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Alexander Corleone

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Summary: Xander's cousin comes from New York to tell him his Grandpa Vito has been shot and that it's not looking good. Xander gets pulled into family business from there. Will contain future slash.(On Hold)

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Carmina Corleone

A*N*- I own nothing, I'm just borrowing to alieve my boredom.

Giles took the paper from Spike and started to read the article.

"Vito Corleone is my grandfather, my mother is their third child. I have one other aunt, and four uncles with multiple cousins. One of whom is on her way here to provide protection for me and my mother. Uncle Sonny says it was an attack by a rival family."

The bell on the front door rang and a young woman walked in. She was wearing black slacks with a matching dress jacket and pale purple button-down underneath. Her curly brown hair was up in a messy bun. She turned towards Xander and Spike caught a glimpse of a pistol in a holster under the lapel of her jacket. She smiled at her cousin.

"Hello Alexi."

Her accent was a thick mix of Italian and New Yorker.

"Mina, I just got off the phone with your dad, they havent found Tom yet, and you're to call ASAP."

Mina grimaced slightly and nodded at him.

"Willi and Rocco are heading to your house Xan."

Xander nodded. Giles coughed discreetly.

"Right! Sorry G-man. This is Carmina Corleone, my older cousin. Mina, this is Rupert Giles, our mentor, that's Tara Maclay, Willow's girlfriend and of course you remember Willow. The blonde over there is Spike."

Mina nodded.

"A pleasure to meet you guys, just wish it were under better circumstances."

"Will your Grandfather be allright?"

Carmina smiled slightly.

"He got shot five times in the back, through and through and the old man's fighting like a champ. Doc says he'll be up and about in no time."

Xander relaxed, a little relieved. Mina moved closer and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Grandpa'll be ok Xan, The Turk and the Tattaglia's 'll regret what they've done. Dad, Uncle Tom and Uncle Mikey'll make sure of it."

She passed by Spike and he caught a whiff of blood, gun oil, and something else.

"Get bitten by something recently, pet?"

Carmina looked at him sharply, her hand going to her right arm. Xander grabbed the sleeve and pulled it up revealing blood stained bandages.


"I was in L.A. taking care of some things for the family. Ended up running into Cordelia, and that thing was after her. I killed it, but it got a good chunk of me. I dont think Cordelia recognized me though, she dissapeared right after. Don't tell Willi or Rocco though, Daddy'll kill them if he finds out I went out alone."

Giles went to the phone, dialing Angel to check up on Cordelia. Xander sat Mina down and started to explain lycanthropy and went into the supernatural spiel with her. Willow watched him with a scowl on her face and slammed her hands on the table,standing.

"Xander! You can just start telling everyone's secrets to that thug. Who knows what those criminals would do if they knew about the supernatural. The drug and crime problems in New York are bad enough because of them."

She stormed out the front door angrily and Tara went after her, giving them an apologetic glance.

"Willow! I daresay, what's gotten into her?"

"Willow ain't never liked our side of the family. Most people don't think to well of us in the first place. We're not as bad as she makes us out to be though. Yeah we're thugs and a lot of us have blood on our hands, including myself, but no Corleone member has ever killed an innocent bystander. We dont deal in the drug business, that's Tattaglia territory, Don Corleone refuses to dirty our reputation with it. We mostly deal in illegal gambling, protection details, prostitution and other mostly harmless rackets."

Carmina had a slightly insulted look on her face.

"What about the demon society, now that you know. There are a lot of things that demons deal in that humans like to get involved in."

Mina shuddered and made the sign of the cross.

"Dios mio, the Corleones are Catholic, Mr. Giles, we dont do no deals with demons."

"Some demons are very good at hiding themselves, they probably visit your...businesses, and you wouldnt even know."

Mina shrugged.

"How the racketeers run their businesses and who they serve ain't no business of ours as long as they pay their protection fees. I just said we dont deal directly with demons, none of that baby sacrificing voodoo stuff, if they wanna gamble, who're we to stop them? Business is business."

Xander grinned when Giles gave the young woman a small grin. The Corleones weren't bad people and he was glad that at least some of his friends approved of his family. He grinned wider when Carmina started asking Giles question after question about the supernatural. His cousin was infamous for her curiousity.

The bells on the front door rang again and Buffy walked in, looking around suspiciously. She spotted Carmina and glared.

"Willow said something about some Mafia-thug being here. Get out, I dont want your kind in my town."

Xander sighed and waved a hand at Carmina, who was glaring at the blonde.

"Buff, this is my cousin, Carmina Corleone, Mina this is Buffy Summers, another friend of mine and Willow's."

"As in THE Corleone family?! What the hell is she doing here?"

"I'm protecting Alexander in case the thugs who shot our grandfather decide to go after him and his mother."

Mina had a sour look on her face. It looked a lot like Sonny's face prior to losing what little temper he had.

Buffy glared at Xander as if this was all his fault that Mina was there.

"You dont need to be here causing trouble with your thug friends, we can take care of anything that's a danger to one of us."

Carmina gave Buffy a flat look and reached into the left side of her jacket and pulled out a AK-47.

"Really, so if five or six trained Tattaglia gunmen with guns like this came and completely shot up the shop here, you're telling me you'd be able to protect everyone here with a piece of wood and a small assortment of medieval weaponry? Because if you can, by all means, I'll send Rocco and Willi back to New York."

There was a cold menace in Carmina's voice and she glared at the blonde Slayer, daring her to make a stupid comment. Xander sighed in frustration and took the AK-47 from his cousin and tucked it back into her coat.

"Only Buffy could set off the infamous Santino temper when Mina's only been here less than an hour...."

~End Chapter 2: Carmina Corleone~

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Alexander Corleone" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Feb 11.

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