’ll add on some involuntary manslaughter and kicking you out of your home. That place is in your name not theirs if they didn’t like the way things were going then they should have left not forced you out. Nothing was forcing them to stay had you been wounded or killed tonight it would have been on their heads.”

“Alright say I agree,” Buffy said carefully, ”what happens to the others?”

“They can stay or go their own way I could care less, the only one we really have any say over will be Dawn. Little sister gets her ass carted off to boarding school as you’ll be too busy to be her nursemaid.” Fury told her bluntly.” Kid has some good qualities but needs someone to give her order. Face it you’re living from fight to fight and can’t give her that. She needs either structure or to be placed over the knee. To sweeten the pot we’ll allow Lehane to go, she’ll just have to check in with us every once and a while and has to be working on keeping the world safe. She disobeys those rules though she won’t get a nice simple prison cage like before. I’ll take her to the Triskelion, and there won’t be any easy escape for her this time around.”

Buffy bites her lip as she considers her options and what she can do. “It’s the world, the bad guys, even my friends…”

“All against me.” She said tiredly seeming to let all of the frustration and strain that the situation had on her cave in her small shoulders.

Fury shook his head at that in disagreement at that statement, “No, against us.” He assured letting her know that she was not as alone as she might like to think that she was. “You don’t have to walk alone, because you’re not alone anymore. You were there to hold the line when there weren’t any other heroes but there are others now that can do the job with you. You just got to let them walk with you.”

The blonde nodded her head somewhat reluctantly and picked up the pen and began to sign the various documents before her. As she finished the last one Fury handed her a box to her that had been sitting beside him the whole time.” You’ll find that your uniform is in there Agent Mockingbird. Black Widow here will show you how it goes on.”

Buffy nodded as she headed to the bathroom with the tall redhead behind her.

Once the women were gone Fury pulled out his cell phone. “This is Fury I want you to get me all of the so called heroes and get them to Sunnydale California. I want everyone from the Ultimates to those brats at the Baxter Building ready for the fight of their lives. They have until tonight to get here.” He growled into his phone. “Get the kid and the other street heroes while you’re at it as well and then send someone to pick up the Billy idol wannabe vampire. Have Xavier know that I want him and his students to be the second line and that they’ll need to be in LA to act as support should we need it. I want us to have everyone set up when the dust starts to fly.”

Hawkeye let out a low whistle causing Fury to turn around and see the two women walk back out of the restroom. The uniform was made of the same armored leather that Hawkeye and Black Widow used but had a white streak down the front and back. She also wore a pair of yellow tinted sunglasses instead of the red ones that his other two agents wore.

As Buffy walked back out he nodded his head in appreciation at the costume and how well it fit instead of the usual street clothes she normally wore. “Here you’ll be using these for the time being he said as he handed her a pair of fighting batons. “They also have a nice little feature of coming together into a staff if you need one," he said as he began going through the various functions of the weapon. "They also have a cattle prod built into the as well, only these cattle prods would probably burn a normal human to a crisp.”

The blonde nodded her head in acceptance seeming a little embarrassed at the costume that she was now wearing, but still going along with it for now. It was without a doubt better than the clothes that she had been wearing before as this stuff also served as a type of armor.

“Okay kid it’s time to show you how to wage a war,” Fury told her. “The first step is having troops and resources. Resources you’ve been going without for the past few years. So get some food into you and a few hours of sleep when you wake up its going to be to things in a whole new level of war. You won’t even recognize the way things are done when I’m done getting things ready.” Fury’s mind was already thinking at everything that he would need to do to ensure that this battle was won. The weapons and gear the various meta beings with their various abilities each one had to be considered as they got ready for a battle that they hadn’t seen since they drove the aliens off.

Loki looked at the being that had decided to come and visit him. “It hath been far too long since we have been united mine old friend.” The Norse Trickster God noted, nodding toward the First Evil in greetings. “What circumstances has united us here though?”

“Thine brother and his fellow heroes are about to cause a rather large mess for some of my plans.” The First returned to the Aesir. “I need you to be there to stop him from becoming too much of an annoyance for my plans.”

