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The Long Walk

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Summary: Buffy gets a choice. Heaven and Depression, or the long way home.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredDestrarkFR18107,6431166,75614 Feb 1121 Feb 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, Highlander:The Series, Stargate, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter or Bioshock anything else. BTVS is owned by the great and powerful Joss Whedon, Bioshock belongs to 2K or whoever, Highlander belongs to Russel Mulcahy or whoever, Stargate belongs to Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. All rights or whatever else belong to each of them. I own absolutely nothing, except maybe myself. Hopefully.

The lights in the medical room were bright, it hurt the baby’s eyes, and fuzzy shapes swam before her. Texture changed, she wasn’t in the warm dark place she’d liked. A rough surface rubbed around her then wrapped her up. A smiling woman looked down at her, holding her in her arms while a man stood behind her.

“Little Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth Summers, born to John and Katie Summers. One of the generation born without knowing what the word sunlight means. Or wind, or stars, or the moon. But, she knew since her earliest memories the types of fish at the bottom of the ocean. Rapture. The first underwater city. Built by the best and brightest for the best and brightest.

Andrew Ryan had a dream, a place where the most intelligent could push their boundaries without constraints, such as morals, or government or religion. However it was naive and foolish, and quickly Rapture fell to a rebellion from the mistreated lower classes.

It began with the discovery of ADAM. An addictive substance granting the user the ability to re-write their own genetic code. Allowing them to become stronger, faster, more intelligent, or manipulate elements. The downside? You quickly became insane. To keep up with the demand for ADAM, young girls (found to be the only suitable hosts) were taken and implanted with sea slugs containing the revolutionary substance. They would then produce it.

However production was still too low. They were then mentally conditioned to search for ADAM in corpses (They were conditioned to see them as ‘Angels’ to make it less disgusting). However this made them targets to any who wanted the ADAM inside them. So the Protector Program was established. Criminals and others were taken and experimented on, locked and fused inside giant armored diving suits and conditioned to protect the girls. Finally pheromone bonding between the two groups was used to finish the job. The ‘Big Daddies’ wandered the city, repairing it and escorting the girls as they did their horrific jobs.

John was one of the elite, a scientist working with medical team attached to help create the Protectors, and heal them if they were injured. Katie was the quintessential housewife. Bored out of her mind, even with the notion of vaguely looking after Elizabeth, but focused more on T.V, going to the various parties within their social circle, working out at the gym and doing anything else she could find to occupy herself.

Little Elizabeth was daddy’s girl, who lavished nearly every moment he could find when not at work or busy with something else upon her. When the potentials of ADAM were found and it quickly became ‘the thing’ you had to do or were the outcast. Katie fell into the addiction, using the tonics for beauty and fitness, lost in narcissism and ADAM.
Within a couple of years she was hanging on the edge. She felt resentment at her husband for trying to stop her getting the ADAM, stupid man. Didn’t he realize how wonderful it was? The possibilities and the beauty of it? She didn’t like the young thing, always hanging onto her and bugging her for attention. She quickly began to hate the brat. It came to an ending one morning.

It started with a knock on the door. Elizabeth was colouring in her room. She liked drawing pictures; she was drawing one of those strange girls her friends at school were talking about. She had seen one yesterday and run up to say hi. The girl had looked frightened and run round a corner. Elizabeth had followed.


It was a huge man in a big suit; he had a big drill on his right hand and was looking at her with yellow eyes. The girl had gone to him and was hiding between his legs, looking at her timidly. The man has kneeled down and looked at her. His eyes changed colour to green. He let out a moan like one of those big fishes she’d seen through the domes. She’d looked at him shyly. He patted her gently on the head with his left hand and then the girl had come and talked to her.

“Mister B says he thinks you’re a good girl. Do you want to come and look for Angels with me?”

Elizabeth had smiled at her.

“Sorry, I’d really like to, but my mommy says I need to be home soon, so I can’t stay.”

The girl looked sad.

“Oh well, good bye.”

She’d hugged Elizabeth and run back to the man. She’d grabbed his hand and started pulling him along.

Elizabeth had gone back to play with her friends, but she thought about the girl and the man all day. She just finished drawing when she heard talking downstairs. Thinking it might be her daddy, shed run downstairs to see mommy talking with a couple of strangers in black suits.

The men had looked at her strangely. Then he looked back at her mommy.

“Yes. She’ll be taken good care of, and do something to help all of Rapture.”

He looked round at her.

“You hear that princess? You’re going to help all of Rapture!”

He smiled at her strangely again.

Her mommy still looked at them suspiciously; she’d learnt that word last week in school.

“And don’t worry, there’s something for you too.”

He put the suitcase on the table and opened it; he pulled out a tube filled with a reddy-orangy coloured thing in it. Her mommy went all stiff.

“Give me the Adam.”

She said it in a harsh whisper.

“Certainly, give us the girl and it’s all yours.”

Her mommy looked at her angrily, and then smiled at her strangely. It didn’t touch her eyes.

“Elizabeth, these men are going to take you on a holiday, okay? It’s going to be very fun and you’re going to learn a lot, and you’re going to help people too, isn’t that nice?”

Elizabeth looked around; her mommy was looking at the tube again and didn’t seem to care about her. The man held out his hand.

She walked forwards slowly. His smile twisted and she felt a soft thing being pushed over her face. Everything went black.
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