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A Trip Across The Wastelands.

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Summary: Glory's portal sucks Andrew into the Capital Wastelands.

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Games > Sci-FiJacobPhoenixFR21822,1171101,52314 Feb 111 Apr 11No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own the Fallout series or the Buffy series.

Chapter 1

War, War never changes. The Romans fought for the Glory of Caesar and for land, the armies of the crusaders fought for the glory of God.

In 2077 after years of a continued aggression between China and the United States finally erupted into war; spears of atomic fire stabbed the sky, the oceans boiled and the Earth was scorched. Survivors hid in massive underground vaults and when the fires had subsided they only had the wastes to greet them.

In another world a mad god’s wish to get home sucked in a young man walking home.

This is the world he is sucked in; Andrew Wells will find out that war, war never changes.


As the portals that Glory opened up the skies around Sunnydale were cracking as portals opened and closed. Andrew was running from a dragon that had come from one of the open portals and in his blind rush to get away he rushed into another portal.

Sirens blared in Vault 101 as the disturbance happened, several security guards got ready to face whatever had come through the disturbance as the Overseer’s voice spoke through the intercom system asking people to calm down.

One of the guards saw a kid on the floor unconscious, he looked for the source of the disturbance and rubbed his head in confusion, he then picked up the kid to take him to the clinic.

James sighed as he saw the guard carry in a boy, he looked at him curiously then he looked at the guard and said, “So where did he come from?”

“Don’t know doc,” the guard said, “He was on the ground but I don’t think he’s hurt bad though.”

“No, he’s not; there’s some burn marks and it’s mostly from shock,” James said absently as he began to examine Andrew.

As Andrew shifted in and out of consciousness he heard voices, “Well James, who is he?” Others asked the same question.

Two weeks later Andrew woke up and saw the kind face of a man looking at him, the man smiled, “Hello son, you’ve been asleep for awhile.”

“Where am I?” Andrew moaned out as he got up.

“Hmm, you’re safe,” the man said, “But I’ve got to do some tests on you.”

Andrew backed away and muttered, “Don’t like doctors.”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the man said, “I’m going to ask questions and you tell me what you know or remember, alright?”

Andrew nodded.

“Okay, first question: what is your name?” the man asked, “Mine’s James.”

“Umm, it’s Andrew Wells.”

James smiled, “Hello Andrew, it’s nice to meet you. Second question: where do you come from?”

“Umm, California,” Andrew said quietly, “I think.”

“Good, good,” James said as he wrote down on a piece of paper, “It’s the shock of how you came here; you had some serious burns and it was touch and go for a bit.”

Before James could ask another question a stern looking man came in, he stared at Andrew and said, “Hello young man, I don’t know how you got here but here in Vault 101 we all pull our own weight.”

James got up and said, “Overseer he just came here, he needs rest.”

“And he’ll get rest,” the Overseer said as he brought out some sort of thing, he looked at Andrew and said, “Put it on.”

Andrew looked at it puzzled, wondering what it was and why there was a smiling man on it. He looked at James who nodded and he put it on, he looked at it and began to fiddle with the buttons on it.

The Overseer walked out and said, “Welcome to Vault 101 and remember: we’re born in the vault, we die in the vault and you are no exception.”

James looked at the Pip-boy on Andrew’s wrist and smiled, “Let me help you there,” and began to show Andrew how to work it.

“Thanks,” Andrew mumbled, “Umm, what’s Vault 101?”

“Its,” James sighed softly, “It’s alright, I’ll tell you everything in time, you can stay with me and I can keep an eye on you.”

As months passed Andrew was being put to work; the teacher, Mr Brotch, had him take something called the GOAT so they could see where he would best serve the Vault.

James was teaching Andrew history after he finished his work in the clinic and Andrew was working on Pip-boys with this guy called Stanley.

“There was an atomic war!!?” Andrew panicked, “When did that happen?”

“Two hundred years ago son,” James said softly, he knew Andrew was still confused but he’d learn soon enough.

One night Andrew woke up and walked out, he saw James talking into one of those holotapes but he kept quiet until James finished.

James waved him over and said, “Andrew, why are you up?”

“Heard talking,” Andrew said, “Wondered who you were talking too.”

“Hmm, just a journal Andrew,” James said.

Andrew nodded and James sighed, “Andrew, things aren’t always going to be the same here and I won’t always be here. Now, head back to bed.”

As he watched Andrew head back to bed he began to record again about Project Purity, he got up and looked over where Andrew was sleeping and he sighed, “Katherine, I failed in protecting our son, perhaps I can help this young man.”

Andrew did his best to do his work and avoided the Tunnel Snakes, he became friends with Amata; the Overseer’s daughter, who kind of took a liking to him.

One day as they were eating in the small cafeteria she smiled, “You know, it’s just nice to have someone to talk to even if you came here in such a weird way.”

