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A Change of Pace

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Summary: What if Xander had been taken from the Harris' when he was young and raised away from Sunnydale but was still well aware of the Supernatural?

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Chapter 2 - Introductions and Reunions

AN: Thank you all for the reviews I have receive they have been both encouraging and helpful. As always constructive criticism is welcome. Enjoy ^^!

AN - 7/16/11: Now with new editing. Still not perfect but a heck of a lot better than before ^^!

Xander froze for a couple seconds at hearing her name. 'Holy Crap!' he thought, 'It's her… I mean of course it's her, but when the hell did she get so cute? No, bad thoughts! You have no idea what her life is like. Does she have a boyfriend? Does she even like guys for that matter? What are her parents like? Is she still friends with Jesse? Still hating Cordelia? Are those two still even alive? What are they like?' He quickly got lost in the questions he wanted to ask her and hadn't move for a few seconds as a result. Noticing this Willow started to look nervous and was probably wondering if she had done something wrong herself. Noticing her discomfort he quickly snapped out of it and gave her a smile. Wanting to see if she remembered him at all he decided to have a little fun and see how long it took her to remember him, if she even did. It had been the better part of a decade after all.

"Nice to meet you Willow.” Xander said holding out his hand, which she lightly shook. “The names Alex, and yeah I'm new here. Just moved into town with my brother a week ago. By the by, could you point me towards the front office please? I need to introduce myself to the Principal, a Mr. Flutie right?" Xander asked. He figured he would hold off on reintroducing himself until he’d found a better way than just ‘Hey here I am! I know it’s been years but how are ya?’

"That's right." she said, "Come on I'll show you." At that she turned in direction of what he assumed was the office and started walking, Xander following at her side.

'Wow...' Willow thought. 'New guy yay!' When Alex said he was looking for the Principals office she decided to lead him there in an attempt to get to know him a little better. Sneaking looks at him every few seconds as they walked she swore that he looked familiar for some reason. 'I could swear he looks just like... Nah, that's not possible.' For a second there she thought he looked like an older version of Xander, but that wasn't possible. Xander had been gone for eight years now and it didn't look like he was going to be coming back. He had never once gotten in touch with her in the years since he’d left, so she just assumed that he had forgotten about her and Jesse. He had just up and left one day, not even a goodbye. The thought still made her sad every now and then when she thought about it. And now with Jesse essentially gone... Jesse... Besides, Xander didn't have a brother that she remembered.

Upon reaching the Principal’s Office they parted ways with Willow saying she needed to get to class. For some reason she had looked sad by the time they got to the office. After saying that he would see her later Xander went up to the receptionist and introduced himself,

“Hi, I’m Alexander Blarested. I believe I have an appointment with Principal Flutie.”

“Yes, he’s been expecting you.” The secretary responded after checking what looked like a desk calendar. “Just go right in through that door there.” She said pointing over to the right. After giving the woman a pleasant smile, which she returned, Xander walked over and entered after knocking twice. …For some reason he couldn’t help thinking that his butt felt a little warm, huh.

“Yes?” a friendly looking man said from beside a filing cabinet he was going through.

“Sorry to bother you sir. My name’s Alexander Blarested, I have an appointment.” It never hurt to be polite, what with first impressions and all that. Xander didn’t want to irritate the man that could make his life particularly difficult should he be rude.

“Ah yes Mr. Blarested come in, come in.” Mr. Flutie said while waving him inward. After stepping inside and closing the door Xander chose one of the chairs in front of the desk and sat down. Mr. Flutie having pulled out a file that had Xander’s name on it began to browse the information while looking up every once in a while. “It says here,” he began after about a minute or two, “that you’re currently the ward of your adoptive brother. And that you actually hail from Sunnydale originally but have been living abroad for the last eight years?” Flutie asked if only to confirm what was printed on the page in front of him.

“Yes sir. My brother adopted me and because he travels rather regularly he took me with him.” Xander said comfortably. He couldn’t help but like the older portly principal, he seemed like a good person with a genuine smile.

“Brother? If he was the one who adopted you shouldn’t you refer to him as your father?” Flutie asked mild confusion apparent on his face.

