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Anita's Twin

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Summary: Anita makes a wish. D'Hoffryn grants it, saving Xander's life but pulling him into the Anita vs.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: NathanielnightslayerFR181723,8551620379,29114 Feb 1126 Jul 11No

Chapter 17

AUTHORS NOTE: no i dont' own the Anita or Buffy Universe. and i just wanted to say a great big, thanks ya, to all the readers who have stuck by me. I know i'm not updating as quickly as you or I would like. But i have the next chapter about half way written so hope fully i'll get another chapter up in the following week. END AUTHORS NOTE!!

Xander leaned back into the cracked, blue, vinyl booth seat. He slid his borrowed cell phone back into his jean pocket glad that his conversation with Micah had gone well. The older were hadn’t asked any questions, just listened as Xander told him they were at a diner waiting for Anita’s contact. He hadn’t even spoken to Nate or any of the others, Micah had told him to be safe and that he would hear from him in half an hour.

Anita had made a call to Edward from the pay phone nearly half-an-hour ago. She had left a short message, explaining she had been attacked the night before and was willing to trade for information. She had left a vague idea of where they would be meeting just in case Edwards phones were taped by the people would attacked them the night before. If these people knew Anita at all it wouldn’t be hard to figure out that there were only a few people she would go to for information. And that after such a personal attack she would use every resource she had. Including the homicidal ones.

They hadn’t yet heard back from Edward but neither expected to quite yet. The plan was to wait an hour at the diner then move on to Anita’s home. The diner was safer for them but Edward might not choose to show himself in such an open setting. And Edward would never put himself in harms way for something as small as information.

“You want another piece of pie Xan?” Xander couldn’t stop the huge grin that stole across his face. In order to try to appease Xander, Anita had taken him to a diner across town. The small mom and pop diner was old fashion, and still sold soda pop and malt drinks. But what had brought Anita and Xander there was the specialty pies. The diner had a handful of one of a kind pies, cupcake, shortbread, chocolate moose crunch were just a few. But Xander and Anita had only one love, Twinkie pie. Almost more a cake then a pie, the Twinkie pie taste exactly like real Twinkie goodness

Anita returned Xander’s smile. “Two more pieces and fresh coffee please.” The waitress gave them a cheery smile clearly enjoying Xander infectious good mood and totaled off to fill their order.

“Now seriously, how are you feeling? How are you dealing with everything? You haven’t really gotten a chance to think yet.”

Xander took a moment to enjoy his second piece of pie. They had spent the first half-hour talking about nonsensical things. But they both had something’s they wanted to talk about.

“I’m actually doing better then most would think. I’m pretty use to the ‘weird’. So being transported to another universe and made into a magical twin, it’s alright. What I think I really enjoy is that I’m not only needed here but wanted. My connection to you, Micah, Nate and Damian, you have given me a place. I belong here, now!”

Anita reached a crossed the table taking Xander’s hand in hers. “I don’t know much about life in the other world. It’s like a dream, but I know you as part of my world. And I couldn’t imagine my world with out you any more. You’re my brother, my twin.”

The two shared a moment. In the back corner booth of the brightly lit diner. Sitting there wit two pieces of Twinkie pie and black coffee they both felt relaxed.

“Am I interrupting?” Two sets of eyes jerked to the end of there booth. Edward stood there, dark jeans highlighting long legs, and a dark green shirt helping to blend in with out giving him a lot of color.

“Thanks for showing Edward. Would you like some coffee?” Sliding into the booth he gave Anita a suggestive smirk even as he crowded into Xander’s personal space.

“No I’m more in the mood for pie.” Intertwining his hand with Xander’s he brought the fork Xander was holding to his mouth. The act was extremely intimate and completely creeping Xander out.

“Stop that Edward. You know creeps Xander out. That and I think even Nathaniel would try to maim you if he ever caught you flirting with Xan.” Xander slapped away the hand Edward was slowly moving up his leg.

“What? I’m just letting him know it doesn’t take ware's and vamps to keep up with him. I can take care of all your needs.” The last portion was spoken directly into Xander’s ear. Lashing out with his elbow Xander pulled on every ounce of the Hyenas power he could. The blow landed solid, gaining a surprised look from Edward.

“You’re hardly what I would consider human. And I don’t have any interest in a sziophenic, psychotic, lunatic. Its just one of my rules you see. Only one mental illness per significant other. Now are you going to tell us what you know about the attack or are you going to continue to play with yourself?”

Anita chocked back a laugh. Hiding behind her coffee cup when Edward shot her a withering look.

“There is a bounty on your heads the word is your players in a vampire prophesy. Haven’t heard the exacts yet but the offers have come pouring in. The highest is nearly twenty five thousand a head. And they want you dead by with in the month. So I would expect dozens of attacks, upping in frequency the closer the end of the month comes.”

Xander and Anita shared a concern look in Anita’s world it was like Xander had always been there for everyone but those who were connected to Anita and her triumvirate. Even Edward was affected by the spell. How could there be a prophesy about them, and how would anyone know about it. They had to find these prophesy.

“Thanks Edward. What’s the price for the information?”

Edward smirked at Anita who just rolled her eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Edward that’s just pathetic. Why don’t you get laid and leave my brother alone.”

“You knew what I would ask when you come to me Anita. Don’t gripe about paying.”

Xander’s face scrunched up. He had memories of Edwards’s payments but he had actually never made a payment before. “You know what lets just get this over with so we can get home. We have people waiting for us and it sounds like we should be anywhere but outside the circus.” Sliding across the booth Xander straddled Edwards lap. Leaning down Xan caught Edwards lips wit his own, kissing him with all the combined experience of both Cordy and Anya. Five minutes later Xander slid off the other side of Edwards lap exiting the booth.

Before he could completely clear the table Edward grabbed a hold of Xander hand. “Are you going to tell me you felt nothing just then? Don’t lie Xander, I could feel you.”

Xander shook his head his shaggy hair falling into his eyes. “No more then any guy would feel after a good kiss. And like everything you do Edward you are an excellent kisser. But there wasn’t anything deeper. It’s not even really sexual because I’m not attacked to you. I’m in a relationship. Multiple relationships. Everything I am is all rolled up in Damian, Nathaniel and Micah.” Pulling free Xander walked out the diner.

“You’re only making a fool of yourself Edward. You’ll never have my brother, because you’ll never be able to give up what makes you, you.”

For once Anita could read Edwards face clear as day. He was confused. “It’s the hunt. Xander could never be with a hunter. You don’t kill to protect, or defend. You hunt people down, get inside there lives and kill them with a coldness that makes people like Xander sick. He could never feel anything for you.” Turing on her heel Anita followed Xander’s path out the door.

Never looking back Anita didn't see the flash of raw hunger and possession that crossed over the assassins face.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Anita's Twin" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jul 11.

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