“Yeah, don’t like to talk about where I came from, don’t remember too much of it either,” Andrew muttered.

“But it’s nice that James has you now,” Amata smiled, “Did anyone ever tell you that he had a son?”

Andrew perked up, he had seen pictures of a little boy with James but he never pressed about it or asked any questions.

Amata nodded, “Yes, he was my friend but he died when we’re both little, heart problems from what I hear. The Doctor said that’s how his mom died too.

‘Oh god,’ Andrew thought bitterly, ‘No wonder he had the extra room.’

“Well anyways he’s looking a lot better now,” Amata said happily, “It’s good to see. He must like having you around, right?”

“I suppose,” Andrew sighed as he ate his meal, “He just seems so sad.”

Amata smiled, “Yeah, I know Andrew but he honestly seems happier taking care of you.”

After lunch Andrew walked to the room and heard the Overseer yelling at James about something that seemed really important but he heard James say that his research was important.

‘Research?’ Andrew thought to himself, ‘What kind of research?’

He ducked behind a cabinet as the Overseer walked by; he listened for a moment and snuck out, surprising James who began to laugh, “Andrew, you move like a fox.”

“Oh, sorry,” Andrew said quickly, “I saw the Overseer and he looked angry about something.”

“He was,” James sighed, “Very angry about my research.”

“What kind of research?” Andrew asked, “Is it important?”

James smiled softly, remembering his son and wife and nodded, “Very important,” and brought Andrew into his office and said, “Do you know this saying? It’s from the bible: I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.”

“It was my wife’s favourite passage from the bible,” James said, “I remember telling my son this when he was young.”

Andrew nodded, “It’s a beautiful passage.”

“My wife died during childbirth, she had a defect in her heart that we didn’t know about,” James sighed, “It was genetic and it passed to my son, he died before his tenth birthday.”

Andrew winced, “That young!? That had to be hard?”

James nodded, “But the last year with you here has brightened my time here.”

“Wait!!” Andrew froze, “Has it been a year since I came here?”

“Yes it has,” James said, “Almost to the day.”

Andrew looked confused, there was no way it could’ve been a year since he had been here.

“It must be hard,” James smiled, “You’ve seemed so confused since you came here.”

“Hard?” Andrew grunted, “It is hard, I’m not even sure how I got here, I mean one moment I’m walking in Sunnydale and next moment I’m wake up and find out hundreds of years passed.”

James put his hand on Andrew’s shoulder and said, “No matter how you came here you are here and you will have to make the best of it.”

Andrew nodded and went to go help Stanley with the pip boys and he decided he’d try to program his to have a journal entry so he could begin to record his ideas and his trip through this vault.

One night soon after Andrew was shaken out of a dream by Amata, he got out and muttered, “What’s going on?”

“It’s James,” Amata said, “He’s left the vault.”

It took a couple minutes for Andrew to come to reality, he stammered, “Left the vault!!? How? The Overseer said we’re born in the vault, we die in the vault.”

“Except for you,” Amata said laughing a bit.

“But anyways,” Andrew said, “Where did James go?”

“He left the vault,” Amata said, “Like outside the vault.”

Andrew frowned as Amata explained how her father went mad and the Vault security went mad and killed Jonas.

“Wait,” Andrew yelled, “Jonas’s is dead!!? God damn it, I liked him.”

“Be careful,” Amata sobbed, “They’re looking for you too, here’s my father’s gun and some ammo.”

Andrew looked at the gun nervously, James taught him how to shoot with a BB gun, said that it might be important for him to learn but he hated guns, always did.

Amata ran out to go try to talk to her father leaving Andrew alone, he recorded what happened in his journal and walked out in the hallway when he heard a voice say, “Stop right there!!”

He looked startled and saw one of the security personnel walk over and bring out his baton.

Andrew suddenly almost instinctively fired the gun hitting the guy’s right shoulder.

Before the man could react one of the biggest freaking cockroaches Andrew had ever seen in his life started to attack him.

God, Andrew nearly turned green at the mutant roaches as they bit and scratched at the man, he tried to fight them off but they over powered him and started crawling Andrew’s way.

Andrew kicked one of the roaches hard as he could, killing it and pulled the gun out and shot another one. He looked at the man’s body and frowned, ‘He didn’t need any of his stuff now,’ and pulled the guy’s armour off and put it on.

Before too long Butch, one of the people Andrew didn’t much care for, came to him and begged, “You gotta help me, it’s my mom, she’s trapped by the roaches.”

He sighed and said, “Come on then, let’s save her.”

“No,” Butch said, “It’s dark in there and they might bite me.”

Andrew’s suddenly punched Butch and said, “Hey, you know they are trying to kill me but come on Butch; you’re big and they’re not, squish the fuckers.”

“Hey, yeah,” Butch said, “You’re right, I am bigger than they are but can you still help me man?”

“Alright,” Andrew grumbled as they went into his quarters and he heard Butch’s mom scream in terror.

