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A Change of Pace

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Summary: What if Xander had been taken from the Harris' when he was young and raised away from Sunnydale but was still well aware of the Supernatural?

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Chapter 11 - New Friends and Old Encounters

AN: Well I know it took me a while to crank this one out this chapter is finally done... My Muse has finally returned after her little Vacation ^^. Well I hope you all enjoy!

AN: FYI I'm taking some liberties with time lines from here one out. While I hope it doesn't get to extensive I can, for right now at least, promise nothing.

It had been a month since the Blarested brothers had come to England due to an offer of work from Sir Integra for them (Well, for Will anyway.), said work turning out to be a sort of scouting assignment in regards to the Freak Chip Mideons in England. Apparently her full time agents were dropping like flies when they got to close, because when it came down to it none of them had the experience to go head to head with even the weakest of mideons. And that’s where William Blarested came in. And while Xander’s older brother had tangled with Millenium before he was not so well known that the lower level lackeys would recognize him. So Integra considered him, if nothing else, the ideal person to help get Hellsing on the right track on where the Freak Chips were coming from. While his older brother was busy with that though Xander had been told he would be doing drills with Hellsing troops and going over and revising his last school year with Walter as his tutor. Apparently Walter and Sir Integra (As well as an adamant Linda.) thought the American educational system a little lacking.

It turned out that Linda no longer lived in England but in Boston. Apparently she had just recently been assigned to look after a newly found Potential, hence moving to Boston. Having called her as soon as he found out (Walter had already had the phone dialed and ringing by the time Xander went looking for it.) and Xander was able to get an invite to visit whenever he wanted. When asked William promised that they would swing through for a visit on their way back to Sunnydale. Xander didn’t know why but he automatically felt a sort of weight lift from his shoulders after hearing that. He didn’t know why but he started acting like a kid at Christmas whenever he got to be around Linda. He felt a sort of happiness around her, a contentment, that he didn’t really feel around anyone else.

Xander would never admit it but he had always thought of her as what a real mother would be like, warm, caring, kind, all the things he wished his own mother had been, though to be fair when it came to Road Rage the woman was insane (It was educational though, he’d never heard swear words used in quick those ways before.). While he barely remembered one Jessica Harris, what he did remember pointed towards the exact opposite of what Lynda Pryce was to him. Xander didn’t honestly know what he would do if anything ever happened to her. The only thing that kept him from just going to Boston to wait out William was that he had missed some of the people in Hellsing just as much. So he would wait until his brothers job was done, he would do as he was told, and he would enjoy his time with Integra, Walter, The Major, and heck even Alucard before heading back to Sunnydale. Granted they would be staying another week or two after that, but oh well. As it was there was no way in Hell that William would ever just pop in and then pop right back out again before spending some quality time with Integra like he did every visit. People in Sir Integra’s type of position still needed time off every now and then just like anyone else and Xander’s older brother had made it his mission to make sure she got it.

The one thing he hadn’t been anticipating on this visit was meeting one Seras Victoria.


“Walter, how are you?” William asked as he shook hands with the older man while Xander just smiled and waved.

“As well as can be expected William. I believe Sir Integra is waiting for you in her office. I take it you remember the way?” Walter said with a smile for both brothers as he waved William on. “And how are you Alexander?” Walter asked bringing his attention back to the younger Blarested brother.

“I’m fine Walter. I’m actually glad you called and got us over here. I mean having some time off is nice and all but after a couple of weeks of pretty much nothing to do I was starting to become bored out of my skull.” Xander said with a smile as he walked in, closing the door behind him.

“Well since you’re here and I do have other things to do today would you mind taking our special agents their meals?” Walter ‘asked’ as he retrieved a couple of donor bags from a small industrial refrigerator and set them on a tray. “I’m sure you’d like to catch up with Alucard and all that seeing as you haven’t been back in a while.”

‘Catch up my ass.’ Xander thought. While he and Alucard had nearly always gotten along, and yes they were able to have a good laugh from time to time, there was always that not-so-small part of his brain that reminded him that at the end of the day Alucard was still a ridiculously powerful being capable of ripping him a new one in no time flat. But he would do it anyway if only to avoid Walter’s ‘disappointed’ look that he was so good at. So taking the tray with a nod he started heading toward the lower levels.

Xander having asked Alucard were his next stop was after his first delivery, with a promise that he would stop back by later after he was done was just about to knock on the door when it opened on its own. So there he was face to face with one Seras Victoria and the first thought that came to him was ‘Hehe boobies…’ right before he was knocked unconscious.

“Oh well done Police Girl you’ve just incapacitated one of Sir Integra’s guests.” Alucard said with a snicker as he pulled himself free of a nearby shadow while sipping from his blood packet like a Capri Sun. To which Ms. Victoria could only blush from embarrassment as she finished waking up.

End Flashback:

Turns out Xander getting a knock to the noggin was due to a combination of two factors. One a sleepy Seras is a grumpy Seras, and two she had no idea who he was. Apparently she had been completely zoned out when she was being briefed about them just yesterday.

‘But that’s now in the past.’ Xander thought to himself as he walked through a semi crowded mall with Ms. Victoria right alongside him. It hadn’t taken the two of them to become relatively good friends seeing as there really wasn’t anyone else that the two of them could just hang out and chill with. For Xander it was that he didn’t figure those close to him would appreciate him hanging out with the younger soldiers, with the exception of a few, as they tended to drink/smoke regularly (and heavily) in their down time. In fact one could easily consider it a rather large chuck of said down time. And considering what William, Walter, Integra, and Linda would do to him if they found him doing such things… Yeah it was better to just not risk it.