“Normally yes sir, but William was one, only in his early 20’s when he adopted me, and two, he says it makes him feel old.” Xander responded with a smile as he thought about the look his brother gave him every time Xander called him ‘Old Man’.

“Ah, I see now.” Mr. Flutie chuckled at the nearly unknown mans antics. Quickly bringing himself back to task though he continued with, “Well anyway, there seem to be some rather glaring inconsistencies with your schooling. It says here that you’ve gone to school in England, Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, and a couple schools here in the States; my you certainly are well traveled, aren’t you? And while your transcripts from each of these schools show above average grades across the board the greater majority of your schooling seems to be via homeschooling. Really with all of this we have no idea where you are when compared to the regional school standards we have here. I’m sorry but it looks like we’ll have to put you through some placement tests over the next couple of days.”

“It isn’t a problem, anything to get out of real school for a little while longer, right?” Xander said with a humorous lilt in his voice. “Could we get started tomorrow perhaps?”

“Yes I think so, let me just take a look...” Flutie looked at a schedule book he pulled out of his desk, after a few seconds he looked back up. “Yes we can start them around 10 a.m. and you may, depending on how fast you can get through them, be able to finish by the end of the day. No promises though.” He said with a smile. A tone of dismissal was clear in his voice; Xander got the hint that it was time to leave.

“Well then until tomorrow, Principal Flutie.” Xander said standing up. Offering his hand, they shook. With that Xander turned around and exited the office. Giving one last smile and a wink to the secretary, who smiled back with a hint of a blush, he went to go exploring the campus for a little bit before heading on his way.

As he walked around getting a feel for the place his thoughts turned towards what his brother was most likely doing at the moment and what he himself had been asked to do when he was done here. William was most likely setting up the ward defenses around the house that he had bought for their use while they were here. He wasn’t any kind of real magic user but he knew enough to get by with basic warding packages, and a few more advanced surprises that a couple friends of his had cooked for him a while back. He had asked Xander to check out the different cemetery locations in town and do a quick scouting of the Warehouse District before heading home for the day. They would head out later that evening to hunt and get a feel for what was going on in town at the moment.

School had barely started a week ago so he wouldn’t be too far behind in whatever classes the faculty saw fit to place him in. Looking around he noticed that he was in what looked like a court yard; there was a small enclosure with a couple trees and grass. Come to think of it this school seemed to an oxymoron of sorts, it was in many ways state of the art, spacious, and quite pleasing to the eye. It just didn’t seem right that something so nice was literally built on top of a portal to Hell or Hell-like reality.

Continuing his walk around he came to the library and was just about to enter when he heard urgent sounding voices. Deciding to listen in he heard,

“You don’t understand I just can’t give up my entire life for this! It’s not fair!” a female voice exclaimed.

“Now Buffy,” Buffy? Who in the hell named their child Buffy of all things? “I’m not asking you to give up your entire social life. None the less your duties must be attended to.” A male voice responded. Wait a minute that voice sounds familiar, who is that? “You are the Slayer.” Slayer? ‘Wow wasn’t expecting to run into her quite this fast, haven’t even been in town two days yet, and oh they she is.’

“And as such you have a certain responsibility to the world around you. Your calling is sacred; you can’t allow yourself to be distracted. Besides doesn’t the Willow girl already know? I thought you were getting along well with her.” Willow is in the know? Well that’s convenient, means he didn’t have to break it to her when she realized who he was.

“Yeah Giles, Willows great but a girl wants to do more every once in a while than hang out in cemeteries all night.” The female voice said in exasperation. Xander could tell that she was growing frustrated with how stubborn her Watcher was being.

‘Wait… Giles, Rupert Giles? Well Holy Shit… I wonder if he still has that stick planted up his ass?’ Xander thought after hearing the man’s name. The Giles he knew was a good guy but had a tendency to be a bit inflexible most times. Quickly collecting himself Xander headed into the library with a cheesy grin plastered on his face. Hearing a noise both Giles and a blonde headed girl ‘Buffy’ who he assumed was the Slayer turned towards the door. She seemed to be a bit on the tiny side, sorry petite. And after giving her a once over he notice the telltale signs of being a bottle blonde, her roots were beginning to show. Upon seeing who it was Giles was the first to react though. The look of shock on his face was priceless.