“Of course old friend I can have my various comrades to come and help,” Loki assured his old comrade who was older than even Lord Odin if their claims were to be truly believed. Allies with so much potential were always good to have. Besides he would need all of the help he could get when it came time for him to deal with his older half brother. Thor was never going to be someone that you could simply dismiss no matter how much he would like to. He had more power than most believed he was just remarkably good at making people forget what it was that he could. The fact that they thought that he was crazy didn’t hurt him either however he had to be careful as he didn’t want to overplay his hand.

Buffy was woken up by a loud sound walking out of the backroom with a cot in it she was somewhat surprised at what she was seeing. A series of several black helicopters were standing there. The slowing of the blades told her that they had just landed a few moments ago. Surprisingly though those weren’t what had woken her up though. No, the red and gold armored figure in front of them was what had woken her. The various rockets on the giant can had been enough to wake her. The armored figure was ignoring everyone and was waiting for the people inside of the helicopters to come out. Looking around she saw Fury beckoning her forward. She jogged up to the man.

“Glad you’re here,” the man shouted, “remember to keep those goggles of yours on it disrupts enough of your face that you probably won’t need a mask.” The blonde nodded as she turned to see what was happening.

A large man easily seven feet tall had just silently landed alongside of the armored figure. Only instead of all of the techno gear on him that would make any true techie person drool this guy was wearing some odd type of medieval armor that was glowing in the chest. He was also carrying a hammer ax combo weapon that looked even meaner than Olaf’s troll hammer that she had beaten Glory with.

“The guy with the fancy robo suit is Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man though.” Fury informed her as he pointed to the figure. “The big guy with the giant hammer is Thor, has all sorts of powers and abilities super strength, flight, and elemental control are his primary ones though. Be careful around him he’s not exactly all there.” He warned the blonde.

The doors slid open and Buffy felt the air leave her lungs in surprise. There standing in the spotlight was none other the first of the heroes. He was dressed in red, white, and blue and had the shield on his back. Despite the fact that they were still a good distance away she somehow got the feeling that he was already assessing her threat level. A woman with short dark haired followed after him, behind them came a pair of European looking people. The guy had silver or white hair and was in a form fitting gray outfit, while the young woman with long fark hair was wearing some sort of red leather outfit.

“There’s Captain America of course, kind of hard not to recognize him. First successful super soldier created through science, standing next to him is the Wasp she’s got the ability to shrink and fly around like a bug. The other two are Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. He has the ability to move at speeds that are faster than the human eye can track, the girl can alter reality though making her the more dangerous of the two though.” Fury looked the group over for a moment. “They’ll be your new team you’ll work alongside of them with Hawkeye and Black Widow. Those are the Ultimates.

The blonde nodded her head a little unsure as to what else she was supposed to do.

A much larger helicopter opened and Buffy saw more people getting out there was a blonde girl followed by a boy about Dawn’s age then there was some kid who seemed more interested in the book he was reading than anything else. The final member to get out was a giant orange thing made out of what looked like rocks.

Fury continued naming the various people off to the blonde. “Those kids are the Fantastic Four, they got caught up in some sabotage and gained a few abilities. The girl is Sue Storm or the Invisible Woman, she has the ability to create force fields or turn things invisible, kid next to her is her baby brother Johnny Storm, or the Human Torch, he can turn his entire body into flames and fly, the book boy is Reed Richards, child genius goes by Mr. Fantastic, and can stretch his body out like a giant rubber band, the big rocky guy is Richards friend Ben Grimm, better known as the Thing, he's got super strength, and durability.

Another helicopter was opening and a guy in dark red leather walked out he looked like a wannabe demon particularly with the batman like mask he wore. He was followed by a figure in red and blue body suit with a full mask over his face, next was a guy in a cape, and someone that looked like a ninja. “The last ones are Daredevil he’s a New York vigilante a good scrapper to have on your side, the guy in green is Iron Fist another vigilante, the caped guy is the last of the vigilantes better known as Moon Knight another one that’s a bit unstable. The kid riding with them in the red and blue clown suit is Spiderman, he may be young and act like an idiot but he does good work.” Other helicopters were unloading regular looking soldiers or heavy guns. “Now you know who’s who in this little freak show so don’t ask me about it.” The general told her as he turned toward a soldier.

