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Anita's Twin

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Summary: Anita makes a wish. D'Hoffryn grants it, saving Xander's life but pulling him into the Anita vs.

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: NathanielnightslayerFR181723,8551620379,29114 Feb 1126 Jul 11No

Chapter One

Here's all the basics. . .i don't own the Anita or Buffy vs. I also don't own anything so don't bother sueing. If you have any ideas for the story or comments or the like please feel free to send them to me. Other wise enjoy.

Xander kneeled, his body racked with shudders. His hands cuffed behind his back had long ago lost all feeling. Though the pain from his two torn rotate cuffs more then made up for it. He didn’t know how long he had been here; they only ever asked one question. His knees were more bone and blood then tissue and skin. He had been kneeling for so long.

Right on cue someone walked through the door behind him. At one time the breeze would have raised goose-bumps on his naked skin. But his skin had long ago become numb to the cold. Though by the light blue tone the real answer could be that Xander just couldn’t get any colder.

“Where is the key?” Xander said nothing. He always said nothing. He never thought about her, about his Dawn. They were mind-readers; they could pluck the thought right from his head. He concentrated on the numbness, and the pain. That’s all he thought about anymore.

“Where is the key?” Xander just knelt there. There was no one coming. There was no one left to come. They were all dead, Buffy, Willow, Giles, Angel, Cordy and many more. All dead. Just Spike and Faith left to protect his girl. To keep her safe. They wouldn’t’ come for him, because they had to keep her away.

“Yes, where did they take her?” Xander’s mind flooded with memories of his nights with Anya, Cordilla, and Spike. The sexual memories making the creature behind him pull back in revulsion.

Xander allowed himself to smile and fall into the memories for a second before his mind fell blank once again. It was only a matter of time till they came back. Time he had.

Anita sat huddled in the corner of her room. The room was dark and locked away from the rest of the house with magic. Her body racked with convulsions as the withdrawal symptoms became worse and worse. Her body temperature spiked again and she could feel sweat beading down her back. Her hands shook as she pulled her legs to her chest.

Gods she just wanted this to stop. She wanted to be able to go two days with out having to suck the sex out of someone, or multiple someone’s. She wanted to live her life, not be bond to so many people that she doesn’t have the chance to be herself.

She would give in soon. If she died she would take too many with her. Even now she could feel the walls she had built up around her crumbling. Could feel the tiniest tread of her pain seeping to the others.

“I wish I didn’t have so many people to look after. I wish I had someone who could completely understand me.” A rip opened up in front of Anita though she was to out of it to notice. D’Hoffryn stepped through. Leaning down he brushed his fingers across Anita face tilting her head up towards him.

“Wish Granted!”

A blinding light seared through the room, over taking Anita. Her body was tossed and tumbled as bits and pieces were torn from her. Anita screamed as her body began to change on the outside and the inside.

D’Hoffryn looked towards the door as pounding began to resonate through the room. The magical force-field wouldn’t hold long to the ware strength. As the door flew open D’Hoffryn pulled his magic back from Anita her eyes were glazed but she was conscious.

Stepping back through the rift D’Hoffryn went looking for Anita’s twin.
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