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A Change of Pace

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Summary: What if Xander had been taken from the Harris' when he was young and raised away from Sunnydale but was still well aware of the Supernatural?

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Chapter 1 - Wait, what do mean school!?

Disclaimer: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Hellsing are the property of their respective creators and Production Franchises.
If they try to sue me, well they ain't gonna get much...

AN: I think one of my favorite cross-overs is definitely BTVS/Hellsing. I hope you enjoy this ^^.

AN: Just so you know, this is just me testing the waters as it were. I have more written and pretty much good to go I'm just trying to get a feel for it. Love it? Hate it? Let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Please no flames.

AN: While I will be trying to update in a timely fashion I will not be committing to a set schedule because I don't like making promises I can't keep, and we never know what life will throw at us.

AN - 7/16/11: Now with more editing goodness ^^! As always I don't promise perfection but still it's a good deal better than it was!

The face of Sunnydale High looked just like any other high school, unless of course you counted the fact that the Hellmouth was right under it. And that there seemed to be a very large populace of undead and other night time nasties in the surrounding area. The whole situation just pointed to the fact that people as a whole have a tendency towards ignoring the 'Big Ass Elephant' in the room. Xander Blarested thought it was funny as hell, apparently the universe seemed to love irony.

When his brother William had found him at eight years old he had been a bit on the scrawny side due to moderate mal-nutrition, neglect, and abuse. Whereas today (at '6 ''1) he was considered to be a handsome boy of 16 with corded, toned muscles from regular training and what amounted to a fair amount of running, due to him or his brother regularly pissing some one or another off. His black hair was kept at a moderate length, and his eyes while almost always seeming to dance in good humor. Although they had a tendency of making people think he was peering into their soul.

Xander hadn't been in contact with anyone from this town for the last eight years, let alone in the actual town itself. He hadn't heard hide nor hair about Willow or Jesse in the better part of eight years. Traveling around the world had a tendency towards making regular contact a bit sketchy, at best. It didn't help that he had left as suddenly as he had after his brother William had found him and taken him away from the Harris'. It had literally been that he was there one day and gone the next. Of course William Blarested wasn't his real brother but Xander didn't care. He had save Xander from a house / ‘family’ that in all actuallity wanted nothing to do with him and had shown him a world that was truly full of wonder. Granted it was filled with just as much danger and horrors beyond the everyday imagining, but hey that's just how it was.

Learning of the real world and what his brother did for a living had been a shock to little Xander's system but his brother had thought it best that he have a jump start just in case something unsavory tried to make him a snack while his brother wasn't there.


"Now pay attention Alex." His brother had said making sure that the boys attention had been entirely on him, "You know that what I do for a living is dangerous, and should 'Normal People' ever find out I'll be thrown into a rubber room so fast it'll make..." he paused here seemingly thinking," A teenagers," Yet another pause, "special time, yeah that's a good way to put it, look slow paced." At Alex's confused look, the boy was only 8 years old after all, William went on. "Nevermind, the point is you have to keep this to yourself. You can only tell people I say already know. Is that understood?" Xander nodded looking kind of nervous. He had only been with his new brother for a handful of months, and was still a little scared that he might be taken back to his parents. He had been told repeatedly that it was never going to happen but still.

"Good, now you know all those stories I tell you every now and then?" At the boys far more excited nod he continued. "What if I told you that most of them weren't just made up?" Xander seemed to freeze at that like his brain had stopped working, then the young boy’s face broke out into a huge grin. He had always liked his brother's stories.

End Flashback:

Turned out his brother was a mercenary of sorts, he'd been all over the world and made money from working with the different "Light - Sided' organizations out there. He had worked with every major organization out there from the Watcher's Council to both Iscariot and Hellsing, all the while never picking one group over the other. He had dodged Terakan assassins and some crazy people from something called the Millenium Group everywhere from one continent to another. Of course when William took Alexander in he slowed down his usual activities considerably (avoiding Africa entirely, apparently the night time community wasn’t as nice down there as everywhere else), only taking much safer jobs, much to both the ire and relief of the people he took jobs from. William had been in his early twenties when he had started raising Xander who had been eight at the time.

Xander had met many people in the years since he was taken away from Sunnydale, among his favorites though were pretty much everyone in the Hellsing Organization even if Alucard made him nervous as hell. 'Freakin' nut job that one.' Xander thought to himself as he looked back on his first meeting the massively dangerous, yet loony as balls, Mideon king that Alucard was. He then thought about the first time he met Walter and Sir Integra and felt his spine automatically start to straighten, such was the general respect they demanded. The fact Sir Integra had pointed a gun at him before, he’d been thirteen at the time and had said something stupid, probably had a lot to do with that. There was also apparently a rumor floating around about Alucard having created a new childe that was now, of course, working for Hellsing.