For Seras not only was Xander’s main reason valid but he was the only one near her age bracket that didn’t look at her as either a monster that could go rabid at any moment or just another piece of tail (Of course ignoring right after she knocked him silly and he woke up with the word ‘Boobs’ on his tongue.). Granted yes he was still a teenager and she knew he looked at certain parts regularly. though thankfully he wasn’t obnoxious about it. Xander of course admitted to this freely after they had gotten to know each other a bit better. Heck to lighten the mood every once in a while he had taken to making comments about ‘tracks of land’ and other offish comments from Monty Python and other sources that got her to both laugh and blush at the same time. Still Seras thought it was nothing if not nice for to have something as simple as a friend. It was amazing how she missed such a common thing as simple friendship now that she was what she was.

Unfortunately when Seras started thinking about one of the things she missed having as a human she was then inevitably drawn to other thoughts. Each thought more depressing than the next. As Seras started to think about everything she’d lost when she became a Mideon she felt Xander put his arm around her shoulders and give her little squeeze in what she assumed was an effort to comfort her. Apparently she had been wearing her heart on her sleeve.

“Hey, whatcha thinking about Ms. Gloomy Pants?” Xander asked with genuine concern in his eyes as he looked at her. Yes they’d only known each other for a couple of weeks but the two had quickly grown close due to there being no one else to just sit down and talk to. You know, unless you wanted to feel like a small child after a bit.

“Oh nothing, I just missed this you know?” Seras said with a sad smile, snuggling a little into her friends embrace.

“This? What this?” Xander asked not quite getting what she was trying to say.

“You know this…” Seras said motioning to the two of them and then to their surroundings. “It’s just I haven’t done anything like this since I became… Well you know.”

“Ah, I gotcha.” Xander said as understanding dawned making him give his companion another squeeze. “Well we don’t get time to ourselves like this to often so let’s enjoy it yeah? What do you say?” With a smile of confirmation from Seras the two friends continued on. They didn’t arrive back at Hellsing until well after 2 A.M.

I had been just over a month since William had been given his assignment and had departed for parts unknown. For security purposes Xander knew none of the details of where he was going or what he was up to outside of tracking down the manufacturer(s) of the Freak Chips. He of course hadn’t heard hide or hair from his brother in that time but he had been recently told that Will was being recalled back to the manor having apparently completed his task to Hellsing’s satisfaction.

‘So all’s well that ends well.’ Xander thought to himself as he headed to the lower levels after his drills and lessons were done for the day. He and Seras had plans to hang out and maybe go to a movie they thought looked funny and Xander was in a hurry to get going before Walter found something else to occupy his time with.

William was on his way back to Hellsing, trying to keep his route going in the right direction though erratic just in case anyone was trying to follow him, when he heard it. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock…

‘Son of a Bitch.’ Will thought to himself as he hit his emergency beacon hoping help arrived in time.

“Hello William.” said a feminine drawling voice right outside his vehicles window. Damn he’d rolled the window down a few minutes ago.

“Hello Winkle. How’ve you been?” Will said in a casual tone while his foot was preparing to hit the gas and his free hand inched towards his weapon.

“Not so bad, yourself?” the Mideon woman asked with German accent and a more than slightly crazed air about her as she ran her finger down his jaw line making him even more tense.

“Well you know, can’t complain.” William replied with a shrug, batting away her hand. He knew she was just trying to make him squirm before things hit the fan so he didn’t let it bother him. No matter what she’d kill him without a second thought after she had had her fun. “So I take it we’re starting this dance now?”

“Oh I do so love the little dances we have!” Winkle said as she tilted her head back and laughed. Most in the know would be wondering about William Blarested’s sanity at that moment. What with his seemingly casual conversation with the crazy Mideon right outside his door. However this was far from the first time these two had tangled when his jobs and Millenium butted heads and as such they had some very strange work relations between them. While yes they’d always be enemies, who ever said they couldn’t have a little banter between them before getting down to business? If nothing else it always made Winkle’s night even if nearly gave William a heart attack. And this wasn't nearly as bad as the one time they had fought outside of Paris two years previous. Well not 'fought' per say more Rip van Winkle laughing maniacally and trying to kill him while William barely escaping by the skin of his teeth with his mission intact. As it was William was still leery of stepping onto French soil after that little incident.

“You know” William said after a moment’s thought. “I’m surprised Alucard didn’t detect you when you entered the city. So what brings you away from your Masters Winkle?” William asked already knowing the answer.

“Oh you know that already William. You stole something very important to das Millenium and my commanders want it back.” Winkle said with a mad grin. “If you give it over now I may even let you go free so you can return to your precious Hellsing.” Seeming to think it over for a second Will than said,

“Yeah well I usually end up beat all to Hell anyway so…” with that Will unloaded half his magazine into Rip van Winkle’s head blowing it to pieces before hitting the gas and making a bee line for the Hellsing Estate. He knew help was on the way but there was no way he was staying still while Winkle put herself back together. Please let there be no traffic…

“Oh this is going to be fun indeed.” Rip van Winkle laughed out in German as he finished reforming her head. Lifting her musket she unleashed an explosive shell at the tail lights that represented William Blarested (which he luckily dodged) before taking bat form and giving chase. Oh yes, when it came to prey William was definitely her favorite. ‘Run rabbit run.’ She thought to herself with a smile as she flew after her target. Oh, if only he could be turned willingly he would be Glorious! But alas, it wasn’t meant to be…

AN: Well there it is. Like it? Love it? Loathe it with the entirety of your being? Let me know! As always constructive criticism is always welcome ^^. And please even if you qualify for the Loathe Entirely category please try not to be rude, nobody likes that =^.^=!

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Change of Pace" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 May 11.

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