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Anita's Twin

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Summary: Anita makes a wish. D'Hoffryn grants it, saving Xander's life but pulling him into the Anita vs.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: NathanielnightslayerFR181723,8551620379,29114 Feb 1126 Jul 11No

chapter 2

I don’t own the Anita or Buffy vs. Though I wouldn’t mind if the owners wanted to give them to me. I would love them and feed them and take them for walks. Any who let me know what you think.

Mithrilandtj: thanks

LucyH: I’ve read Anita and Xander were siblings stories as well. I’m hoping this will be a bit different. Xander and Anita’s relationship will be in the shadows. I haven’t decided if I’m going to talk about Dawn and the others.

Fate: here’s your update

Stepping back through the rift D’Hoffryn went looking for Anita’s twin. When he stepped out again he stood in front of Xander's naked body. The master of all vengeance demons growled dangerously before crouching down in front of Xander. Tilting the dark head up to look at him.

“D’Hoffryn?” The demon nodded pulling the young man up from his huddled position. A wave of his hand released the maniacals holding Xander bond to the floor. “They made a wish?” D’Hoffryn shook his head lifting Xander to his feet.

“No someone else made a wish. Come, she’s waiting for you.” Xander’s glazed eyes looked up towards D’Hoffryn trying to figure out what was going on. The lack of food and proper sleep kept him from being able to process the information fully. Xander barely blinked as he was swept off of his feet and into D’Hoffryn’s arms.

The demon looked down at the broken man and for the first time ever he prayed that the man before him would be strong enough for the things to come. Dawn herself had called D’Hoffryn to her. Begging him to find and protect Xander. Offering herself if he would do that. D’Hoffryn knew better then to take her up on that offer. Even the master of the vengeance demons knew to fear Xander when Dawn came into the picture.

So D’Hoffryn put out the word that anyone hearing a wish that could benefit Xander was to notify him. That notification came earlier that day when Anita Blake made her wish. But every wish had to have a consequence. The consequence for Xander, a complete remodel of his life. The consequence for Anita, she got Xander. Which was a double edge sword if there was any.

Stepping back into the portal D’Hoffryn reemerged in Anita’s room. He placed Xander beside the sleeping Anita. Pulling out the small glowing ball he had pulled from Anita’s body he pressed it into Xander’s chest. He watched as the boys body began to convulse. His weakened state the jerky movements did little more then rattle the bed.

D’Hoffryn stood back watching as seemingly instinctively Anita moved to wrap an arm around Xander’s body. There bond already growing. Tilting his head he looked into the astral-field. He watched as the ball sunk deeper and deeper into Xander, spreading out and covering Xander’s entire form. As Xander’s body adjusted to the changes a thick cord was knitted between Xander and Anita. The cord was the bond of twins. It was special because it was something that began in the womb, a bond no other creature could share.

He watched as both Anita and Xander’s physical forms began to morph. Anita who was half Mexican inherited a bit more of her German ancestry. She grew another two inches, leaving her at a respectable 5.6. Her eyes darkened to a more chocolate brown. Xander’s body thinned, broad shoulders slenderized, his whole frame became more that of a swimmers. His hair darkened and lengthen falling around his shoulders.

They would both have the gene for animation. The twins would be twice as powerful together as any one animator. While most might be able to do, one maybe two raisings in a weekend. Anita had been able to do a solid two raisings a night. Together Anita and Xander would be able to raise five bodies a night.

Anita would keep her necromancer abilities. She would be able to control zombies and vampires. Anita would keep her license to hunt and kill vampires. Anita would have all her skills, Judo, Kenpo and gun abilities those memories were copied and given to Xander and like wise Xander’s knowledge about knives/swords and bows would be given to Anita. Though they would have the memories and if they were in deep trouble there instincts would take over but they would have to train there bodies to become use the exercise.

Anita would keep her human servant bond with Jean-Claude, she would also continue to be Lupa of the werewolf pack. But through her twin bond with Xander he would receive kick-backs. The ardeur could be fed through Xander making it a bit more manageable. Damian and Nathaniel’s marks were transferred to Xander, freeing Anita from her duty to them and giving Xander people to take care of and to take care of him. Anita ability to call wereleopards was transferred to Xander, including the Nimir-Ra bond. Xander became there protector. It would take time to see if the relationship between Micah and Anita would be transferred to Xander. D’Hoffryn wouldn’t play with anyone’s emotions.

The last thing he D’Hoffryn did before passing back through the portal was to dress Xander and heal what injuries he could. The smell of blood would bring the weres soon.
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