He had also met a few members of the Iscariot Organization the couple of times he and his brother had been in Ireland and Rome. Paladin Alexander Anderson was completely insane, no surprise there, and his brother was always a little more than tense around the man. Yumiko and Heinkel were relatively ‘nice’ and he guessed he could call them ‘attractive’ (You know in the way that would probably eat your soul, but you’d enjoy it all the same. Not to mention that they’re technically nuns, so that’s an automatic no go.) but one had a real hate on for vampires of all shapes sizes to the point where it was kinda unhealthy, and the other went ape-shit half the damn time.

‘Yay for Zealots with a capital Z.’ Xander thought chuckling to himself. Then he remembered when he’d accidentally walked in on the two nuns while they were changing (He’d been 12 at the time.) and couldn’t help shuddering when he remembered how they had sat down and tried to give him the ‘Talk’. Yeah he couldn’t look them in the eye for days after that…

The Watcher's Council also had some good people working for them but for the most part they seemed to be a bunch of stuffy, self-glorified librarians too lazy to do their own work. They had relegate it all to the Slayer who in turn never seemed to get the right type of support, and whatever she couldn't handle they out sourced to people like William Blarested using what his brother called 'old money'. That and the small 'cleaner' teams that they thought no one knew about. According to his brother though they were just a bunch of glorified thugs that were so poorly trained it was an embarrassment to be seen working with them.

Bringing himself back to the present he looked at the entrance of Sunnydale High. Sighing he thought about the Hellmouth under it and the things that had been hearing from his brother's contacts within the Watcher's Council about the new slayer coming here. The old man thought it would be for the best if they were there to help out by helping to keep the night time populace down. He didn’t ever get into why he thought it for the best, he just did and off they went. Whether or not they actually made contact with said Slayer apparently didn't really matter though. He also seemed to think it would be a good time for Xander to, as he put it,

'Spend time with people your own age. It wouldn't hurt you to experience some of the High School drama crap that most people have to go through. Who knows, maybe you'll meet a girl that actually catches your interest for more than five minutes.' He’d said that as a joke but he seemed to be getting more and more worried that Xander didn't seem to be all that interested in girls for someone his age, or boys if that was what he leaned toward, didn't really matter to him.

'I like the ladies ^thank-you-very-much^!' Xander thought to himself. 'It's just that for the past eight years we've been constantly moving around, doing this and that, so it’s not my fault we never have the damn time… And anyway, how is it my fault that every time I see a girl I like we seem to always be in some sort danger?'

And while yes a 'break' of sorts sounded good to him, he knew that after a while he would start to get restless. Xander loved his brother (He swears!) William and would forever be grateful to him for taking him away from the Harris’, but even he had to say the man had a tendency towards confusing/irritating everyone around him to distraction. 'Oh well,' he thought after a pause 'if it gets too bad I can always take out my frustrations on the night life.' Bringing himself once again out of his thoughts he started walking towards the school he'd been standing in front of for a few minutes now.

'Ah people and there voluntary stupidity.' Xander thought as he recalled what most in the know of this place called Sunnydale Syndrome. 'As the old man once said; "Life is filled with the stupid. It's not really their fault most of the time, they're just scared. But just wait till something big enough happens that they can't ignore it anymore, then just wait and see how fast they turn rabid.' Funny thing was that his brother had been smirking the whole damn time as he said that. He always seemed to have very little patience for people in general, but if you were what he put under the 'Stupid' column in his brain that patience went from very little to none at all in record time. Xander had tried calling him Dad once and William had looked like he was going to cry, while muttering something like 'ageing like milk' and 'only being so old'.

"Ah well, let's get this done with." Xander murmured to himself pulling himself out of his reverie (He seemed to be more introverted than usual as of late.). Walking up the front steps of the building he headed inside. Once he was out of the sun he started looking for the Principal's Office. Spotting a red haired girl about his age he stopped her and asked for directions.

"Oh are you new?" she asked. Holding her books tighter to her chest she introduced herself, “I’m Willow, Willow Rosenberg, nice to meet you. What's your name?" Well… That was fast…

AN: So what do you all think? Remember reviews are are an author's bread and butter. They make us happy ^^!
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