Buffy nodded her head even though she shot a glare at the man for his attitude.

Fury gestured and soon everyone had been led into an office building so he could brief them.

“Right,” Fury said as he looked around the room, “here’s what we got folks,” he informed them as he got up on a box so all the people could see him. “We’re dealing with an end of the world level threat only this time it’s not from a wormhole or aliens. What we’re dealing with instead is something on the supernatural level. Can it Richards, I don’t want to hear you argue that the supernatural doesn’t exist I’ve read the reports on some of the things Doom did so I don’t want any of your B.S! Am I clear as your girlfriend?”

“Yes sir,” the guy with the book said looking somewhat disgruntled at the tongue lashing that he had just received.

“Now I’m going to give you a brief overview of just what it is that you’ll be fighting. Agent Mockingbird over there has been fighting them for the past year with varying levels of success.” Fury said nodding toward the girl that had been standing in the back away from the other heroes.

“Here’s the situation that we’re dealing with folks, we are facing an enemy that has three levels of fighters that we know of for sure.” Fury said as a holo projector whirred to life, and showed the robed figure appeared before them. “The main opponents are currently regular humans, they’re cultist that call themselves Bringers, however they have no eyes and can still fight just as well as anyone else.” Daredevil coughed in surprise at this.

“Yeah I know it sounds impossible,” the blonde from the back said, “they somehow do it though. They manage to operate at the same level as an average soldier does, which includes martial arts training.”

Fury nodded his thanks to her. “Their primary weapons are large daggers or short swords.” At hearing this Iron Man snorted in disbelief. Fury glared at him though, stopping him from saying anything. “Don’t get cocky though Stark, there are a lot of them, and they may just swarm you if nothing else. The second ones are what have been designated as Ubervamp, which are a type of super vampire.” The image changed to a feral looking creature that was bald, large pointed ears, claws, and had several fangs. “They’re stronger, faster, and more durable than your average vampire, however they lost a lot of their intelligence with the extra power more feral animal than man.”

“General Fury, there is only one being that would dare use these 'Ubervampires' as you call them.” Thor interrupted, with worry in his voice. “The Turok-Han have only one true master, and the only way that I know for these things to have become active, is for the seal to have been broken.”

“Yeah big guy, and if you’ll let me finish maybe I can explain it to the rest.” Fury informed the giant of a man who nodded though the frown never left his face, which caused the others to be worried as they had never seen the large man so worried.

“There aren’t as many of these things around as there are of the Bringers, but everyday more and more of them end up showing up. As Thor was telling us, the correct name for these things is Turok-Han. They’re easily as strong as vampires a thousand years old or more. An age that very few vampires actually ever make it to getting to be that old, they’re usually caught by vampire hunters before they reach five hundred years old.”

“Oh is that all?” Johnny Storm said with an incredulous look in his eyes.

“The third known foot soldier, is sldo the last known soldier.” The image changed to that of a normal looking man dressed as a priest.

“Looks like your projector is broken,” Iron Man said in amusement. “Unless of course you’re saying you want us to fight it out with a priest that is?”

“Hardly the time to be joking Stark, this is Caleb Reynolds, he’s the strongest member of the force that we’ve seen so far. He’s power levels are currently unknown, but we’re going to be saying that they’re beyond that of Spiderman just to be on the safe side though. Whether or not he’s a match in raw power for Thor or the Thing is currently unknown.” Fury informed the group, glaring at them all as if daring them to make some other smart mouthed comment about their enemy.

“This Caleb man, he be the current avatar of the dark one then?” Thor questioned Fury studying the picture with intent interest.

“That he is hammer guy,” Fury assured him, “this guy is the Avatar, vessel, or whatever else you want to call him for a spiritual entity known simply as the First.”

“The First what?” Spiderman asked curiously, as he examined the image curiously.

“Yon image be the image of the follower of the First Evil Spiderman.” Thor informed the group.