“Someone help me,” she yelled, “Please.”

They rushed in and started to shoot and stomp on the nasty bugs and Andrew frowned as they finished them off.

Butch yelled, “Alright man, we did it. I owe you man, I owe you big.”

As he left Butch and his mother Andrew ran down the corridor and his nervousness grew and grew, he shot someone, what if he had killed him? He could’ve killed Butch but still.

One of the officers he had gotten along with managed to tell him what was going on and informed him on where Amata was so he could find her and the Overseer.

Andrew snuck into the Atrium of the Vault and heard two of the dwellers talking about how they were going to follow James out. He heard guns firing and the sound of a body falling to the ground, he couldn’t deal with this shit right now, James was his friend, hell the guy treated him like a son.

He heard the woman scream, “Tom!!” she rushed over and got shot too.

Andrew stared at the pool of blood forming under their bodies and suddenly aimed his gun at the two guards who were walking over and fired.

He hit one guard in the head causing his head him to fall down, the other guard shot Andrew in the leg but thankfully the armour took the brunt the bullet. Andrew shot at the man, wildly lashing out at the man. Andrew shook his head and saw the bullet riddled body and nearly vomited; he did this? He killed someone? No, he killed two people, he looked at the gun which was still warm to the touch and tried to bring himself to throw it away but he couldn’t, he needed the gun.

Andrew grimaced as he searched the two dead men’s bodies for ammo or anything he could use.

He ran up the stairs in the Atrium and walked towards the Overseer’s office, he decided to sneak his way past some people when he heard a voice and some pounding on a window, he looked up and faintly heard, “This is all your fault, yours and James. Hey, he’s over here!!!”

Andrew ran into another corridor and groaned when Chief Hannon saw him as he didn’t want to kill another person and said, “Just pretend you didn’t see me, alright?”

Hannon smirked and said, “Hey kid, you’re dead anyways,” and suddenly hit Andrew across the face with his baton.

Before he could hit again Andrew shot the Chief repeatedly with his gun until the officer went down.

Andrew shook his head clear, he had to stop panicking and shooting like a Wildman. As he walked out of the room he suddenly heard Amata’s voice saying, “I don’t know anything!!”

‘Were they hurting her?’ Andrew thought angrily, he hoped not as she was nice to him too. As he walked in he heard the Overseer saying, “He’s not in trouble, we just want to talk to him.”

As he came in holding the gun out the Overseer’s guard attacked and Andrew shot him, he didn’t feel as ill this time as the man fell the ground bleeding and he wondered if that was good or bad, he wasn’t sure.

Amata ran out and the Overseer sneered at Andrew and said, “I hope you’re here to surrender? Remember, I took you in when you appeared out of nowhere.”

Andrew lowered his gun slightly and the Overseer continued, “I sheltered you from the harshness of the wastes when I should’ve thrown you to the radroaches.”

“No,” Andrew said, “The man who helped me was James and hey, you killed someone and I had to kill to defend myself.”

“All for the Vault my boy, all for the vault,” the Overseer grinned, “Now, why don’t you put down your gun and we can talk this over.”

Andrew suddenly kicked the Overseer in the groin, hard and ran out to see if Amata was alright.

As he got into the office he saw Jonas’s body on ground and sighed as he searched it and he pulled out one of those holotapes.

Andrew’s pip boy suddenly activated the holotape and he heard James’s voice come from it.

“Are we recording this?” James asked, “Good, Andrew I’m going to have Jonas give this to you now as you might have heard that I’ve left the vault. Now you’ve been like my son for a year and I thank you for giving me back hope, I can’t tell you much just what I’m doing is for the good of everyone in the wastes. Life in the vault might not be perfect but it’s safe.

Amata came out of her room holding a key and suddenly hugged Andrew, thanking him for not killing her father and whispered, “Andrew, there’s a secret exit in my father’s office, it’ll lead you out of the vault.”

Andrew nodded as he walked out towards the office and looked around the office, as he looked around he found the password for the computer.

As Andrew looked at the computer he wondered how people who had developed laser pistols still had computers with ugly green lighting. He looked around at the files and found out there was a settlement nearby: Megaton. That seemed a bit odd; according to the Overseer no one left the vault in over two hundred years.

He activated the escape passage and ran out followed by Amata, who watched him open the door, she whispered, “You’re opening the door, are you going to leave?”

“Bye,” Andrew said, “And thanks for being one of my few friends here.”

“Good luck,” Amata whispered as Andrew ran down the tunnel and left the vault.

Andrew walked out into the light and his eyes were nearly blinded by the sunlight, as he walked out he saw the wastelands stretch out in front of him and in the distance some buildings that were like burned out shells. He sighed, ‘First, find Megaton and then, who knows,’ he thought as he walked out into the burning wastelands.


What Fallout 3/New Vegas perks/companions should Andrew gain in his travels?

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