“Oh bloody hell!” Giles exclaimed, than after collecting himself continued, “I assume by your presence here Xander that your ‘brother’ is here as well?” ‘Buffy’ just looked on in both amusement and confusion. Well mostly confusion.

“Got it in one G-Man” at the nickname the blonde couldn’t help giggling. Giles for his part just sighed in anticipation of eventually running into the seemingly (borderline) crazy person that was William Blarested. “Moved into town just a couple days ago, he didn’t really specify why though. You know outside of the usual ‘We have some nasty beasties to kill’. Not even sure whether we’re getting paid for this or not. Not that we really need it mind, considering our usual rate, but hey.” Noticing the blonde just watching the exchange, and seeing an annoyed look passing over her features at seemingly being ignored he approached her and introduced himself,

“Heya, the name’s Alexander Blarested, my friends call me Xander though, and you are?” Xander asked holding out his hand even though he was pretty sure he already knew.
“Buffy Summers nice to meet you. So I take it by you knowing him,” she said jerking her thumb at Giles “that you know about…”

“The night time beasties and the Slayer? Yep sure do.” Xander confirmed.

“Oh… Well…” Buffy wasn’t sure how to respond to someone just coming in out of the blue who knew all about her world. “So what is it you and your brother do?” At this point Giles seemed to want to rejoin the conversation.

“Alexander and William Blarested, while not overly well know, are very well respected for their work in the almost every field of the free lance supernatural community.” Giles said in a slightly officious tone.

“Free-Lance? You can do that?” Buffy asked. She had always assumed that the Slayer and by proxy the Watcher’s council did all the work the world over. Now that she thought about it though such a thing did seem pretty ridiculous, it was a big world after all. Did that mean they got paid? Why didn’t she get paid!?

“Well yeah,” Xander said “No offense, but what, did you really think the Slayer was really alone in the fight that, you know, spans countless centuries along the entirety of the globe did you? I’m mean come on while the Slayer has always been impressive in a hand-to-hand situation at the end of the day she’s still just one girl. Watcher propaganda I say.” Xander giving Giles a look that clearly said ‘What the hell man?’ all the while. At this Buffy didn’t know whether to be relieved that she wasn’t really alone or pissed at her indirectly injured pride. While she’d always been hesitant about anything and everything to do with the Slayer as a rule, a part of her couldn’t but take some pride in her work regardless.

At that moment Willow walked through the door and had nearly clipped herself in the butt as she suddenly stopped not having expected the cute new student from earlier in the library. She was about to say hello when Buffy beat her to it with a waved hand,

“Willow this is Xander, he’s new here.”

“Yeah I know I…” Pause. “Did you say Xander?” she finished slowly. One could practically the light bulb going off in her head.

“Hey Wills, how’ve you been?” Xander asked happy that she finally realized who he was. What he wasn’t expecting was for her to suddenly walk right up to him and smack him hard enough to leave a ringing in her ears. The others in the room just looked on shocked. While they hadn’t known the relatively quiet red head long they hadn’t expected that.

“Where have you been mister!? Eight years! Eight darn years! Why did you never try to contact me!? You were just up and gone one day without even the tiniest goodbye! You could have been dead and I would never have known!” she shrieked at him. Then just as suddenly as she had started yelling at him she pulled a 180 and proceeded to try and powder his ribcage with a fierce hug as sobs wracked her body. Wondering what brought this kind of change on he asked as he hugged her,

“Willow, what’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy I was back. I mean it’s been years and all but…” Looking over his shoulder at Buffy and Giles for an explanation he notice Giles was polishing his glasses and looking askance while Buffy was intensely studying the ground a pout on her lips. “What’s wrong people? What happened?” It was Willow who spoke up, talking into his chest while she hugged him.

“They got Jesse…” she whispered into his shirt with another sob, “They got him and they turned him. They turned Jesse…”

Taking a moment to process this information he could only growl before responding with, “Son of a bitch.”

AN: So what do you all think? Trust me I'd like to know! Here's to hoping I see you all next time ^^!
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