“Got it in one buddy,” Buffy returned to the man. “We don’t know if he even bleeds, because nothing we’ve done has hurt him yet. He has managed to leave a bloody trail behind them though. His idea of leaving a message, is to send one of his victims to the hospital after dumping them out of a speeding truck and that was before we even met the guy. Since then we’ve learned that he’s bombed a place in London, and murdered at least a fifty other people in various places throughout the world.”

“The Watchers are gone then friend Mockingbird?” Thor questioned curiously.

“Yes,” Buffy returned, “they are all gone, there may be a few hiding out there, but we don’t know where they are and nearly all of the potentials are dead as well.”

“This is indeed grievous bit of news then.” Thor said with worry. “For so many to have fallen before they even had a chance at battle.”

“Yeah, this joker is not something to take lightly, he took on two meta’s with power levels equal to that of Captain America and beat the both of them silly.” Fury explained to the group. “As it was, they nearly got themselves killed if they hadn’t gotten really, really lucky. He walked away without a scratch, while they had to fix themselves up.”

“Is there anything else that you can tell us about him?” Captain America questioned with interest as he studied the image.

“You mean other than the fact that he's a southern woman hating jerk?” The blonde questioned him curiously. “He calls every woman he encounters a whore.”

“If he dares to insult my sister so, we shall just how durable he truly is.” Quicksilver grumbled, his eyes hard as stone.

“So what are we doing here then?” Spiderman questioned curiously, “I mean I don’t exactly have a demon hunting license, unless you want to say that Osborne counts as a demon?” He added in almost hopefully.

“Can the jokes kid,” Fury shot back, “this is serious end of the world crap. We need to figure out what is going on now."

“What about this First Evil entity, does it have any special skills or abilities that we should worry ourselves about?” Wasp questioned curiously from where she was standing.

“With a name like that you would think so,” Fury agreed with the question, “however it is pretty low on the abilities since it is currently working on trying to force its way into our dimension meaning that its powers are limited for the time being. At the moment the only thing that it is capable of doing is talking to people and empowering its vessel."

“Talking, that’s its dangerous power?” Iron Man questioned sounding unimpressed.

“I’m with the tin man.” Thing said, “It doesn’t exactly sound like the most dangerous of things that we’ll have to worry about.”

“You might be right, if it wasn’t for the fact that when it talks to you it can assume the form of any person that you were close to that has died. It’s a dangerous combination as the people that were closest with you will be the ones talking to you.” Fury informed the rocky man. “For you Storm kids you could be talking with your mom, Cap and Widow are both soldiers who have led people into battle, I’m sure there are people you both regret sending to their deaths. Stark what about your old man? Web-slinger do you think that you could stand having your uncle tear into?” The various heroes all flinched at the idea, not sure if they really wanted to chance that.

“Not as easy to think about when it’s like that is it?” Fury questioned them grimly as he saw them all appear to be in deep thought. “Mockingbird, suggestions on what our next move should be?”

The blonde looked surprised as everyone turned to regard her and listen to what she had to say on the matter. “The vineyard, they’re guarding something there. It’s also one of the last places that Caleb was at that we know of, there and the school that is.” The blonde told the man confidently. “I don’t believe that there is all that security around that place unless they’re guarding something of impportance though.”

“Cap, what do you think?” Fury questioned, turning toward the man with the shield on his back.

“I think that she’s right,” Captain America agreed, "they wouldn’t have all that security unless they had something worth guarding. A team should be able to get in, and scout the place though."

Fury nodded his head in acceptance of the hero’s assessment. “Fine, take Mockingbird, Daredevil, and Spiderman and find out what it is that they’re guarding then.” He commanded to the soldier. "The Fantastic Four are going to be acting the part of backup if things turn out bad. Give the place a once over and then get out, you’ll probably have to do some fighting though."

Captain America nodded and gestured for the others to follow him out.

“Hawkeye, head over to the observation point, and make sure that those kids aren’t getting in the way.” Fury told the archer, who nodded his head.

“The rest of you help with getting the rest of the gear into position. Thor, I need you to rack your memory for anything else that the First might use in this battle.” Fury commanded, as the other began breaking up into smaller groups.

“Aye General Fury, I shalt do my best,” Thor assured him.

The End?

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