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Alexander Corleone

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Summary: Xander's cousin comes from New York to tell him his Grandpa Vito has been shot and that it's not looking good. Xander gets pulled into family business from there. Will contain future slash.(On Hold)

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Movies > Godfather SeriesTheHarlequinFR1831,7080125,44714 Feb 1128 Feb 11No

Author Note

I'm going to be futzing with the timeline a lot, just giving you a warning ahead of time. Moving the Godfather movies up in time. The assasination attempt on Vito Corleone after graduation and chipped Spike. Not going to be highly invovled with the movies, or canon Buffy-verse.

The Family:

Jessica Corleone Harris - Don Vito's first daughter, younger than Fredo but older than Michael and Connie.

Carmina Bianca Corleone - Santino Corleone's oldest child/daughter Age: 19

Alexander Lavelle Harris-Corleone: Jessica and Antonio Harris' only son. Age: 20

All other characters are normal to canon.
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